Discover the many ways alumni and parents can stay connected and involved with Bates.

Alumni Council

Alumni Council The Alumni Council is the governing body of the Alumni Association and serves as the primary liaison between the Association and the Bates administration, faculty, and student body.

The Bates Fund Executive Commitee

The Bates Fund Executive Committee works closely with the Office of College Advancement and the Advancement Committee of the Board of Trustees to lead the college’s efforts to increase Bates Fund giving in both dollars and participation among alumni and parents.

Bates Alumni Mosaic

Bates Alumni MOSAIC– The Bates Alumni MOSAIC aims to build community among alumni of underrepresented racial, ethnic, LGBTQ+, and ally identities by hosting regional events and programs.

Bates Center for Purposeful Work

Bates Center for Purposeful Work – The Bates Center for Purposeful Work plays an active role in maintaining an expansive network of alumni who volunteer to share their opportunities and professional expertise with others who have similar interests.

Bates Outing Club

Bates Outing Club (BOC) – The Bates Outing Club has connected hundreds of people to the college in a unique way. The stories they tell, the careers they have followed, the enduring friendships they maintain, are all testimony to the importance the BOC has had in shaping their lives.

Bates Bridge

Bates Bridge is an online platform to foster student-to-alumni and alumni-to-alumni connections — regardless of where they are in the world or on their own path.

Bobcat Connection (Newsletter)

Bobcat Connection is a regular communication designed to help alumni stay connected with each other and with Bates, be informed and discover new ways to help the Bates community.

The Bobcat Digital Den

Through the Bobcat Digital Den we hope you can find new and meaningful ways to connect virtually with Bates and fellow Bobcats wherever you are.

Friends of Bates Athletics

Friends of Bates Athletics – The Friends of Bates Athletics is a group of alumni, parents, and friends who are passionately committed to supporting athletics at Bates.

Regional Networks

Regional Networks – The Bates Business and Regional Networks support dynamic programming for Bates alumni and parents across the country at a location near you!

Social Media

Social Media – The Bates College Alumni social media pages provide additional college and alumni news, as well as, alumni highlights. In addition to special regional and campus events.

The College Key

The College Key The College Key, Bates’ alumni honor society, provides student aid, recognizes outstanding students and faculty, supports academics, student life, and campus improvements, encourages and recognizes student academic and extracurricular achievement, and contributes to the general welfare of the college.