Adding Annotations, Part II

*Note* The interface of Perusall may be a little different, as they are frequently updating their services, please check out the ‘What’s new‘ page part of Perusall’s resources.

Adding Annotations, Part I, provides a quick overview of highlighting and commenting on documents. This instructional sheet provides a deeper dive into the details.

By default, Perusall will have you highlighting the text within the document when the text icon is active at the top of your page:

Highlight text icon
Highlighted text

There is also a way to highlight sections of the document by dragging and drawing a box. This is good for documents that may not be processed correctly through Perusall and do not allow you to highlight to text, or for images/diagrams within an article or e-book:

Highlight section icon
Highlighted section

To create a comment, highlight the text or section. On the right hand corner, you will see a chat bubble with your initials next to it. To add text, click on the chat bubble and type your comment. When you are done, press the ‘return’ or ‘enter’ key to save your text. For the example below, ‘Title’ was comment and saved by pressing the ‘return’ key. Below the original comment, Perusall allows the user the ability to add another comment to the same highlighted text or section. To edit the original comment, select the word ‘Title’ and the HTML edit box will appear

This HTML box will allow you to customize your comments by:

  • Bold/Italic Fonts
  • Different Text Colors
  • Different Text Background Colors
  • Adding Latex
What will appear when selected
  • Adding Emojis
What will appear when selected
  • Inserting Code
What will appear when selected
  • Adding Images
Choose from your local computer
  • Linking Other URLs
What will appear when selected – Example of customized fields
  • Adding Videos
What will appear when selected
  • Posting Comments Anonymously
Note once posted, your comment will appear pink for anonymous

The icons under your comment bubbles also allow for different abilities, such as copying a comment, copying threads in a comment, flagging a comment, staring a comment, and deleting a comment

To delete a comment, select the trash icon underneath the comment bubble:

To star a comment, select the start icon:

To flag a comment as inappropriate or plagiarism, select the triangle icon:

To copy comment threads, select the link icon:

To copy a comment, select the paper icon:

Key to Commonly Used Icons

Annotate a figure or image:

Take Notes (separate activity and engagement from Annotation):

View Comments

View Comments:



**For more information on how to add text to your Perusall site, follow these help sheets: