First-Year Forms

You will need to fill out all of the below forms prior to matriculating to Bates next fall. All of these forms are accessed through Garnet Gateway; in order for the below links to work and go directly to the forms, you will need to log into the Garnet Gateway. After you login, all links below will go directly to the corresponding form. If you don’t login first, the first time you click the link, it will go to the Garnet Gateway main menu.

Click here to see your First-Year Forms Checklist that shows which forms still need to be completed.

Due Date: June 19th

Forms Open Dates DESCRIPTION
Account Authorization May 20th Who will pay your bill? Who can view your financial aid, grades and/or transcript?
E-mail and Network May 20th Access other Bates online services with these credentials.
Emergency Contacts May 20th Who should we contact in an emergency?

Due Date: July 1st

Forms Open Dates DESCRIPTION
Housing and Roommate Selection June 3rd Tell us about yourself so we can better match you with roommates and housing.
Housing and Roommate Assignments July 28th The moment has arrived. See where and with whom you will live this year.
ID Photo June 1st Upload a photo for your ID card, and to share with the Bates community.
Public Information June 1st Decide who can see your information while you’re enrolled at Bates.
Religious Affiliation June 1st Find connections and spiritual sustenance
Scholarships June 1st Report any scholarships you’ve received from outside organizations.

Due Date: July 11th

Forms Open Dates DESCRIPTION
Advising June 1st Tell your academic advisor about yourself.
Math, Language and Chemistry Placements June 1st Assess your skill level before registering for classes.

Due Date: July 17th

Forms Open Dates DESCRIPTION
Registration (Course Preferences) July 13th Request your preferred courses.

Due Date: August 1st

Forms Open Dates DESCRIPTION
Consent for Medical Treatment June 15th This forms pertains to consent to such routine diagnostic procedures; medical and/or surgical care; and/or hospital care as determined by my provider and/or his/her designees to be necessary and desirable based on his/her exercise of professional judgment.
Health History June 15th Information regarding your personal contact information, medical history, medications, hosipitalizations and various other health related questions.
Immunization June 15th Acceptable proof of immunization includes: a copy of your high school immunization record or a copy of the original immunization certificate. Note: Only proof of vaccination or proof of immunity by blood titer are acceptable.
TB Assessment June 15th This form is part of your Health history and can also be completed electronically. When completing this section, if you answer “No” to all three questions at the top of the form you can electronically sign and submit it. That’s all you need to do. However, if you answer “yes” to any of the first three questions you will need to have your healthcare provider fill out the TB Assessment form.

Due Date: August 8th

Forms Open Dates DESCRIPTION
Community Engagement July 8th Volunteer, service learning, local internships or community partnerships.

Due Date: August 15th

Forms Open Dates DESCRIPTION
Health Insurance June 15th Waive automatic enrollment in medical insurance if you are already covered.

Due Date: August 20th

Forms Open Dates DESCRIPTION
Healthy Bates 101 August 11th Complete this program to prepare for Orientation and fall semester.
Talent Show August 11th Sign up to give a performance during Orientation.

Due Date: August 28th

Forms Open Dates DESCRIPTION
Campus Contact Information August 11th How do we contact you while you are on campus?

Due Date: September 1st

Forms Open Dates DESCRIPTION
Active Shooter Protocol August 11th Review a short informational video about safety procedures on campus.
Gender Identity and Personal Pronouns June 1st Choose the information you wish to make visible to authorized individuals
Mailbox Information August 11th Find out your campus mailing address.
Personal Information May 20th Tell us how to reach you via mail, email, land line and cell.
Sexual Respect August 18th Prepare for orientation and learn about a core Bates value: respect.

Due Date: September 30th

Forms Open Dates DESCRIPTION
CIRP First Year Survey July 6th Complete a nationwide survey of first-year college students.
Consent/Waiver June 1st View and sign a travel consent form.