Healthy Bates

Every Student

Every first year student at Bates is required to complete Healthy Bates before arriving on campus. We take seriously our duty to ensure that all incoming students have an effective knowledge base about alcohol. We won’t release your residence, roommate(s), email, or campus mailbox information unless you complete part 1 by August 13.

Watch the Deadlines

Part 1 of the program opens July 11 and must be completed by August 13. All responses are strictly confidential; we won’t be able to see individual responses, but we receive an aggregate of answers from the class as a whole. We’ll track participation rates class wide, and monitor levels of completion for each student.

You don’t need to complete the course in one session; you can save your data and resume the course at a later time. Part 1 ends after the Exam and Survey 2 — only grades above 85% receive credit.

After being on campus for about a month, you’ll receive an email allowing you to start Part 2. Part 2 takes about 15 minutes and must be completed by Wednesday, October 9.

A Significant Issue

Alcohol is a significant issue in the lives of both high school and college students. Bates is not immune from these concerns. Whether or not you abstain from alcohol, it is an influence in our lives and in the lives of our family and friends. Bates has been looking for positive interventions that increase student knowledge regarding alcohol. To this end, we have developed Healthy Bates 101 and 102 to ensure you have information that we know is essential to understanding alcohol use and making healthy choices in college. This program is a tool to help students make educated and informed decisions about alcohol. This tool is also useful for students who choose not to drink to help educate their friends when they see problems. We give our students considerable autonomy in their decision making — we hope this program helps in developing a responsible and informed independence.