Bobcats love to support and uplift fellow alumni, and especially during challenging times like the pandemic. To make that support easier, and to promote small businesses in Maine and across the world, we’ve created an alumni-owned business directory. This directory is a way to support Bates alumni-owned businesses, promote small business growth, and celebrate the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of our alumni community.

If you’d like to be included in the directory, please complete the form with information about your business and how the Bates community can support you at this time.

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Does the Business have to be owned by a Bates Alum?

Yes. While we’d like to support all businesses, this resource is intended to give Bates alumni the opportunity to support their fellow classmates.

Why can’t I update or post my business listing?

Before we post a business, we will verify that it is owned/co-owned by a member of the Bates community. In addition, we will verify that businesses are consistent with Bates’ mission.

Is Bates providing any financial support to business on this page?

No, this is simply a list of businesses. Bates is not providing financial assistance to specific businesses.

Business Directory

We have begun collecting a list and information on alumni-owned small businesses. Please scroll through the list below and see how you can support these businesses. Continue to check back to see new listings and updates.

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Business Name Business Type Mission You can help by:

Aangan: South Asian Center for Art & Thought
Co-owned by Shachi Phene ’12
Art / Arts OrganizationAangan’s mission is to serve South Asian art, artists, and aesthetes of all backgrounds. We seek to build community by fostering learning and dialogue across art forms and creating spaces for artists to convene, collaborate, present, and reflect on their work.Visit us online at, attend our events, apply to volunteer, and connect us with amazing South Asian artists!

You can follow us on social media at the following links:

ACC Pub Ink
Owned by Craig Selbrede ’22
Production Company / Publishing InitiativeACC Pub Ink operates out of Maryland and creates utterly unique stories through prose and film. Our projects have included the award-winning Hurt webseries, Relic webseries (co-created with the University of East Anglia’s film club), the Makeshift duology, and The Valley Chronicles purchase books, stream our two web series, and leave reviews on IMDb and Amazon.


Owned by Alexandria Onuoha ’20
Performing arts and political advocacyACOSTYLES’ mission is to give advanced meaning to the complexities and excellence that come with being Black by centering Black women through developmental science, dance, and fashion. ACOSTYLES aims to create a nurturing and growth-oriented space for young Black girls, Indigenous girls, and girls of color in order to help them prosper in academia, dance as well as the fashion industry. Together, we strive to build a self-sufficient ecosystem of Black Girlhood that radically fights facism and far-right misogynoir and political advocates for Black women and girls with developmental science, dance and fashion.Visit our site and learn more:

Owned by David McEvoy ’89
Wilderness Medicine InstructionBased in Missoula, Montana, we teach wilderness medicine courses throughout the world.Visit

Aidan Earle Art
Owned by Aiden Early ’03
ArtI post artwork for sale on Instagram.
Some are framed in frames that I build myself. I have done commissions using objects/materials that are personally significant to the individual commissioning the work.
Give the gift of original artwork! Instagram: @aidansofiaearle

Owned by Paul Barrett ’80
Martial Arts SchoolAikido, 合気道, is a Japanese Martial Art created by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969).

Most styles of Aikido have no competition.
Aikido training is intended to promote physical and mental training according to the proficiency level of each practitioner, regardless of age or gender. Aikido training is not only good for health but also develops self-confidence useful in daily life
Give us a try then write a review!

Alpenglow Lighting Design, Inc.
Owned by Aaron Humphrey ’91
Lighting Design & ConsultationAlpenglow provides lighting and lighting controls design for residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, worship, and municipal projects. Past projects have ranged from Nike World Headquarters to deed-restricted housing and everything in between.Visit or call (970) 948-2637 to learn how we can make your project a success.

Owned by Mark Langer ’14

Aircraft/UAV Manufacturer Located out of Los Altos, California, we are building electric, pilot-less cargo aircraft for express logistics. We can support 24/7 operations and are faster than a truck, more predictable, and less expensive to operate. Attacking the highest polluting sector of the economy, transportation, we are an environment a positive and easily integrated solution into the logistics infrastructure.Please share your investor connections and talent.

Ann Elise Record Consulting LLC
Owned by Ann Elise Rodrigues ’90
Elementary Math Consulting / EducationI’m passionate about working with teachers, schools, and districts to help them implement best practices within the three basic pillars of math instruction: math fact fluency, word problem structures, and understanding the progression of the standards all within a classroom environment that embodies the math practice standards. I provide customized professional development sessions, on-demand courses, and share free resources for anyone wanting to learn about why we are exploring math with our children differently than from when we were in school. Together we can create positive math journeys for all our students!Visit purchase my book Fluency Doesn’t Just Happen with Addition and Subtraction, and follow me on Facebook or Twitter.
Argus Art Studio
Argus Art Studio
Owned by Katy VanNostrand ’03
Watercolor artistI am a self-taught watercolor artist inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Colorado and the Mountain West. I sell watercolor cards, prints, and originals online and in local shops.Purchase gifts! Everyone loves a card!

Ariel Grace Design
Owned by Gwen Jones ’80
Home furnishings/ retailAriel Grace Design specializes in beautifully crafted, custom-designed canvas rugs. We employ the finest materials and time-tested construction methods to create heirloom-quality floorcloths. Our floorcloths marry craft, function, and beauty.Visit us online at

Attentive Leadership
Owned by Dana De Nault ’80
Leadership Consulting and CoachingLeadership & Organizational Psychology

Based out of Redwood City, CA, we help clients define and convert profound leadership and change strategy into pragmatic, high return alignment and results. We use positive, systemic approaches from applied psychology and neuroleadership based coaching to improve organizational performance by empowering leaders to eliminate human generated challenges.
I am always available to talk with Bates alumni and students pro-bono as they consider how to advance their personal and professional leadership.

Visit my website at:

Back Loop Consulting
Owned by S Fisher Qua ’06
Consulting ServicesTo make available a wider dynamic range of intelligence, creativity, and imagination in groups of any kind.Learn more at

Bell Tower Advisors LLC
Owned by Margie Carpenter ’79
Financial AdvisorOperating out of Chagrin Falls, OH, I am a solo advisor helping mid-life, independent women manage their financial lives and prepare for a successful and enjoyable retirement. As an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor), and therefore also a fiduciary, I am required to give my clients unbiased advice (unlike a broker, for example). My practice is small by design so I can truly focus on each client. As the industry is very male-centric, I bring a more down to earth approach which has been warmly welcomed by the (mostly female) clients I have served. I love what I do and love helping the great women who are my clients!Please visit my website at

Feel free to email me at: for more information or to request an initial, complimentary conversation.

There will be no sales tactics used in this conversation (or ever), as I believe everyone should make a decision based on their own personal circumstances and comfort level.

Bennett Valley Cellars
Owned by Luca Zanin ’92
Vineyards and WineryNestled in the pristine Bennett Valley in Sonoma County, Bennett Valley Cellars is a small producer of high-quality, hand-crafted Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.Please join our Wine Club (Simpatico Society) or visiting our Tasting Room in Sonoma, California.

Best Welding Machine
Owned by Samir Sen ’19
Equipment/ WeldingOperating out of Mumbai, India, discover The Art of Welding—If you like the thought of creating things with fire and steel, then you will definitely feel right at home here. Learn more at:

Birchwood Interiors
Owned by Earle Morse ’84
Home Furnishings and ContractingBirchwood Interiors works primarily in the Sugarloaf and Rangeley Maine area, supplying home furnishings, cabinetry, granite, flooring, custom tile work and much more.Visit us at

BIzzy Bee Playwear
Owned by Kimberly Thompson ’09
Handmade children’s and women’s clothingBIzzy Bee Playwear operates out of Old Lyme, CT and is committed to creating high quality functional clothing from domestically sourced fabrics, prioritizing using materials manufactured with eco-friendly materials and manufacturing practices. Our women’s clothing line is dedicated to offering women options that are breastfeeding friendly.Visit us online at
Follow us on social media: Facebook and Instagram.

Black Tie Ski Rentals of Aspen
Owned by Nick Leonard ’07
Ski & Snowboard Rental DeliveryBlack Tie Ski Rentals has formulated a new concept for your vacation rental needs – by knocking down the walls of your traditional ski shop to deliver & custom-fit the best equipment and service at a time and place convenient for you!

We offer ski rental and delivery service to the greater Aspen area so you can enjoy your vacation no matter where you are staying. Our premium gear allows you to take full advantage of your favorite terrain while our top-notch customer service provides custom fittings in your lodging accommodations. We take pride in being the best ski rental and delivery service in Aspen and we will do everything we can to ensure you enjoy your vacation as much as possible.
Learn more and visit us at:

Blockchain Boys Podcast
Owned by Maximiliano Eaton ’17
Media/ Content Creation/ PodcastBlockchain Boys presented by @non_refungible Network is known to many as the coolest podcast in the Metaverse. Hosts, Max Eaton and former NBA Basketball Star John Henson have dope conversations with each other and special guests about NFTs, the Metaverse, DAOs, and everything else blockchain/crypto-related. Come vibe with the Blockchain Boys and learn something new about this crazy new thing known as web3. 
Like, Listen, Subscribe, and share with your friends! And buy some merch; coming out soon!

Check us out at the following :
Blockchain Boys
Social channels

Blue Ledge Farm
Owned by Hannah Sessions ’99
& Greg Bernhardt ’99
Dairy Farm and artisanal cheeseWe strive to produce a quality product based on the cornerstones of respect for the land, animals and consumers. We have a herd of dairy goats, purchase cow’s milk from a local dairy and produce several types of fresh and aged cheeses.Visit our online store:

Brandy Gibbs-Riley Design Studios
Owned by Brandy Gibbs-Riley ’96
Textile Design, Art, and Home DecorBrandy is a Boston-based artist and designer. Her collection of textiles is based on her original abstract paintings, mixed media collages, and geometric compositions. Melding traditional fine art practices with experimental techniques, her work is both timely and timeless. Custom and made to order, her inventive designs will make any room memorable and remarkable.Visit online and/or sign up for newsletter at:
Follow on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Burnham & Lobozzo Builders
Owned by Jonathan Lobozzo ’10
ConstructionOperating out of New Gloucester, ME, Burnham & Lobozzo Builders focuses on designing and constructing high performing, residential homes in Southern/ Midcoastal Maine. We also are in the finishing stages of a subdivision in Freeport which consists entirely of NET-ZERO homes, the only successfully executed NET-ZERO subdivision that we know of in Maine.Visit us online to learn more:

Burns Lake Farm, LLC
Owned by Catherine Burns ’80
Retail/ Maple SyrupWe are based in New Hampshire and specialize in producing high-quality Maple Syrup. Our prices are as follows:

– 1 gallon for $58.00 – 1 half gallon for $32.00
– 1 quart for $20.00
– 1 pint for $12.00
– 1 half pint for $6.00

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to place an order.
Check us out on Facebook.

Owned by Beth George ’85
Food Service / Business ConsultingBYOB BAGELS is a consulting business that can help you establish your own bagel shop. They offer personalized support to clients over the course of a year, allowing you to have complete control and ownership of your business. They work with first-time business owners and seasoned chefs, as well as those transitioning from the corporate world. BYOB BAGELS has been recognized in prestigious publications and TV shows. Choose BYOB BAGELS and start building your own successful business today.For more information, you can visit us online at

You may reach Beth at

Cafe Cristina, Inc.
Owned by Linda Moyher ’67
On-line farm to table coffeeOur family farm in Costa Rica believes in growing great coffee through sustainable practices that enhance soil fertility and preserve natural habitats. We’re also proud to offer nourishing food products and were the first to introduce direct sales to consumers. Our success is measured by the 352 bird species, 250 butterfly species, and 22 varieties of mammals, amphibians, and reptiles found on our farm.Enjoy our fresh roasted Cafe Cristina purchased on-line and shipped direct to your home by USPS, FEDEX and DHL.

Camp Tapawingo
Owned by JD Lichtman ’02
Summer Camp/ ChildrenCamp Tapawingo empowers girls to become brave, compassionate, and confident women. It offers unique experiences and traditions, disconnecting campers from modern technology and fostering meaningful friendships. The safe and inclusive environment encourages girls to explore new adventures and discover their true selves in a beautiful lakeside setting.Visit our website to learn more about Camp Tapawingo for a future camper, a summer job or to donate to our 501c3 Campership Fund.

Catlyco Cat
Owned by Shirley (Xiao Yi) Yeo ’07
Wooden cat bed, cat puzzle feeder, cat productsCatlyco is a maker’s studio based in Wilmington, DE founded by Shirley Yeo in partnership with skilled craftsmen and women. With an emphasis on simple and meaningful designs, feline enrichment toys, and sustainable materials, we hope to bring joy to both you and your cats.Visit us online at

Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc.
Owned by Lisa Farrell Wilk ’82
Environmental Engineering & ConsultingWe’re a Marlborough-based company committed to balancing industry and the environment. We believe in aligning EHS with clients’ business goals for success. Our technical expertise and innovative approach help clients overcome challenges resulting in award-winning EHS accomplishments and business performance. We offer engineering and consulting services, with EHS-Dashboard(TM) SaaS tool support. Clients see measurable improvements, impactful results, and sustainable growth.Visit us online at to learn how we can assist you or others in your network or to just learn about current issues. From our website, you can subscribe to keep informed of relevant information on sustainability, the environment, and occupational health & safety.

Consider joining our team by applying as a member of the Bates community. See our website for more information.

Follow us on LinkedIn

Castlebrook Counseling Services, Inc.
Owned by Kerrie Toole ’98
Mental Health & CounselingCastlebrook Counseling Services, Inc. is owned and operated by Kerrie Toole, LICSW in Westborough, MA. Kerrie got her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Bates in 1998 and her Master’s in Clinical Social Work from Columbia in 2000. Kerrie is a mental health professional with 20+ years of expertise in treating suicidal and self-harming individuals and their families using DBT. She specializes in LGBTQ+ patients. She founded Castlebrook in 2013 to improve access to compassionate mental health services. Kerrie lives in Massachusetts with her family.Write a review online, share about our services, follow our Facebook page, contact me for trainings or consultations, and we are always looking to hire talented therapists.

ChopValue Boston
Owned by Elaine Chow ’00
ManufacturingWe manufacture sustainable custom furnishings and features from previously discarded chopsticks. Our products are climate-positive and carbon-negative. Our micro-factory is located in Boston, MA. We are certified as a B Corp as well as a women- and minority-owned business (by the state of Massachusetts).When it comes to your next home or office renovation or new construction project, think about using our carbon-negative surfaces and features.

Consider browsing for presents and smaller items at

(use code MADEINBOSTON to get free shipping and ensure we get credit for the sale).

Chutters Candy Stores
Owned by James Alden ’86
Candy/ RetailChutters Candy Stores are the home of the World’s Longest Candy Counter, with four New Hampshire locations: Lincoln, Bretton Woods, Loon Mountain and the home of the Guinness World Record, Littleton.Visit our stores and our website:

Colorado Karma Jewelry
Owned by Kaja Reynolds ’88
Handmade Jewelry / PotteryI am located in Colorada Springs, Colorado as a full-time Art Teacher who created my business to share my creativity with others. I find joy and meaning in the creative process and sharing my handmade jewelry/pottery with others brings us together and creates connection through the medium of art.Visit me online through Instagram or Facebook. I sell locally at a store in Colorado Springs called EclecticCO, so come by if you are in town or wish to shop their online.

ConServ Group, Inc.
Owned by Roy Catignani ’76
Architecture and Construction ManagementWe are a mostly commercial and high-end residential design-builder located near Cape Cod. Since inception in 1993, some of our best and most versatile employees have come from NESCAC colleges.

Much of our corporate emphasis is upon a one-stop professional service that is a fiscally transparent, quality and value-sensitive delivery system, that has proven itself over time.
Refer listing to graduates that might be interested in the field.

Refer the site to graduates, and owners of companies looking to expand their facilities or to build/renovate homes in the SE MA area. Learn more:
Connemara Bay Fishing Charters
Connemara Bay Fishing Charters
Owned by Kevin O’Maley ’83
Charter Boat ServiceConnemara Bay Fishing Charters offers custom, private fishing trips out of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Each trip is geared to meet the needs of the group with a maximum of six passengers per boat. We specialize in family trips, friends gatherings, corporate outings, and bachelor & bachelorette parties. Our custom trips are for all skill levels — from first-timers to seasoned anglers. Target species include tuna, haddock, striped bass, bluefish, and lobster. We offer early morning and mid-day trips as well as evening cruises.

