• December Slideshow — Familiar faces around campus didn’t just include the professors—from mailmen to maintenance workers, housemothers and nurses—they’ve been a staple of college life from the beginning.
  • December 1981: William Worthy ’42 vs. the Feds — When the plane carrying daring journalist William Worthy ’42 touched down at Logan Airport in December 1981, among his greeters were federal agents, who confiscated books Worthy had acquired while reporting in post-Shah Iran.
  • December 1946: A bowl bid for Bobcat football — Perfect season? Bowl bid? Bates football? Yes, anything seemed possible in post-World War II America, even an undefeated Bobcat football season.
  • December 1941: America enters World War II — Three days after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, signaling the U.S. entry into war versus the Axis powers, the Bates Student newspaper headlines its Dec. 10, 1941, editorial simply: “War.”