FERPA Violations

To avoid violations of FERPA rules,  DO NOT:

  • use the Social Security Number of a student for any purpose
  • do not post grades in any public manner;
  • leave graded tests in a stack for students to pick up by sorting through the papers of all students;
  • circulate a printed class list with student name, ID, social security number, and/or grades as an attendance roster;
  • provide anyone outside the college with lists of students enrolled in classes;
  • provide anyone with student schedules or assist anyone in finding a student on campus other than College employees with a need to know.
  • discuss the progress of any student with anyone other than the student (including parents) without the consent of the student or verifying that the student has granted access to the third party by contacting the Registrar and Academic Systems;
  • provide a letter of recommendation for a student that includes grades unless you have received written consent from the student to release this information for this explicit purpose.

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