Off-Campus/Extra Cost Short Term Course Proposal Form

Submit the online Off-Campus/Extra Cost Short Term Course Proposal Form   

You will need to upload to the Proposal Form the following items (Make sure that you have all materials ready to upload before you start filling out the online form.  You cannot save the form and return to it at a later date.):

  • Project statement: Please review the detailed instructions on the Proposing and Planning page related to the project statement. The review Committee will look for all sections to be addressed. We encourage a concise submission that covers the following:
    • Description of the Short Term course
    • Intellectual goals
    • Pedagogical format
    • Description of faculty familiarity with the destination and existing local connections.
    • How students are evaluated
    • Safety and security assessment of the location/s and related considerations
    • Staffing plan, including on-site partnership information
    • Student selection criteria
    • Student recruitment strategy, with specific focus on attracting a diverse student group
  • Itinerary:  a tentative day-to-day itinerary for the time off-campus, including proposed dates, destinations, instructional and/or research activities.
  • Budget proposal: please submit the Short Term Off-Campus Budget Worksheet used to generate your proposed budget.
  • Syllabus Draft: include a draft course syllabus
  • Approvals: please obtain the necessary signatures on the Short-Term-Off-Campus-Course-Approvals. Please plan for these meetings in advance of the deadline. These are intended to help you shape your proposal.
  • Curriculum Review Committee (if needed) proposal. All new (first-time) courses must also be submitted to the CRC following their processes. We suggest that this be done at the time of initial proposal. More information available on the Registrar’s Office website.

For the 2025 Short Term, we expect to be able to run 4 to 5 off-campus short terms depending on the available budget and costs associated with proposals. During the period from planning, proposing, and implementing, there may be changes in international travel, financial considerations, and safety concerns. Bates College has the right to cancel any off-campus short term course at any time. Faculty are encouraged to consider how their courses may be able to be taught in an alternative method; whether on campus or remotely due to the changing landscape of international travel.

The submission deadlines are May 1, 2024 by 8:00AM (First Round & International) and September 16, 2024 by 8:00AM (Second Round).