Three Keys to Crushing Compensation

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Alumni Professional Development Webinar Program

How great would it be if you could walk into any compensation negotiation feeling confident and walk away satisfied that you had the best possible outcome? In this presentation, Susan Borke will teach you three elements that you can use to improve your compensation negotiations for yourself or with your employees. You can also use these concepts in negotiations with clients, contractors, vendors, and even friends or family.

Session participants will:
· Learn and adopt a strategic negotiating mindset
· Implement a strategy for being Negotiation ready
· Experience a deeper dive on three fundamentals of effective Research

About the Presenter:

Susan Borke

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” Susan first used this simple principle as a financially-strapped college student who needed to find a way to get course credit for an unpaid internship, without paying tuition. It was one of her first successful negotiations and helped to spark her passion for teaching this strategy, and other effective negotiating techniques, to business people of every level.

The Principal of BorkeWorks, Susan is passionate about helping people develop as effective negotiators. She believes no one is born a master negotiator; great negotiation skills come from a combination of knowledge, training, and practice. Her years of experience at CBS and National Geographic provided extensive opportunities to hone the negotiation techniques she has been teaching to business professionals for over 30 years.

With a background in legal and financial administration, she understands the needs of C-level executives and their employees at domestic and international commercial companies, educational institutions, start-ups, and nonprofits.

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