Releasing Grades

Instructors have the ability to grade all student assignments without releasing some grades before others. This prevents students from seeing their grades before others in the class. For those who would like to release student grades for an assignment or quiz all at the same time, follow these steps:

Hiding on the Lyceum Page

  1. See our guide to Editing course items for instructions on how to change the visibility of an assignment/item. Hiding the assignment will prevent students from viewing or accessing it, and the associated grade item will also be hidden, until the visibility is changed to Show.

Hiding within the Gradebook

An alternative method to hide grades from students until all submissions have been graded is to hide the grade category within the Gradebook. This option will not allow students to view the grade category in their Grades section until it is viewable to them again. This feature is useful when entering grades for all of a “Participation” category at one time, for example.

  1. Navigate to your Gradebook setup page. Once there, select the Edit drop-down next to the category you would like to hide while grading. Click Hide.
The grade settings menu with Hide highlighted.
  1. Repeat those steps to Show the category and make the grades visible.