Our season runs May 1 through mid-November. Call to book your private charter today.
Join us on the water if you are visiting north of Boston!
Cresswell Art Advisory
Cresswell Art Advisory
Owned by Jon Cresswell ’01
Art AdvisoryCresswell Art Advisory offers clients private purchasing, collection consulting, appraisals, conservation, and related services.

Jonathan Cresswell has worked closely with fine arts for over ten years, focusing mainly on works of art on paper.
Visit us online at

Follow on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Owned by Whitney Stowell ’08
Business ConsultantCribworks is a start-up consulting firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses throughout the full range of the business cycle. From idea to delivery, we’re a client-focused and result-driven sales & business development consulting firm that provides broad-based services and experience at an affordable fee to our clients.Visit us online at
Reach out for sales & business development consulting services.

Culture Coach International
Owned by Kari Heistad ’87
Professional Services / DEI Training / ConsultingOperating out of Watertown, MA, we help organizations to create diverse, inclusive workplaces that promote employee engagement and innovation. We do this through customized training programs, consulting, curriculum development, and tools in the spaces of diversity and cross-cultural awareness. With more than 20 years of experience in this work, we offer a tailored and practical approach that aligns diversity, equity and inclusion programs with organizational strategic goals.Refer organizations who are seeking to develop inclusive, respectful workplaces to us. Sign up for our free monthly newsletter.

Owned by Earle Morse ’84
RestaurantLocated in Maine’s Carrabassett Valley — Keeping Sugarloafers well-fed for breakfast and lunch with homemade soups, sandwiches, and desserts.Visit us when you are Sugarloaf!

Debate Spaces
Owned by Matt Summers ’15
& Tessa Holtzman ’17
Non-profit (Education)Debate Spaces operates out of Cambridge, Mass, and is an education non-profit empowering and connecting the next generation of critical thinkers and activists. Our middle school students learn how to speak up for issues they believe in from some of the best college debaters in the world (both Matt & Tessa were president of the debate team and globally competitive debaters at Bates). Over the next 5 years, we aim to connect half a million kids from 100+ countries. Today, we have reached students in over 20 countries and have been named 3x semi-finalists in the Harvard President’s Innovation Challenge.Spread the word about our online programs to parents of middle schoolers, teachers/ community leaders, and funders. Register today. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Diversified Individual Brokerage LLC
Owned by Edward Sparkowski ’79
Life insurance brokerageLocated in Glastonbury, CT, we provide guidance for life insurance needs and explore markets to find the best product to meet the need primarily for clients of investment managersConsider us a resource for life insurance and long-term care insurance questions and needs.

Downeast Restaurant & Bar Consultants
Owned by Albert Waitt ’83
Hospitality ConsultingLocated in Kennebunkport, Maine, the Downeast Restaurant & Bar Consultants are positioned to serve the hospitality industry throughout the Northeast and beyond. As anyone who has ever turned a key in the business knows, problems can arise in countless areas. The consultants of Downeast, drawing on years of leadership and industry experience, are problem solvers. From menu design and cost control to staff training and reviving sales–from the front of the house to the back—Downeast is equipped to identify and resolve the issues standing between your enterprise and success.A great percentage of restaurants and bars fail. They don’t have to. Let us solve your problems. Visit us online at:

Dr. Katie Eastman
Owned by Katie Eastman ’82
Author / Consultant / Life CoachMy primary goal is to assist individuals and organizations in successfully navigating change and transition, resulting in personal and professional growth. Second, I enhance their individual and collective understanding of the impact of change and how small change can effect great results.

I accomplish these goals by offering coaching and counseling, workshops, and providing consultation based on the principles of my Re-Create model of change.
Please read and write a review of my book, Uplifting: Inspiring stories of loss, change and growth; available at the Bates bookstore and online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Also, please get in touch with us if you know of individuals, groups, organizations, or communities impacted by loss or change.

During Quiet Time
Owned by Amy Friend ’96
Modern Quilt DesignOperating out of Newbury, Mass, Amy Friend is a former museum collections curator turned modern quilt designer. Her business name, During Quiet Time, originated from her work designing when her children were young, during their afternoon nap time. Now, a full-time job and second career, Amy has authored three quilting books, published hundreds of patterns, designed fabric collections, and teaches nationally. She’s an award-winning quilter and her work has hung in international quilt shows. She specializes in paper piecing and modern quilt design.Please like and follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

Visit our website:

Owned by Karen Schuster ’70
Editing and Proofreading ServicesOperating out of Newmarket, NH, my mission is to help you showcase your best work by making sure your writing is clear, powerful, and free of errors. I proofread and edit all types of writing, from resumes and LinkedIn profiles, to books, articles, and online content. My rates are reasonable and my turn-around time is exceptional. I promise to make your writing soar!You can support my business by referring your friends or writing a review if you use my services.

Please visit my website: and my Facebook business page.

Ellery Street
Owned by Alysia Love ’97
Consulting / LeadershipBased out of Greenwich, CT, OperEllery Street helps founders, CEOs, investors, and boards harness talent as a critical advantage in leading their industries and driving the highest levels of performance. We advise executives who seek to scale their own leadership ahead of increasing demands, transition leadership to others, and build complementary teams. We sharpen focus on key priorities, diagnose opportunities to tighten management practices, amplify influence and followership, and align leadership impact with core values. Across teams and organizations, we facilitate alignment and collaboration, smoothing execution, accelerating change, and unlocking individual and collective growth.Refer us to executives who seek to optimize strategic talent decisions and practices.

Embodied Equity Project
Owned by Ethan Kerr ’02
Equity and Inclusion ConsultingOperating from Cold Spring, NY, we engage communities in long term partnerships working towards racial equity. Our approach is experiential, moving beyond a mere intellectual discussion of racism, straight into our bodies – where the complex legacy of white male supremacy lives in us all. We work with multi racial communities, and actively support white people become vital, emotional, embodied humans, who can be useful co-conspirators for the racial justice movement. We offer open-enrollment workshops, committed groups, organizational consulting, and individual coaching. Clients include corporations, universities, non profits, schools and hospitals.Partner with us to end white male supremacy systems and culture – they harm all Americans. Learn more:

Emily Buchanan Paintings
Owned by Emily Buchanan ’89
Landscape Artist / ArtLocated in Beverly Farms, MASS I am primarily a plein air painter, working primarily around her native New England when weather permits, painting regularly in Northeast Harbor, Maine, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Squam Lake in NH, and the Adirondacks. In winter, I paint in Palm Beach, FL, Malibu, CA, and the Bahamas.
Visit my website and learn more:

Erika Cohen Author
Owned by Erika Cohen ’98
Independent writing and editingOperating from Chester, NH, I offer ghostwriting, writing and editing for business executives. I specialize in finance and healthcare, but can write about any business or personal topic. I worked for 10 years writing and editing a business trade magazine, gaining insight into many different areas of business. I write and edit everything from articles to books.Learn more at:

Finestkind Web Design LLC
Owned by Henry Lyons ’85
Web design, social media, small business consultingOperating out of Dresden, Maine, Finestkind helps small businesses develop their public presence, both on the web and in person, through the innovative use of technology, intelligent marketing choices, and thoughtful review of current business practices.The Bates community can help by visiting my website and scheduling a time to chat about their experience in business and how Bates continue to make a difference in their lives.

We also offer some wonderful new programs that would be of interest to many solopreneurs or small businesses, including low-cost risk assessments, mastermind group opportunities, and landing page services.

FLXST Contemporary
Owned by Jan Christian Bernabe ’98
Fine Art GalleryFLXST Contemporary is a commercial contemporary fine arts and photography gallery and an arts incubator in Chicago. The gallery exhibits highly-evocative and uncompromising artwork by emerging and mid-career artists working across all visual mediums. FLXST Contemporary works with and represents artists of color, LGBTQ-identified artists, and immigrant artists based in Chicago and in other parts of the country—collectively, we represent contemporary artists who are underrepresented in the art world.Acquire artwork by the artists we represent for their homes and collections.

