2021 Student Inductees

On May 16, 2021, The College Key held a virtual Student Induction Ceremony via Zoom, where they inducted 27 students from the Class of 2021.

Video length: 25 minutes

You may also view a list of members of the Class of 2021 who were inducted to the College Key on May 16, 2021.

Andrea Aguilera ’21 | Philosophy and Psychology

“..hard-working, fair-minded, empathetic, and contributes positively to the experiences of her residents and student colleagues. Andrea is also a gifted student with eclectic academic interests and fulfills other important roles in the Bates Community. As a steward of the community and a lover of learning.”

David Akinyemi ’21 | Physics

“David has been a wonderful leader and positive influence on the Bates community from his first moments on campus. As a four-year member of the Men’s Varsity Basketball Team, he has earned the respect of his teammates through his constant support, encouragement, and respect for their efforts as athletes and students.”

Imani Boggan ’21 | Economics and Sociology

“…one of Imani’s greatest strengths is her collaborative leadership style…. Imani truly uplifts members of her team through finding value in each team members’ contributions. She often bridged gaps and differences between the other coordinators…”

Joan Buse ’21 | History, Spanish and Religious Studies

“…one of our most thoughtful and inclusive Hearth Coordinators she continually created spaces for community building and reflection, even when abroad and studying remotely.”

Layla Dozier ’21 | Sociology, Rhetoric and African American Studies

As she has done at Bates, Layla is certain to leave a positive mark on the wider world. Her personality — grounded in empathy and critical consciousness — draw people to her and enable her to share a vision for progress and equity that others can believe in.”

Phoebe Hyland ’21 | Biology

“She has worked to elevate BEMS on campus and move the service to use lens of equity in all we do…worked to ensure that BEMS could operate this year – even in Covid…stepped in to support the testing Center and Bates Health Services when we desperately needed help. She embodies the principles of service and works to support many Bates endeavours.”

Amelia Keleher ’21 | American Cultural Studies and Anthropology

“Amelia truly embodies the College’s belief in the transformative power of our differences…Her academic focus on food equity and her recent work as a Managing Editor of the Bates Student exemplify her commitment to social justice, education, and equity — commitments which are sure to make her a responsible citizen of the wider world..”

Trisha Kibugi ’21 | Biochemistry, Gender and Sexual Studies

“Trisha is an exceptional young adult whose involvement on campus is far-reaching and profound… Empathy, support, and service to peers are leading aspects of all the work that Trisha does…”

So Kim ’21 | Psychology

“So has been a positive driving force for my two years while at Bates…always positive, gave everything that she could, and was a great leader for us…She’s also an outstanding student~ thoughtful and thought-filled, actively engaged in the classroom and beyond”

Ben Klafter ’21 | Philosophy and Spanish

“… a caring and outstanding PWSA…his senior honors thesis, on systemic racism, anti-racism, and the legal duties of prosecutors and judges, and it is one of the four best that I have advised over the past 35 years”

Nicole Kumbula ’21 | Chemistry and Geology

“…an intensely loyal and connected member of her residential communities, supporting and engaging her peers, and fostering authentic connections with a unique lens for the kinds of diversity that can make transitioning to college a little extra challenging…Nicole is very intentionally and actively part of a global community; and, all those in her orbit benefit from her critical thought and commitment to equity.”

Michael Lombardi ’21| Japanese

“He attends many of our co-curricular events, reaching out warmly to other students and always having kind words for classmates and others..he is always engaging with other students in the kindest ways, including reaching out to those who are not always socially involved…He was extremely reliable, cheerful, thoughtful, and empathetic.”

Anna Maheu ’21 | Religious Studies

“…she has incorporated her concern for social justice and environmental justice into her work in classes and her honors thesis…I have been in awe of her concern for and work in the Lewiston community, where she actively advocates for food justice.”

