What is an educational record?

Just about any information directly related to a student and maintained by Bates College or by a person acting for the College is considered a student education record per FERPA. Any record related directly to a student should be held in confidence.

Examples of education records per FERPA include:

  • grades / transcripts
  • student schedules
  • exams, papers, theses, etc.
  • student email
  • advising records
  • any personally identifiable information

education records per FERPA are not:

  • law enforcement records, as defined in FERPA
  • employment records
  • medical records
  • post-attendance records
  • sole possession records (not accessible or revealed to any other person)

The storage media in which you find this information does not matter.  A student education record per FERPA may be found:

  • on a document in any administrative or faculty office
  • on the screen of an ipad
  • a computer display screen
  • on a pad of paper used during an advising session

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