Additional Information for Faculty

FSA Planning Handbook This handbook provides step by step information for undertaking a program and includes risk management advice.  While primarily intended for faculty after their proposal has been selected, faculty considering a proposal may find it helpful.

Descriptions of previous programs  Brochures from recent FSA programs.

Sample application for enrolled students.  The Center for Global Education adapts this application for specific programs.  Programs have an “early application date” at the end of the fall semester and a “regular application date” on the first Friday in February.

Sample application for entering students  The Center for Global Education adapts this application for specific programs. The May 15 due date provides time for students first to commit to Bates on May 1 and then to apply for the program.

Risk Management Information Important precautions to consider when planning and directing the FSA program.

Insurance Coverage Information about personal health insurance, liability insurance, rental car insurance, and emergency assistance.

Title IX Office Contact Information and Resources   Please contact Gwen Lexow, the Director of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance,  immediately if a student reports any sexual discrimination, including harassment or assault.

Independent Consultant Agreement  This contract is used to confirm the program assistant’s employment by the program.