Enriching student development

We sponsor a vigorous off-campus study program through which over 60 percent of juniors and a smaller number of students in other classes study abroad each year.

The program is administered by the Off-Campus Study Office and overseen by the Committee on Off-Campus Study according to policies set by the committee and the faculty; students earn Bates-approved program credit.

Off-campus study can greatly enrich student academic and personal development with expanded opportunities for academic study, exposure to different cultural and educational settings, and, in many cases, immersion language study.


The Off-Campus Study Office oversees off-campus study at Bates. Managing an international transition, living in a different culture, and studying in another educational context can greatly enhance a student’s academic career and personal development. Each year, approximately 60% of the Bates junior class studies abroad or on an affiliated program in the United States. Smaller numbers of first-years, sophomores, and seniors study off-campus. In each case, the goal is to provide an intellectual experience that enriches and expands the student’s on-campus academic program. These pages are designed to guide students through the off-campus study process from start to finish.

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