About Us

Our Mission

The Office of Residence Life and Health Education is dedicated to the development of inclusive communities that foster a sense of belonging for all students. Intentional programming, mentorship, and holistic well-being are at the heart of our residential model. Guided by our values, we promote accountability and skill-building to encourage individual growth and prepare students to engage in community.

Our Values

Inclusive Community

All community members deserve to feel a sense of belonging. In order to encourage student success, it is our duty to promote stewardship of shared spaces and relationships by connecting students to our professional and student staff, campus resources, and each other. Most importantly, intersectional identities are at the forefront as we intentionally cultivate community because all students should be respected, celebrated, and embraced at all times. 


With student support at the core, we provide space for open and transparent dialogue with a focus on relationship building. We use formal and informal feedback to evolve our systems and programs. We are continuously learning as individual and community needs change.


We lead with curiosity to respond to our students’ perspectives and needs. We ask non-judgmental questions and listen with empathy when encountering any situation. In response, we develop creative, open-minded solutions to residential and interpersonal challenges.


In both our day-to-day operations and after-hours support, we prioritize building trust in all interactions by centering equity and consistency across our messaging, policies, and behavior.