Hannah McKenzie ’21 | Anthropology and French

“…a quiet and persistent leadership style that has proven to be highly effective on-campus and in the local community. The key to the excellence she brings to all of her endeavors is attentiveness and an uncanny ability to ask precise questions at perfect moments…sets the standard for community-engaged work that is deeply committed, thoroughly self-aware and collaborative…”

Fabian Miemietz ’21 | Politics, Asian Studies and Religious Studies

“..an inclusive leader, spectacular organizer, and real steward of activist self care on campus…He has always centered himself in the role of caretaker of the activists and student leaders on campus with his quiet leadership, helpful organization, and natural warmth.”

Andrew Murdock ’21 | Biochemistry

“…co-leader for Club Med and the Public Health Initiative… contributed extensively to the Bates and surrounding communities not only as a leader but as individual contributor…  always willing to help… with a sense of community and giving that really stands out”

Catherine Nzuki ’21 | Politics and Philosophy

“..has approached each of her engagements on campus with intentionality. She gives herself fully to any project she undertakes. A dedicated member of the ARC staff as well as FEMCo, Catherine is committed to helping others and to making Bates a place where many students can be successful. ”

Travis Palmer ’21 | Sociology

“…has been enormously effective as an elected official,helping to bring the group together to make decisions – listening respectfully, understanding that trust is the foundation for groups being able to move forward…On his own he has helped establish programs to raise the aspirations of young people in rural Maine and has provided great leadership as a member of the student Carignan Grants Committee, helping his cohorts to find consensus in their decision making.”

Vanessa Paolella ’21 | Geology, Asian Studies, and Chemistry

“…is wise beyond her years, a steadying force and exemplifies the ideals of Bates. She is thoughtful, ambitious, kind…and her scholarly work in her major field of study ….makes me think she could have a great career as an environmental journalist,”

Genesis Paulino ’21 | Sociology

“…she has juggled her studies, track and field commitments, her on campus jobs and her volunteer work on campus and off with amazing grace and good humor…No matter what the situation, she always has a smile on her face and is ready to work hard… Genesis is warm and empathetic, brave and willing to try new things, open-minded and a good listener, humble, and always dedicated to her work.”

Ian Robertson’21 | Math, Music and Physics

“…a founding member of the Peer Health Educators, a member of the acapella group the Deansmen, a math tutor, and an independent musician, producing a full-length album while balancing the academic demands of a double major. Beyond his extracurriculars, Ian is an intentional and thoughtful person who strives to do good and to care for others.”

Mamta Saraogi ’21 | English and Philosophy

“… as a freshman wanting to create inclusive meditation spaces for over-committed and stressed students on campus; from that moment on I have been in awe of her big heart and ability to show compassion for others (even when she, too, is over-committed and stressed).”

Jillian Serrano ’21 | Biology

“…co-leader for Club Med and the Public Health Initiative… contributed extensively to the Bates and surrounding communities not only as a leader but as individual contributors… She has also maintained a strong relationship over the years with her “foster grandmother,” a woman she met while volunteering at Lewiston Housing Authority’s Meadowview Apartments.”

Ahimy Soto-Garcia ’21 | Psychology

“…a very conscientious student and engaged citizen… Ahimy is one of those inspiring students who overcame many obstacles to be at Bates and then brought all of who she is into every space and thrived. Ahimy is incredibly loving, self-aware, and diligent in her work…Every time I come across a professor who knows Ahimy from the classroom, they light up… Through her quiet leadership and authentic commitments, Ahimy has added so much to this campus.”

Matt Suslovic ’21 | History and Education

“…What stands out when I think about Matt is his ceaseless curiosity. He delights in finding out as much as he can about the people who happen along his way and he savors the fleeting intensity of experience. He refers to himself as a “pathological optimist”, and his penchant for seeing the best in others and making so much lemonade brings life and joy to others.”

Aidan Temperino ’21 | Politics and Sociology

“…the most exceptional thing about Aidan is the way he approaches and invests in relationships. He brings a unique blend of professionalism, empathy, and critical consciousness to all of his roles on campus.”

Anah Witt ’21 | Sociology and Spanish

“I have rarely meet a student who worked harder or with less need for fanfare than Anah..she really came into her own in work related to helping prisoners re-enter society with dignity. Recently, during COVID, she worked with the Maine Prisoner Re-Entry Network to develop an informational series called Squashing Stigma. I know that her partners in the local community miss her almost as much as I do.”