Learn more information about our art programming can be found at:

Four Corners Global Consulting Group, LLC
Owned by Kelly Spence ’01
Social Impact ConsultingOperating out of Chicago, IL, we are a social impact consulting firm that helps nonprofit organizations, philanthropies, universities, and corporations foster social change. We accomplish this through four mutually reinforcing pillars: strategy, growth, measurement & data, and leadership & culture. We believe that we can change the world by giving the people and organizations dedicated to fighting for social justice the tools they need to maximize their impact. Our name, “Four Corners,” symbolizes both our global reach, as well as our capacity to effect change locally. The Four Corners Global team has worked together across a wide range of geographic, cultural, and organizational settings. As a result, we trust each other and enjoy working in partnership. This has allowed us to develop a highly-successful, team-based approach to our work. Our team’s fluency in cross-cultural communication and our French, Spanish, and English language skills also allow us to connect in profound ways with clients and their stakeholders. We’re especially proud of the unique blend of passion, humor, and humility that our team brings forward, and the rewarding relationships we’ve cultivated with social justice advocates in the United States and around the world.Please visit our website, follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook, and consider us if you work for a nonprofit, university, corporation, or philanthropy seeking to deepen your social impact.

Four Corners Supply Co
Owned by Julia Traggorth ’09
Sustainable Home Goods/ RetailI operate a sustainable home goods store out of Hanover, Massachusetts…meaning everything in my store (cleaning products, body products, things for kids) is up-cycled, made from sustainable resources, doesn’t have chemicals that will pollute the environment, and is made to last (where applicable). The products are made ethically by workers who make a fair wage, and the companies I support put people over profit. Meaning they give their time and their resources generously.

For local shoppers, I offer a bulk refill section so customers can refill bottles they already own.
Visit us in person or online at or 144 Broadway, Hanover, MA.

Funny Aprons
Owned by Lillie Shulman ’17
E-commerce / Retail / ApparelWe started Funny Aprons to bring some fun in the kitchen with our custom made aprons, oven mitts, and potholders featuring friends, family, and pets. We also wanted to give back to the community, which is why 5% of all sales go to mental health initiatives in light of Covid-19. Purchase products, visit us online at Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Owned by Dennis Gromelski ’88
Non-Profit Arts Organization / TheatreFUSION is New Mexico’s award-winning theatre company, offering professional artistic and economic opportunities for artists, educators, and students. The organization also operates the FUSION Forum in Downtown Albuquerque, providing three performance venues and co-op office space for incubating young arts-infused companies. (Mission: FUSION incites global empathy through storytelling, positively impacting the human race. We are dedicated to professional excellence, a community-inspired creative space, and the inspiration of our children, the genesis of our future.)Please visit our site and learn more:

Thank you!

Galar Vines
Owned by Gohar Shahinyan ’12
Winery and Wine ProductionGalar Vines is an Armenian wine brand carrying millennia of tradition mixed with a love for science, nature, and enthusiasm for modernism.

Galar Vines is a boutique winery specializing in limited production of Haghtanak and Voskehat Armenian grape varieties. Our wines reveal the best characteristics of the varieties and the vineyard.

We craft wines for explorative wine enthusiasts seeking elegant and sensuous wines and those who view the pairing of wines with food as essential to their lifestyle and well-being.
We invite you to Armenia for an unforgettable wine tourism experience.

We deliver wines across Europe. Visit to purchase your bottle of Galar and discover the taste of Armenia.

Learn more about Galar Vines at and
Gillis Accounting Services, LLC
Owned by Brendan Gillis ’91
AccountingThink of us as “CFO for a day” for your small business.

We handle your day-to-day accounting, payroll, AR and AP, banking, budgeting and forecasting, etc. so you can focus on what you do best – your business!
Please visit our site to learn more:

Golden Brook Farm
Owned by Susan McBride ’90
Flower Farm & Floral DesignGolden Brook Farm produces fresh, seasonal flowers, naturally-grown a few miles from the ocean in Camden, Maine.

We offer weekly bouquet subscriptions and floral design for weddings, events, homes, & businesses. Custom orders can be filled anytime throughout the growing season; from April to October. Since we only use farm-fresh flowers, our arrangements are fragrant, complex, and completely unique to each recipient. Sustainable, eco-friendly practices are behind all of our work, from growing without the use of pesticides and herbicides to designing without the use of floral foam. We pride ourselves in growing flowers that are as good for our earth as they are for your heart and soul!
Visit us online at

Hell Hollow Hops
Owned by Tom Fitzgerald ’16
Agricultural ProductWe at Hell Hollow Hops grow no-spray, regenerative, organic hops and sell to local breweries throughout New England! Hop farming is a chemical heavy industry that is predominantly based in the pacific northwest today. These herbicides and pesticides are bad for the long term health of the plant, pollute waterways, harm the soil, and accelerate climate change. We aim to change that and bring US hop farming back to where it started, here in New Hampshire. We grow hops the way nature intended, with no chemicals and leverage the power of our soil and other conservation practices to produce a premium local product.Check us out on

We are always looking to sell more hops to customers! We also sell swag including hats, stickers, and magnets!
Hibernator Ceramics
Owned by Jessica Otis ’05
Artist/ PotteryI strive to make pottery that is both beautiful and functional; 50% of profits are donated to reproductive justice funds.Visit us online at and please leave a review if you purchase a piece of pottery.

H. Levenbaum Insurance Agency, Inc.
Owned by Alan Issokson ’88
Insurance Agency / Property & CasualtySince 1923, H. Levenbaum’s trusted professionals have worked hard to create personal and business insurance solutions to the unique needs of Dorchester, MA, Marshfield, MA, and beyond. Servicing the Greater Boston area for more than 90 years, we are intimately familiar with the everyday risks in New England, and can help you prepare for the unexpected. We are your trusted insurance advisor looking out for you.Please visit our website:
Provide an online review and contact us for your home, auto, and business insurance.

House & Sun, Inc.
Owned by Arthur “Kel” House ’66
Sustainable ConstructionOperating out of Harborside, ME, House & Sun, Inc. has been in business for 45 years. We specialize in green, energy efficient buildings built with super insulated Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). Our projects range from residential to commercial and institutional. We have done buildings for the University of Maine, Southern Maine Community College, Waynflete School, Acadia National Park and others.Visit us online at:
We cover the entire State of Maine and we’ll be happy to quote on your next project.

Invent Boston
Owned by Virginia Berman ’87
Product DesignerThe Two Minute Turtle Timer is a product I designed and invented to help parents and children to brush their teeth well by showings kids how to pace themselves for 2 minutes. Invent Boston Design’s tools to make healthy habits fun.Purchase the Two Minute Turtle Timer.
Write a review online.
Post about the Two Minute Turtle Timer on social media.

John Norton Writer
Author John Norton ’65
Author/bookI have published four children’s books:
– When Is Santa’s Birthday?
-Rudy, Santa’s Ninth Reindeer
– Dear Tooth Fairy, Is today – Your Birthday and
– Henry, The Spare Parts Dog

In addition, I am publishing the first three books in my series for mid-grade children, “The Adventures of Eva and Buckskin Charlie.’ All are available as ebooks or print editions in hard and soft cover.
I need assistance from “early readers.” Please provide feedback on readability, age appropriateness, flow, interest and, of course, any word edits.

Kairos Cognition
Owned by Francis Sopper ’77
Calendars/ PlannersAs humans, we move through time within a slippery consciousness of past, present, and future — while missing most of what’s going on and forgetting much of what we capture as awareness.

The twelve-month calendar is designed to capture your aspirations. It captures the beginning and end points of any significant projects you imagine accomplishing in the next year. The targets are written on date-cell-sized peelable and movable stickies to emphasize the dynamic nature of our aspirations.
Once targets are set, the Future Self notebook captures the movement of our actions toward those aspirations.
Visit us online at

KSW Medical Aesthetics
Owned by Kim (Suvak) Warden ’11
Medical AestheticsLocated in Medford, Mass and using evidence-based, safe, and effective treatments, Kim Suvak Warden, NP helps patients look the way they feel — energized, confident, and empowered using her training, expertise, and expertise in both traditional and cosmetic medicine. KSW Medical Aesthetics provides treatments that enhance the natural beauty, self love, and body positivity of all genders.Write an online review, purchase gift cards, and follow us on social media: Instagram & Facebook.

Lighthouse Life Design
Owned by Anne Shields ’80
Career & Life CoachingOperating out of Rochester, NY, Lighthouse Life Designs guides individuals toward purposeful work.

Straight lines in careers and in life are rare. You get to choose, change your interests, change your mind, and change directions.
Refer others looking for support in starting, changing, or reinventing a career path. Purchase gift cards for coaching services. Refer others seeking MBTI, career, or leadership assessments and interpretation.
Consider Lighthouse for outplacement and training needs.

Little Ivy Paper Goods
Owned by Addie Cullenberg ’16
Custom Watercolor, wedding invitations + artFounded in my freshman year dorm room, Little Ivy Paper Goods started with me using a friends‘ printer down the hall to complete my orders. Almost a decade later, I’m currently designing that friends’ wedding invitations for this fall, so everything feels like it’s truly come full circle. I’m a one-woman operation based in Boston, and specialize in custom watercolor wedding invitations, day-of paper goods, and commissioned art.Visit and follow along on Instagram.

Owned by Shiuli Mukhopadhyay ’96
Online Indian Cooking Workshops /Political AdvocacyFeed Your Belly, Feed Your Soul!

LoveCookYoga’s mission is to provide a platform of giving and receiving, simultaneously. Operating out of Los Angeles, CA, online cooking workshops with an Indian Flair held monthly, birthdays, anniversary and other celebrations create a space for families far apart to come together and celebrate. 100% of the workshop monies are donated to an organization called theconsciouskid or one of your choice. The accompanying Spice Store provides kits for DIY Indian recipes to support administrative costs.
If you are thinking of celebrating a birthday or anniversary, please think about scheduling an online cooking workshop or try out a DIY Indian Spice Kit. Please check out the testimonials and learn more on my website:
Philip K. Ludwig, CPA,
Owned by Philip Ludwig ’71
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)Operating out of Farmington, CT, as a CPA, managing personal and business tax returns, payroll processing, bookkeeping.Learn more:

LVG & Co.
Owned by Lisa Gralnek ’99
Management ConsultingOperating out of Brooklyn, NY, LVG & Co. is an independent strategy consultancy dedicated to making businesses better. Often engaged at critical inflections—we excel at creating and launching innovative brands, products, ideas, and initiatives that challenge the status quo and deliver results for both today and tomorrow. Our services include Business Planning and Innovation, Brand Positioning, and Go-to-Market Strategy. We approach everything through the lens of leadership, values, and growth. Our weekly interview series, Future of XYZ, fosters forward-thinking conversations about where we are as a world and where we want to go.Subscribe to Future of XYZ wherever you get your podcasts. Follow on Instagram. Refer potential clients to visit for a complete list of services. Apply for semester- or year-long internships (students incl. graduates).

M & A Business Advisors-San Francisco
Owned by Richard Waxman ’69
Business Brokerage and Valuation ServicesOperating out of San Francisco, CA, our goal is always to maintain the highest standards of competency and integrity. In 25 years of practice, I have had the privilege of assisting dozens of entrepreneurs in finding the best buyer for their companies while negotiating the most favorable price, terms, and conditions for that sale.

Offer a 10% discount on all services to any Batesie and will match that with equivalent amount of contribution to the college endowment fund.
Visit us online at:

Magnify Brewing Company
Owned by Eric Ruta ’14
BreweryCraft brewery in northern New Jersey. I was an ES major. I did an internship at Baxter and wrote my business plan senior year. We started upon graduation and we are about to have our 6th anniversary in May.Learn more:
Maine Camps & Cottages
Owned by Arthur “Kel” House ’66
Camp Rentals/ AirbnbAt Maine Camps & Cottages we rent out cabins and a cottage on our waterfront property on Horseshoe Cove, in Brooksville on Cape Rosier.
We also rent out part of our harbor view house on the incredible Greek Island of Symi. The properties can be seen at

In addition to the rentals, we also offer pre-cut small houses built out of our Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). These are built to our design or yours and can be shipped anywhere in the country.
Book a reservation in Maine or Greece!
Owned by Finn McLain ’23
ArtI’m a Maine-based artist whose inspirations include iconic buildings and landscapes of Maine. I captured ‘The Goose’ as a 2023 graduation gift for my son and its admiration by his fellow grads spread quickly. I hope it brings back fun memories for all Goose-goers!You can purchase a print of ‘The Goose’ here:

Metier Brewing Company
Co-owned by Rodney Hines ’87
Brewery and community engagementMBC’s mission is borne of co-founders Todd and Rodney’s shared passion for great beer and spirited community.

Located in Woodinville, WA, we believe that great beer, paired with dialogue, connection, and action, can strengthen our community. As one of the few black-owned breweries in the country, we know representation matters. From our kid-pet-and-event-friendly taproom in Woodinville’s Artisan Hill District, to the vendors and charities we partner with, to the artwork on our beer labels, we are expanding the craft beer space so more folks see themselves reflected here and feel welcomed. We hope MBC inspires others to continually stop and consider who is missing or not represented. At MBC, we aim to play our part in growing a nurturing and inclusive craft beer community. Imagine MBC as My Beloved Community.
Follow us on social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube.

Mile Creek
Owned by Sarah Hamilton ’91
E-commerce retailerBased in Bozeman, MT, our Mission is to inspire the outdoor adventurer in everyone. We do that by selling delicious tea that help athletes fuel, hydrate, and recover from their adventures. We hand select premium teas to ensure they taste great.Visit us online at and purchase your new favorite tea. We offer free shipping on all orders over $30.

Mt. Neon
Owned by Tyler Schoen ’09
Outdoor Apparel, Lifestyle, RetailBringing you retro-rad lifestyle gear made right here in Lisbon Falls, Maine.Visit us online at

Musical Media for Education (MME)
Owned by Lance Fialkoff ’83
Curriculum ResourcesOperating out of New Paltz, NY, Musical Media for Education creates original, music-based instructional materials for school districts, curriculum providers, and educational publishing companies.Review/publicity.
Please visit us online.
Interested in internships.

MVB Coaching
Owned by Martin Benes ’07
Online Fitness CoachingOperating out of California, we offer personalized training plans for a wide range of athletes by utilizing the outdoors to develop aerobic fitness, strength, and healthy lifestyles. We will tailor your workouts to meet your needs and goals, working around your schedule. Having a coach helps you create a plan, goals, and holds you accountable.

Whether you’re training for an event or just want a healthier and more active lifestyle we are prepared to help you get there. We blend state-of-the-art sports science with a personalized approach for the training plans that we offer and in our approach to coaching. Our aim is to bring you confidence in what you’re doing and help you understand why you’re doing it.
Visit us online at:

My Modena: A Year of Fear, Laughter, and Exhilaration in Italy
Author Andrea Gelfuso ’83
Author/BookDo you need to laugh? Come to My Modena, where I lived for a year in a city in an apartment that was like camping, with tile. Take a break from reality and read “Fabio On the Balcony” about my heart-stoppingly gorgeous neighbor. Or “Rescue Me” about how we needed six Italian firefighters in their bucket truck to get us back into our 7th-floor apartment. Dianne Hales, A NYT best-selling author called My Modena “a scrumptious literary tiramisu, layered with history, art, food, fashion, culture, (and culture shock) all topped with generous dollops of hilarity.”Bates could help me (thank you!) by inviting me to share my book in the Bates Book Club, writing an online review, and/or featuring my book or doing an interview for the Bates Magazine. I just performed standup in front of Laraine Newman (SNL) at the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop, have tips on how to make yourself Write That Book, I have a kids’ book coming out in December 2023, and I’m about to spend 2023 in Malta and in Cambridge, England.

Narayan Strategy
Owned by Renee Leduc ’98
Policy ConsultingNarayan Strategy is based out of Arlington, VA, and helps its clients connect to the right people at the right time. We specialize in making complex topics clear to diverse audiences – whether it is science, technology, the global environment or aerospace, or related to expansion abroad or federal government procurement and budgets. Our business is to help you advance your interests across cultures, across governments and across party lines. We specialize in working with public and private sector executives and their staffs in areas such as international and intergovernmental affairs and business development. Owned and operated by Renee Leduc ’98, she has provided strategy, advocacy and communications advice to her firm’s clients since 2013 following a decorated career in federal government science agencies and the consulting sector.Like us on Facebook and follow Twitter and LinkedIn and submit reviews online.

Owned by Scott Stoner ’79
Nature photography and presentations; photo salesOperating out of Loudonville, New York, Naturelogues is the nature photography business of Scott Stoner ’79 and Denise Hackert-Stoner. We offer note cards prints, matted prints, and framed prints of our photographs of nature from across the US. We also give in-person and online programs about birds, national parks, and many other natural history topics.Please visit our site to purchase photographs, book virtual or in-person presentations.

News Service
Owned by Jahangir Babu ’98
Online PublishingOperating out of Bangladesh, FNS is the publication of media by its author. We are distributing online news.

FNS is the digital publishing platform chosen by millions online readers to convert content into high-quality assets for digital distribution across web, social and more.
Follow us online at:

Noor Dance Academy
Owned by Shachi Phene ’12
Performing Arts organizationOperating out of New York, our mission is to study, perform, and tell stories through the medium of Indo-classical and Indo-contemporary movement.Visit us online at, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, attend our performances and classes and write social media and Google reviews if you enjoy them!

Owned by Dana ‘Dean’ Bragonier ’95
Nonprofit / EducationNoticeAbility is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students with dyslexia identify their unique strengths and build self-esteem. We incorporate the neuroscience of dyslexia, the best practices of special education, and the power of EdTech to construct learning curricula and instructor training programs for global distribution.NoNoticeAbility works with public, private, and homeschooling organizations around the world. If you know a community eager to support and empower students with dyslexia, please share the relevant information with us and we will do our best to be of service. Learn more:

One River Capital
Owned by Giang Nguyen ’12
Real Estate InvestmentAt One River Capital, we empower individuals to achieve financial freedom, live the life of their dreams, and give back to their communities.

Whether you were born in the US, are an immigrant, or are a foreigner, we believe everyone should have access to the wealth-building benefits and power of real estate investing.

By creating opportunities for others to invest passively in multifamily syndications (group investments), we help people generate income while making a lasting impact. Achieve your financial goals while you sleep with your passive investments working for you, without you having to lift a finger.

One River Capital eliminates the hassle, learning curve, and time commitment required to invest in real estate. We do this by gathering the resources, screening numerous deals, strategizing, and executing all tasks so you can enjoy your monthly passive cash flow.
Visit us online at

OUT Apparel
Owned by Isaiah Rice ’15
Clothing/ ApparelThe brand is about inspiring people to live out in their full truth without fear of judgment. As human beings, we are all aiming to get out of something that will allow us to embrace our true identity. Whether you are out in your sexuality, out of depression, or out of self-doubt, OUT Apparel encourages everyone to live life in their true authentic form.Please review Online.
Visit us online and purchase shirts.

Sandy Plashkes ’19
Fantasy Sports (Sports-Tech)Based out of Kitchener, Ontario, OwnersBox is an innovative sports-tech company that launched its flagship product in September 2019. Our mission is to make a big impact on the $7B+ fantasy sports space in North America. The product, Weekly Fantasy Sports (WFS), bridges the gap between daily (DFS) and season-long fantasy sports (SFS), the two dominating models in the market. With our weekly concept, the intention is to combine the benefits of both daily and season-long and create a hybrid product that appeals to the 60+ million North American fantasy sports users.Please visit us online at

Pagano Media
Owned by Kathleen Pagano ’86
Web, video, branding and eventsMy husband and I started Pagano Media 40 years ago in Worcester, MA. What was originally a slideshow video company has evolved into an award-winning web design, branding, video, and event company. We enjoy helping clients express value propositions across a range of media with the mission to convey the essence of who they are with truth, creativity, and intelligence.Recommend us to anyone you may know who is seeking a new website, video, or digital marketing services.

Paige Brown Photography
Owned by Paige Brown ’96
Commercial PhotographyPaige Brown is a commercial photographer working with Corporate, Education, and Nonprofit clients. Her work features people and the places they think, work, play & create. Clients include everyone from executives, political figures, celebrities, artists, students, professors, and of course average people like herself. She has been based in the Boston area for over 18 years, and her business is woman-owned & led.Writing online reviews on Google or LinkedIn. Referrals for commercial work needed by either your company or another’s.

Paint Sprayer
Owned by Harold Mapes ’19
Paint SprayerWe founded Designinggeek to help you find the best materials and processes for creating great-looking and long-lasting paint jobs.Visit our website and learn more.

Path of Life Chiropractic Health Center
Owned by Amy Haas ’95
HealthcareLocated in Nashua, New Hampshire, our practice focus is Neurostructural Correction. We aim to identify and correct structural shifts or abnormal motion patterns (vertebral subluxations) in the spine that are obstructing the freedom and adaptive function of the nervous system. If you have vertebral subluxations, Neurostructural Correction offers you a rediscovery of health and function that had been previously known but has been long lost. It’s like cleaning your windshield after a long New England winter – you don’t realize how cloudy your visibility was until the glass is cleared and the sun shines in. At Path of Life Chiropractic Health Center we stand for a world in which YOU can be the best version of YOU possible.Please visit us online at and browse the research and resources we’ve compiled for patients.

PawSteps Veterinary Center
Owned by Sean Sawyer ’92
Small animal veterinary hospitalLocated in Whitinsville, Mass, PawSteps Veterinary Center provides invested, quality medical services to our patients and their families while developing trusting, caring, relationships.Please check us out if you are a pet lover and move to our community.

Pemi Treeworks LLC
Owned by Kurt Schuler ’10
Residential tree workOperating from Plymouth, NH, Pemi Treeworks LLC is owned and operated by Kurt Schuler and Alexandra Disney, both class of 2010.

As fully insured arborists, we do residential tree work in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. We do everything from tree removals with or without a crane, to pruning, planting, and stump grinding.
If you own property in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, give us a call for a free quote.

We are also looking to add to our team of arborists, so give us a call if you’re interested in working for a small, family-owned business in NH.

Piano with Karl
Owned by Karl Steudel ’87
Private Music Instruction Private Music Instruction in Burbank. Calif, or on Zoom around the world. Piano, Saxophone, Music Theory, specializing in Composition, Improvisation.Visit online at

Pine Tree Dental Care
Owned by Irina Babayan ’01
Dental OfficeLocated in Falmouth, ME, Pine Tree Dental Care, our expert, friendly dentistry team delivers the very best in modern dental care, patient safety, and comfort.Please visit online and become a new patient!

Write us a Google review
Like us on Facebook

Plan A Advisors
Owned by Adam Gaynor ’96
Management Consulting for Nonprofit OrganizationsPlan A Advisors is a management consulting firm for nonprofits and philanthropies. We facilitate strategic and business planning, mergers, governance work, and fundraising campaigns.

We work with organizations that have reached a point of inflection – for example, a desire to grow in size and impact – and we guide the development of real-world and creative plans to realize the mission and strengthen impact.

Plan A Advisors is based in New York but works nationally across sectors including social justice, human services, education, arts and culture, parks and open spaces, faith-based organizations, advocacy, community planning, and beyond.
If you are employed by a nonprofit organization or sit on a nonprofit board, please be in touch for any planning, fundraising, or governance projects, or refer us to organizations with which you are involved.

For more information about the firm, projects, or clients, please see us at
Promotional Advantage, Inc.
Owned by David Liegeot ’83
Charter Boat ServiceTortuga is a 46′ sailing catamaran based in the USVI. The yacht is well-appointed and carries many “toys” from scuba equipment, 2 SUP’s and even a floating dock for relaxation in the warm Caribbean waters.
She is professionally crewed with a Captain(100 Ton Master and Dive Master) and Mate who love to bring their love for hosting, entertaining, and unique cuisine to guests looking to create lasting memories with family and friends. (NOTE: as the business owners we are not the crew)
Tortuga has 3 guest suites entertaining up to 6 guests.
Visit us online at Facebook @sailTORTUGAvi or

Contact us directly and identify as being part of the Bates College family for a special Bates discount.

Pure Hart Basketball
Owned by William Hart ’02
Basketball training and sports club teamsOperating from North Andover, Mass, Pure Hart Basketball camps, clinics, & individual lessons provide personal instruction for aspiring basketball players, with direct and positive feedback in a supportive environment detached from team pressures. We believe players will make the greatest improvements when instructed by experienced players and coaches in a positive environment.Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.
Owned by Peter Gault ’11
Educational Technology is a nonprofit organization that helps millions of low-income 3rd-12th grade students become strong writers and critical thinkers. 30 million low-income students across the United States are not proficient writers, which prevents them from succeeding in high school, college, and their careers.

