To create a Discussion Forum in Lyceum, log on to Lyceum, go to the course where you want to create the Forum, and “Turn editing on.”  Navigate to the “Section” or “Week” where you want to create the Forum, and select the “Add an activity or resource” link for that section or week:

Chose “Forum” from the list of “Activities” and select “Add”:

At the “Adding a new Forum” page, you need to provide several details for setting up a “Standard forum for general use” (the default Forum type):

1.  Enter the “Name” of the forum, which will appear as the link to the Forum on your course home page:

2.  Expand the “Subscription and tracking” section and change the “Subscription mode” to “Subscription disabled” (this disables email notices when forum participants add postings to the forum):

3. Click the “Save and display” button at the bottom of the page to complete the initial setup.  Now that you’ve created the Forum, you need to add topics to which your students will respond.

At the discussion topic page, which is where you’ll land once you’ve selected “Save and display”, select “Add a new discussion topic”:

At the “new discussion topic” page you again need to complete several fields:

1.  Provide a “Subject” or title for your topic, and add the “Message” or discussion prompt that you want the students to respond to then click on the ‘Advanced’ link shown below:

2.  After clicking ‘Advanced’ you now have the option to uncheck the “Discussion subscription” box immediately below the “Message” field to ensure that you do NOT receive email notifications of new posts to the discussion forum:

3.  You also have options to include a file attachment to your posting.   After at least adding a “Subject” and “Message”, be sure to click the “Post to forum” button.

Your discussion topics will appear in the Forum as a list (in the order they were entered.  You unfortunately cannot re-arrange the order of the topics once they’ve been created):

Once your Forum has at least one Topic, your students will be able to contribute to the discussion by selecting the topic and replying to it: