360/VR Video

The CRC group supports the production of 360 video – both in capturing and editing the content. 360 cameras are available at the Digital Media Exchange in the Digital Media Studios (115 Pettigrew)


360 technology is brand new to Bates, but the options are limitless. Take students on a virtual tour of your research location, document an experience, or just tell stories in a new way.


Currently, we have the following 360 camera rigs available:

We also have Samsung and Occulus systems available for an immersive VR viewing experience.


You can edit 360 video in most professional video applications. At the DMS, we recommend Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut X.


You can share your 360 video on the following traditional media platforms.


All of these sites allow you to watch your videos on a desktop computer (okay experience), on a mobile device like a phone or iPad (much better experience) or on a 360 device like Google Cardboard or Occulus Rift (ideal experience).