The Bates Financial Aid Process for Study Abroad

1. How are my costs determined?  The Off-Campus Study Office calculates your “Cost of Attendance” for your program or foreign university. This Sample Budget Worksheet illustrates what is included. Airfare from your home is included for U.S. citizens and permanent residents based on costs provided by Student Universe. For International Students, the cost of round trip travel from Boston to the program/university is calculated, unless lower cost alternatives are more appropriate. More detailed information on the policies regarding financial aid for off-campus study is available at Bates Financial Aid Policies.

2. How much aid will I receive?  Your family pays the same “Expected Family Contribution” as if you were attending Bates. Students receive aid from Bates if the “Cost of Attendance” for their program or university exceeds the “Expected Family Contribution.”  The aid provided by Bates can be as large as you would receive if on campus, but it cannot exceed that amount. If your aid application is complete, you will be informed of your fall semester aid award in July and your winter semester award in December.

3. How does my Bates aid get to my program?  Contact  Ms. Heidi Bisson, the Accounts Specialist in Student Financial Services, for information.  Email:; Fax 207-786-8350; Mail: Student Financial Services, 44 Mountain Avenue, Lewiston, ME 04240. You may call her if needed at 207-786-6060.

4. When is my aid money distributed?  Aid is generally distributed in September for the fall semester and early January for the winter semester.

5. What if I have to pay bills before I get my aid? (Such as application fees, program deposits, or airline tickets.)  Have your family pay if possible. If not possible, tell the program or university they need to wait. (They are used to this and may ask you to have Ms. Bisson provide an estimate of the aid you will receive.)  For other planning information consult Pre-Departure Planning.

6. Should I apply for a grant from my study abroad program?  Absolutely! Large program providers – Arcadia, CET, CIEE, DIS, IES, IFSA, and SIT – award many small grants. These grants do not affect your Bates aid unless they are very large. Information is on the programs’ websites. It is pretty easy to get some extra aid to offset expenses not included in your Bates aid award such as extra travel or incidental expenses.

7. What if I do not understand this?  First, look at the Sample Budget Worksheet and then re-read this page. If still confused, please contact an advisor in the Center for Global Education.