Lewiston & Auburn

Twin cities of the Androscoggin River


Lewiston-Auburn, Maine

Together, the twin cities on the Androscoggin River comprise a metropolitan area equal to Portland’s. With a population of over 100,000 and immediate access to the outdoors, L-A can be a packed nightclub or a breath of fresh air.

Culture and amenities

Don’t let the post-industrial patina fool you — Lewiston and Auburn have a lot to offer! Through Bates you’ll enjoy museums, art galleries, community theaters, live popular and classical music, multiplex cinemas, shopping downtown, multiple places of worship, and more than 70 restaurants in diverse styles and cuisines.

Outdoor recreation

On any given day, you can drive to the ocean… and the mountains. Bates’ central location affords you quick access to White Mountain National Forest (free camping!), Acadia National Park, Sebago Lake, Sunday River, Sugarloaf, and three of the nation’s top-ranked golf courses (Sugarloaf, Belgrade Lakes, and Sunday River). And for devoted pedestrians, L-A offers plenty of nearby parks, walking trails, and natural gems like 2,260-acre Lake Auburn, 357-acre Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary, and our campus’s own 380′ Mt. David.