Google Assignments: Instructors

Google Assignments is an external tool that has been integrated within Lyceum. It is designed to help create, analyze, and grade student work within G Suit for Education. Instructors can share Google Drive files with students automatically generate originality reports and grade with rubrics.

Configure Google Assignments within your Lyceum Course

  1. Select ‘Turn editing on’ in your Lyceum page
  1. Select ‘Add an activity or resource’

  1. Select ‘External Tool’ and ‘Add’
  1. Here you will want to give your assignment its title in the ‘Activity name’ field. Select ‘Google Assignment’ in the ‘Preconfigured tool’ drop-down list. You can either choose to leave all defaults and then select ‘Save and return to course’ or select the ‘Select Content’ button

Follow steps 9 and 10
  1. You will now see your Google Assignment link to your Lyceum page. Once you are satisfied with the location that it is placed, select the tool

  1. If this is your first time, you will be asked to link your Bates gmail account. Add your bates credentials and select ‘Link’

  1. Once Linked, you will see the defaults to the assignment that you can customize:

  • The red section (#1) are the total points for this assignment. For this example it is set to max grade 100
  • The orange section (#2) is the date that this assignment will be due. Select the calendar icon and select the due date
  • The blue section (#3) allows you to customize the description of this assignment (use the pencil icon). The three dots icon will allow you to see what accounts have access to this assignment
  • The purple section (#4) is where you will view the assignments from students once they are submitted (shown in ‘Grading’ section)
  • The brown section (#5) will allow you to customize this assignment in a new window

**For information on ‘Originality reports’, follow this link:

  1. Once customized, your changes will auto save. You can then go back to the assignment link in Lyceum, click it again to double check. Once all set, your assignment is ready for submission from students
  1. If you chose to ‘Select Content‘, you will be directed to make sure that you linked to the correct account
  1. You will then be directed to a screen that is similar to the one in step 7 but this will allow you to attach a file to your assignment. This is a good feature if you would like to add a prompt for an essay or use as a take home exam, where students can then annotate that file and submit it. Select ‘Create’ once you are finished customizing your assignment and ‘Save and Display’

Grading within Google Assignments and Lyceum

Grades should automatically populate into your Lyceum Gradebook. Note that if you want other instructors to be able to grade an assignment you created, they may need to select the tool and ask for access. Google will automatically send you an email to either deny/grant access to that instructor

  1. Select your Google Assignment link in your Lyceum page
  2. You will now see all of the submissions from students for this particular assignment (for this example there is only 2 submissions)

  1. Select the students submission you would like to grade and you will then be directed to the feedback page. For this example, one student submitted a PDF from their local computer and the other created a google doc

  1. As you can see above, the grading section is the same for all files (highlighted to the right). You can add the grade, feedback and comments within the file for students. These comments are the same you would see in a google doc. Highlight the section you would like to comment for the student and select the ‘Add Comment’ icon. You can also add a comment from the ‘Comment bank’
  1. This allows you to add common comments more easily. you can select ‘+Add to bank’ to manually add a comment to your comment bank or you can add an (already added) comment as well
  1. To find these comments, select the ‘Add Comment’ icon and add a ‘#’ to search through the comment bank. The top 5 most used comments will appear here or you can type in the comment to search it
  1. Select ‘Return’ once you are done grading. You can also choose to return this submission or return multiple submissions at once

**If you would to see how students will view and submit their Google Assignment, follow Google Assignments: Students tutorial