We build free online tools that use artificial intelligence to automatically grade and serve feedback on student writing, enabling students to revise their work and quickly build their skills. has enabled more than four million students to write and receive feedback on more than 500 million sentences, and we aim to help ten million low-income students become strong writers and critical thinkers in the next five years. Our nonprofit is backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Robin Hood Foundation, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and, among others.
Learn more.
You can help us by sharing Quill with teachers in your network.

Raye’s Mustard Mill
Owned by Kevin Raye ’83
Maine food producer / RetailKaren and Kevin Raye own and operate Raye’s Mustard Mill in Eastport, Maine. Founded in 1900, Raye’s is a 4th generation small family business. A working museum, it is North America’s last remaining traditional stone-ground mustard mill. In 2017, Raye’s Mustard was named by MaineBiz Magazine as one of the Top 10 Iconic Maine Products.Order Raye’s Mustard products on-line at, write a review on-line, help “spread the mustard”!

Reston Lake Sales
Owned by Allan Wulff ’62
Real EstateServing clients at Reston lakes and throughout Northern Virginia.

In real estate you do not get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.
Visit us at

Retail Zipline
Co-Founded by Melissa Wong ’01
Software ApplicationZipline helps retailers coordinate their brick-and-mortar stores by streamlining communications between HQ and the field. By easily centralizing and personalizing messages, retailers boost accountability and employee engagement.Visit our website to learn more.

Rêve Cycling Studio
Owned by Stephanie Jackson ’11
Indoor Cycling StudioLocated in Portland, Maine, Rêve is a locally owned and woman run cycling studio dedicated to the well-being of each person who walks through the door. Indoor cycling, or spinning, is an exhilarating, cardiovascular workout for body and mind. Rêve offers classes for everyone, from experts to true blue beginners. No matter what your experience level, we want you to love cycling as much as we do. (And we really love cycling.) We’ll work with you, in a class meant for you, whatever your expertise.The Bates community can support Rêve by taking a class if you live in the Portland area, writing a review online if you have been to our studio or purchasing a gift card online.
Ripe Figs, LLC
Owned by Artemis Preeshl ’80
Film Production / ArtsRipe Figs Productions, LLC, was founded in 2009 by three women who shared a vision of adapting the short fiction of Kate Chopin to film. Rachel Grissom (writer, film producer and director), Dr. Artemis Preeshl (director, actor, producer and theater scholar), and Dr. Barbara Ewell (Chopin scholar and producer), were drawn to Chopin’s fiction because of its pointed examinations of gender, social status, race, and cultural identity, revealing how those factors define individual freedom and social limits. Learn more about our next film:
Royal River Books
Owned by Amy Beard ’92
BookstoreLocated in Yarmouth, Maine, discover new reads, inspire your little ones, and find one-of-a-kind gifts at our cozy neighborhood bookstore. Our shelves are stocked with the latest literature, including bestsellers and hidden gems. Plus, we offer a selection of locally made gifts and unique cards. Come and experience the magic of a small, community-oriented bookstore.We love to reconnect with fellow Batesies! Stop by and say hello or shop online!

Roy Swim
Owned by Liane FitzGerald ’12
Handmade Swimwear
Out of Chilmark, Mass, I create handmade, reversible, customizable swimsuits for women. My mission is to make swimwear that is comfortable, functional and flattering- to make women and girls feel amazing in their own skin.Check out my brand, follow me on social media, and refer your friends!

Samantha Rothberg Fitness
Owned by Samantha Rothberg ’13
Health and Wellness CoachingOperating out of Quogue, NY, Samantha Rothberg Fitness seeks to make strength training accessible to all populations, especially to women. Samantha helps clients wade through pseudo-science and the latest fads to lead to long term success. Her specialties include golf fitness, pre/postnatal, weight loss, and general strength and conditioning. Samantha takes a holistic approach towards fitness, nutrition, and recovery within her programming.Visit us online and sign up for a complimentary virtual fitness and nutrition assessment.
Word of mouth and referrals are always appreciated.

Sasha Lennon Pottery
Owned by Sasha Lennon ’16
Pottery / ArtsI make and sell handmade pottery from my home in Maine.Please consider purchasing my pottery on my website:

Saucon Source LLC
Owned by Josh Popichak ’99
Online news mediaSaucon Source publishes local news in the Hellertown area in east-central Pennsylvania. We are an independent, online media company that fills an important information gap for area residents in an increasingly fractured media marketplace. In addition to Hellertown, we cover a number of other smaller communities, including Fountain Hill, Coopersburg, Center Valley, Springtown and Kintnersville.Visit us online at, where you can sign up for our free newsletter to receive the latest headlines in your inbox every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

We also offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly voluntary memberships to individuals who are interested in supporting our mission to provide high-quality local news to the area. If you’re a podcast listener, subscribe to our weekly news and interview podcast, No Rain Date, on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and other popular apps.

Seaweed Co.
Owned by Kaspar Spurgeon-Heinrici ’01
Cannabis RetailWe believe in the power of cannabis to enhance well-being.Visit our local Maine business at:
23 Marginal Way #7
Portland, Maine
185 Running Hill Rd.
South Portland, Maine

On the web:

Seeka TV
Owned by George Reese ’91
Online Streaming PlatformSeeka TV is an online streaming platform that highlights short-form episodic content from independent filmmakers.Watch the shows at

Shelves Design
Owned by Devid Barn ’20
Decor, organization, artShelves are creative design elements which can be used to fill up empty wall spaces. Organizing a room to create a spacious place to hang out or stay in can be a challenge.Visit our website to learn more.

SK&S Law Group LLP
Owned by Christina Saunders ’06
Law FirmOperating out of Park City, Utah, SK&S Law Group is a small firm of well-recognized and highly experienced business lawyers focused on achieving clients’ objectives with creative and practical solutions. SK&S Law Group focuses on entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as their owners and managers, in all aspects of business organization, domestic and international business transactions, contracts, debt and equity financing, human resources law, real estate, corporate governance, intellectual property management, trademarks, and general business law.Visit us online at

Follow us on Facebook.

Hire us for any of your business or intellectual property legal needs.

SML Proofreading
Owned by Susan Lovett ’81
Editing, proofreading, and copyediting.Operating from Gloucester, Mass, SML Proofreading provides proofreading and light copyediting from menus and brochures to newsletters and manuscripts. Eagle eyes will find and fix your typos, misspellings, wrong words, and misplaced punctuation.*Visit website on Google:
*Visit Facebook page SML Proofreading and “like” page
*Hire SML Proofreading for your own editing needs or recommend to others
*Check out book Proof or Consequences! on Amazon

Special Circumstances Partners
Owned by John King ’88
Management consultingSolutions for companies who desire innovative, customized, and high-impact delivery on critical projects or programs.Visit us on line at:

Sports Etc.
Owned by Paul Stanton, Sr. ’85
Sporting GoodsSports Etc. is a family-owned and operated sporting goods retailer in Arlington, Mass. We specialize in hockey equipment and are widely considered the leading hockey retailer in New England.

Sports Etc.- “Where Everyone is Treated Like a Pro”
Write a google review online, or visit us online at for any purchases.


Steenburgh Auctioneers & Appraisors
Owned by Joshua Steenburgh ’94
Auctions and Estate AppraisalsLocated in Pike, New Hampshire

Auctions: Sales of fine antiques and collectibles throughout northern New England.

Appraisals: Knowledgeable and honest assessments with no strings attached.
Our services include professional appraisals of antiques, insurance appraisals, and appraisals and sales of estates and collections.

Visit our Facebook page for information about upcoming auctions.

To find us at antiques shows and exhibitions, visit

To see postings of interesting and artful objects available for sale, follow us on Instagram

Suite Dream Cruises LLC
Owned by Nancy Ploener ’77
Luxury Cruise AdvisorNancy Holmes Ploener is a Luxury Cruise Advisor with Suite Dream Cruises, LLC, an affiliate of Gifted Travel Network- a Virtuoso member agency. She works one-on-one with clients who want to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Her specialty is helping her clients see the world from the vantage of luxury cruising.Where Do You Want To Go Next?
We are happy to offer an exclusive invitation to try Virtuoso Wanderlist®
Request access by visiting us at

Swanky Shells Owned by Cameron Griffin ’15
Decorative Shells/ Home Accents/ Decor/ ArtSwanky Shells is a small business based out of Boston & Cape Cod, MA offering decorated shells & other accents for the home. What makes us different? Prints, Pricing, Personalization, & Profiles (read: Shapes. It’s the only synonym that began with a “P”)! Oh, and speaking of P’s, we’re also punny.Visit us online and use code BATESIE for 20% off any order!
Follow along on Instagram

Swiss Knife Shop, LLC
Owned by Heather Elmer ’97
eCommerce Knife ShopSwiss Knife Shop is the largest independent retailer of Victorinox Swiss Army Knives in the country. In addition to the complete US catalog of Swiss Army Knives, we also offer over 100 handle designs created in-house.

