CHUBB Travel Assistance

CHUBB Travel Smart provides emergency assistance for Bates students studying abroad and for Bates faculty and staff (and accompanying dependents) traveling abroad on Bates College business.

CHUBB’S emergency center in the United States is open 24/7 with support staff stationed around the world to assist with medical and other types of emergencies. Please enter the CHUBB Assistance telephone number into your cell phone so it is available if needed. The Bates plan number is: PHFD38454419.

  • If calling from the United States, the number is: 1-800-766-8206.
  • From abroad, the number is: +1-202-659-7777. (You can call collect.)

CHUBB Travel Smart must pre-approve any services and payments so it is important to call as soon as possible. A summary of CHUBB Travel Smart services is below. As with all such policies, some exclusions and maximum payments apply. CHUBB Travel Smart provides emergency assistance only. It is not a health insurance company and does not pay for medical care except for the emergency consultation and transportation, if needed.  For a brief description of their emergency services and how to access those services, consult this summary sheet.

When to Contact CHUBB Travel Assistance

  • You need medical advice on the country where you will be studying.
  • You need help finding a doctor, dentist, hospital, attorney, interpreter, a US embassy or consulate.
  • You need help obtaining prescription medications, including eye care.
  • You need help replacing essential travel documents, including tickets and passport.
  • You need an emergency cash advance, up to $1,000 USD.
  • You need money to pay a doctor or hospital. (This is a temporary loan.)
  • You need an emergency medical consultation and/or medical monitoring of your condition and medical treatment.
  • You need to determine whether you need a more specialized hospital for treatment. CHUBB will dispatch a physician or specialist at its expense to evaluate your situation and determine whether an evacuation is needed.
  • You need a medical evacuation to a more specialized hospital. If CHUBB agrees, it will dispatch a physician or specialist to accompany you, arrange travel to the nearest suitable facility, and pay for these services.
  • You need to return home for medical care on an emergency basis. If CHUBB agrees, it will arrange your travel with medical supervision, if necessary, at its expense.
  • If you are hospitalized for more than seven days and you want a family member to visit. CHUBB will arrange and pay for the transportation costs of this individual.
  • CHUBB Assistance will arrange and pay for the return of your remains if you die while abroad.
  • In case of a political or natural disaster, CHUBB will arrange your evacuation to the nearest place of safety.