Work Opportunities

Work, Internship, and Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

Working, interning, volunteering, or teaching can provide an alternative to study abroad or complement your study abroad experience. If you intend to work following study abroad, it is crucial to learn the visa regulations of your host country at the outset since a student visa might not permit you to work.

The Center for Purposeful Work is a good place to seek advice if you are interested in pursuing this sort of opportunity. Their website lists many work, volunteer, and internship opportunities abroad.

There are many organizations offering work, internship, and volunteer opportunities abroad.

Transitions Abroad, an on-line and paper publication, is a good clearinghouse for work, teaching, and volunteer opportunities abroad.

CIEE offers teaching opportunities in Chile, China, the Dominican Republic, South Korea, Spain, and Thailand.

For region and country specific opportunities, the following sites might be useful: