We are pleased to make available DHL, UPS, and FedEx Express mailing of student immigration documents, such as OPT application materials,  to USCIS using eShipGlobal.

Use of eShipGlobal is at your expense and must be paid for using a credit card via eShipGlobal’s secure website.

You must use the directions below to request a shipment. Do not go to the DHL or Fed Ex website directly.

Requesting a shipment using eShipGlobal


If this is your first time using eShipGlobal, you must create and activate an account. 

  • Sign in to eShipGlobal and choose “Send Packages To USCIS”
  • Select “Maine (ME)” as the state and “Bates College” as the college.
  • Select the appropriate USCIS Lockbox facility. This information changes frequently, so be sure to check for the most up-to-date address on the USCIS website. Consult with our office for questions.
  • Select shipping service: DHL, UPS or Fed Ex. (Do not choose US Postal Service (USPS); it is unreliable)
  • Enter your credit card information and confirm payment.

After you complete the payment process, you may print your shipping label, then take the package to Post & Print for shipping.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please refer to eShipGlobal’s Frequently Asked Questions.