Bates Alumni Community On Social Media

Like, follow, share and connect with fellow Bates alumni, parents, students and friends! It’s a place where it’s always “a Great Day to be a Bobcat!”

The following are Bates Alumni administered accounts but many more Bates affinity groups can also be found interacting on social media.

Please note: as of November 1, 2023, the Bates Bridge social networking platform is no longer active. Please explore the many Bates Alumni channels for opportunities to connect.




Bates Alumni Social Media Policies

Our Bates Alumni social media channels—Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—are a space to share information about Bates and Bates alumni, and to help our alumni remain connected to campus and each other. We post alumni news, notices of events, and coverage of celebrations like Reunion, Back to Bates, and Great Day to be a Bobcat.

There are a number of ways alumni can be involved in our social media channels:

  • Liking, sharing, and commenting on our content.
  • Submitting their own content in regular features like #LifeOutsideTheDen, #BumpedIntoABatesie or tagging us in your post.
  • Taking part in quizzes, contests, and other campaigns.

Our policy on sharing third-party fundraising appeals

We do not share third-party fundraising appeals in our communications, and that includes our social channels. Our office is not in a position to assist or choose among the broad range of requests shared with us.

Code of Conduct

We ask that you be respectful. Please do not publish material that is obscene, racist, sexist, pornographic, sexually exploitative, or in any other way discriminatory, threatening or harassing, personally offensive, defamatory, or illegal. 

Please use our social media platforms to build relationships and share insights. By all means, engage in healthy debate – but always respect the views of others, especially on topics of race, religion, politics, and gender.

Additional options for reaching Bates alumni

There are many Bates-related social media groups — organized by class year, field of study, and extracurricular activities — the majority of which operate independently of Bates and have their own policies determining types of acceptable content. These can be effective options for connecting with Bates alumni.