Bates Outing Club (BOC)

Advancing to 100 in 2020!

Since its founding in 1920, the Bates Outing Club has been a major student organization at the college. It is among the oldest collegiate outing clubs in the country and the first at a private college to include both men and women from the beginning.

Being active in the Bates Outing Club has connected hundreds of people to the college in a unique way. The stories they tell, the careers they have followed, the enduring friendships they maintain, are all testimony to the importance the BOC has had in shaping their lives. The upcoming 100th anniversary of the Bates Outing Club will give us a chance to celebrate the past, recognize and reinforce connections and build a foundation of lasting interconnectedness for the future. Stay tuned every spring for annual Reunion Weekend BOC Outings!

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