Upcoming Events

CRC Brown Bag Series: Winter 2017


“Microsoft’s OneNote for collaborative, electronic research notebooks and all-in-one classroom presentations,” Ryan Nelson.  Tuesday, Jan. 17.  Noon – 1:00.  RW 105

Video Recording of Presentation | OneNote Presentation (PDF) | OneNote Presentation (PPTX)

Microsoft’s OneNote is a widely available and highly versatile electronic notebook application.  This workshop will consider OneNote’s uses as an electronic research platform, both for student theses and multi-institution collaborative projects, as well as an all-in-one replacement for the chalkboard, PowerPoint, and document camera.

“Digital Media Studios I: Basics of Cinematography: Planning and Filming Your Video Project,” Colin Kelley. Wednesday, Jan. 25, Noon – 1:00.  Pettigrew 121

This 45 minute crash-course is a workshop for those interested in producing their own video or assigning a video project in class. Skills covered will include how to plan a successful video recording session and the basics of recording good video on a DSLR (DSLRs will be provided from the DMS).

Limited to 10 participants.  Please RSVP at: https://goo.gl/kJMbOr

“Introduction to 3D Modeling with SketchUp,” Kai Evenson.  Friday, February 3.  12:00-1:00.  Coram 110.

This hands on workshop will provide an introduction to 3D modeling with SketchUp Pro 2017, with a focus on creating or reconstructing architectural forms.

“Digital Media Studios II:  Editing and Publishing a Video,” Colin Kelley. Tuesday, Feb. 7.  Noon – 1:00.  Pettigrew 121

In this 45 minute hands-on intro session, learn the fundamentals of editing video in Final Cut X. This workshop will cover all the basics, from importing footage, to quick editing techniques, to exporting to YouTube. Recommended for anyone thinking about working in the video medium or for those considering assigning an in-class video project. Practice editing footage will be provided, though those with projects of their own are welcome to bring footage with them.

Limited to 10 participants.

“Capturing the world live from all angles: Producing and editing 360 video,” Colin Kelley and Kai Evenson.  Wednesday, March 1.  Noon – 1:00.  Pettigrew 121

Filming the world around us from all angles opens new doors for research and instruction. While the wide possibilities for curricular application are still open to experimentation, the basics of filming and editing 360 video are easy to master. In this session, we’ll review the technologies available on campus for 360 video production and then walk through the steps from filming to editing to sharing.

“Creating VR Apps for the Oculus Rift & Google Cardboard,” Kai Evenson. Tuesday, March 14.  12:00-1:00. Coram 110.

In this workshop, we will briefly review and discuss the different virtual reality (VR) platforms available, and the resources available on campus to support their academic use. Following this, we will walk through the basic process of creating a VR application for the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard using Unity 3D, from constructing the virtual environment to building the application for a particular device.

Limited to 5 participants.