Welcome to Bates!

Since its founding, Bates College has provided a rigorous liberal arts education for all, including the many students comprising its international community. Starting in the 1920s, Bates has recruited and supported, financially and personally, international students with exceptional abilities who are eager to learn, exchange and – as graduates – take their Bates education around the world, creating positive impacts globally.

International students are supported in participating in the full scope of learning experiences and opportunities at Bates. The international student community at Bates includes over 230 students, roughly 100 of whom are dual citizens. Over 80 countries are represented – from China to Côte d’Ivoire, Ecuador to Egypt, Germany to Australia. International students join a vibrant campus and local community and enjoy exclusive support from the Associate Dean of Students for International Student Programs, within the Center for Global Education in Roger Williams Hall.

Our goal is to ensure that the international student community at Bates has wide-ranging, fulfilling experiences in the United States and across the world through a rich array of learning opportunities.  The Associate Dean of Students for International Student Programs has extensive contact with students to address an array of topics, issues, questions, thoughts, and ideas, supporting your academic and co-curricular success.

Upon arrival, the Center for Global Education welcomes and introduces you to Bates and higher education in the United States, while providing you with information about the local communities of Lewiston and Auburn and the interesting state of Maine. We offer assistance with visas, I-20s and other government documents, guidelines and recommendations for those in need, employment support, and timely information regarding changes to the legal frameworks affecting global mobility. If you are interested in further international studies, the Center for Global Education supports all students interested in studying off-campus for a summer, semester or year.

Throughout the year, we will contact you via email and campus announcements to inform you of programs, updates, and special events with all students, other international students, and the greater Bates community.

James Reese
Associate Dean of Students, International Student Support

Shelley Palmer
Global Education Coordinator, SEVIS PDSO

Darren R. Gallant
Associate Dean & Director, Center for Global Education, SEVIS DSO

Jennifer Hyde
Global Education Advisor, SEVIS DSO