In addition to Swiss Army Knives, we also offer knives, multi-tools, and shaving gear from brands such as Leatherman, Buck, Boker, Wusthof, Shun, and more. Our expert engravers can add personalization to almost anything we stock – from names and dates to business logos.
Visit us online at to shop for gifts or outdoor gear, kitchen knives, and grooming gear for yourself.

Talent Match, Inc.
Owned by Allen Kendunga ’18
Skills/ Training/ Career CoachingThis is a social venture working to bridge the gap between knowledge acquired in schools and solving real-world problems. We do this by helping young adults from different college campuses and recent graduates in Rwanda get internships and jobs. We screen, recruit, train, and connect students with employers.

Mission: To provide skills training that will mould every Rwandan to be the best at what they do and to create a lifelong culture of learning.
The Bates community can support by following our work on line, linking us with funding opportunities and collaborating with us. Follow us on social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

Technical Inbound Marketing
Owned by Timothy Jones ’84
Digital Marketing AgencyYou can trust our digital professionals to develop and execute digital marketing strategies for small and medium-sized businesses. We help firms align their classical 4Ps business strategy with their online presence. SEO, search engine marketing, content development, email marketing, analytics, webdev – our certified team can develop a great forward-strategy.At TIMGroup LLC, we develop long-term digital marketing strategies to improve website ranking, establish trustworthiness, increase content relevance, and drive traffic.
Our team was trained by ThriveDX (formerly HackerU) and holds SEO, SMM, SEM, Content, E-Marketing certifications from Google, Hootsuite, HubSpot.
Let us know what TIMGroup LLC can do for you.

The Dogfather
Owned by David Merritt ’83
Canine Obedience TrainingOur mission is to build better relationships between dogs and their people through personal one-on-one training in the Greater Portland, Maine area.Like us on Facebook or visit us on the web:

The Oceanside Insurance Group
Owned by Peter Murray ’72
Property and small business insuranceTo provide quality appropriate insurance protection for your home, auto and small business in Massachusetts and Rhode Island at a reasonable price. Visit us on line at
The Word Is Change - Bookstore
The Word Is Change: Books, Used + New
Owned by Alexander Dwinell ’93
BookstoreThe Word Is Change is a neighborhood bookstore in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, selling used and new books, hosting readings and meetings, buying books for resale, and supporting visual artists. We are able to special order books, sell gift certificates, and arrange to have books shipped.I invite the Bates community to support my new bookstore by ordering books and gift cards online and in-person:

If you are in Brooklyn (or live nearby) I would love for you to visit the shop.

We also buy books (individually & libraries) so please keep us in mind if you are looking to sell books from your collection. And as many Batesies are also authors please get in touch about stocking your book or doing events to support your work.

Tossi Jewelry
Owned by Tossy Garrett ’01
Custom Sculptural JewelryOperating out of Northfield, VT, sculptural jewelry created by hand-carved models, cast in any precious metal. We use recycled metals and source sustainable gemstone options for engagement/wedding rings and personal intention necklaces.Please refer friends and relatives for a free consultation
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Trink Magazine
Owned by Paula Sidore ’94 & Valerie Kathawala ’93
Wine Media, digital publicationTRINK is the first and only English-language digital publication dedicated to the “German-speaking wines” of Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. On-the-ground reporting from world-class authors and journalists, narrative essays, interviews, bottle picks and food pairings, and outstanding photography get to the heart of these “umlaut wines.”Support can as always come in many forms, first and foremost, through a visit to our digitial publication. Please read and share the pieces that we and our authors have worked so hard to bring to life. Become a member, and encourage others to do so too. We also are very grateful for patronage at both a private and commercial level (visit the patron page from our website). Reviews are also always welcome, as well as active engagement on social media! All channels can be found on our website. And if you write about wine or drinks, please submit!

Two To Tango Ballroom Studio
Owned by John Blanchette ’87
Ballroom Dance InstructionOperation out of Lewiston, ME, our mission is to provide affordable instruction in Ballroom dancing – including group classes, wedding lessons and special events. Special packages available upon request.Visit our page to learn about the an opportunity for the LA Bates community members to take lessons at their own pace!
Unicorn Biotechnologies
Unicorn Biotechnologies Ltd
Owned by Jack Reid ’18
Startup – BiotechnologyUnicorn Biotechnologies is an early-stage, UK based biotech company. We are building better bioreactors to power the cell-based manufacturing revolution, starting with cultivated meat. By removing the biomanufacturing bottleneck preventing cultivated meat transitioning from the lab bench to supermarket shelves, our technology will create more just, safe, and sustainable food systems and drive the transition to animal-free agriculture.Follow us on LinkedIn
Or visit our website to learn more.

Upswing Strategies
Owned by Emma Sprague ’10
Training, Coaching and ConsultingOperating out of Washington, DC, Upswing Strategies trains good people with good ideas to deliver their message with impact. Our communications coaching is hyper-individualized, rooted in social science, and focused on making you feel confident in front of any audience. Our team has prepared CEOs, elected officials, activists, entrepreneurs, ambassadors, scientists, and best-selling authors for events ranging from television appearances to board meetings to TED talks.Come to us with your public speaking, virtual presentation, or media training needs!

Or point anyone our way who is looking to raise their communications game. We provide everything from virtual one-on-one coaching sessions to multi-day team training retreats. Learn more:

Urban Smokehouse
Owned by Andrew Buehler ’13
Ecommerce for BBQ / Food ServiceWe are a direct-to-consumer online BBQ business operating out of New York. Our goal is to make slow-cooked BBQ convenient for folks lacking time or equipment.

Check out our website for more info on me and the business:

Waterford Properties
Tom Chadbourne ’68
Land developmentWaterford Properties develops subdivisions in Western Maine and sells those lots to individuals who are looking for a country setting for their year-round or seasonal property. Our lots are on paved roads that end in cul de sacs to minimize traffic and noise. Each area is designed to be a cut above lots in the immediate area. Lots are private, but not isolated. Some lots ( are within 12 miles of Bates. Others ( are in the foothills of the White Mountains.Learn more:

Winderlea Vineyard and Winery
Owned by Bill Sweat ’79
WineryWinderlea is a boutique winery specializing in the limited production of Pinot noir and Chardonnay from Oregon. Our focus is on making small lots of Pinot noir and Chardonnay that show the best characteristics of each of our vineyards. Hand crafted with minimal intervention and the modest use of new French oak barrels, our food friendly wines are classic in style. Sustainability is our guiding ethos. In our vineyards and in our winemaking we are Demeter certified Biodynamic. As a business, Winderlea was the 4th winery in the world to become a certified B Corp, an organization based on the idea of, “People using business as a force for good.”As a small wine producer, most of our wine is sold direct-to-consumer. We invite you to visit our estate tasting room when you are in Oregon at 8905 NE Worden Hill Road in Dundee.

If you won’t be in Oregon in the near future you can visit us at

Women’s Health Associates, LLC
Owned by Laura Sundstrom ’99
Midwifery / Healthcare

Independent midwifery practice that cares for pregnant and birthing families and gynecological clients. New Haven CTLive in Connecticut? Come see us.
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Owned by Lana Vogestad ’00
Yoga and meditation platformTravel through atmospheric environments and soundscapes on as you bring your body and mind to optimal health, and nourish your soul. Empowering, transformational, and accessible. YNDI is an immersive experience where yoga, meditation, and art come to breathe. With uncompromising depth, international yoga teacher and visual artist, Lana Vogestad E-RYT 500, guides each practice with clear instruction— including modifications for the more challenging postures— to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. Reinforced by the cinematography and custom soundscapes, each yoga class and guided meditation is a multi-sensory journey to bliss.Help me grow subscribers on