High School Scholars

Under a competitive program arranged in conjunction with guidance offices at area high schools, qualified high school seniors may enroll in a Bates course each semester free of charge. Upon successful completion of courses, students may request a copy of their Bates transcript.

Application:  Students apply through their high school counselor in the spring who will forward the application to the Bates College Office of Admission. The Office of Admission notifies the Registrar’s Office of students’ acceptance into the program.

Registration Procedure: Students should review the Course Schedule for the term they’ve been accepted for and look for courses designated as “open to first-year students” that have seats available. Students register by submitting the Application for Course Registration for High School Scholars to the Registrar’s Office, either by email to registrar@bates.edu or in-person to Lane Hall 110. Registrations are typically accepted from High School Scholars beginning a week prior to the start of classes. For Fall 2024, this is the week of August 26, with classes beginning Wednesday, September 4.

Please note that all Health Forms will need to be reviewed and approved by Bates Health Services before the Registrar’s Office can process your registration.

ID card: High school scholars will be issued a Bates ID card for access privileges during the period in which they are taking courses.