CRC Brown Bag Series: Fall 2019

Perspectives on the Carnegie Active Learning Classrooms
Mara Tieken, Susan Stark, Meredith Greer and Francis Eanes
Monday, October 28, 2019: Noon – 1:00 (Carnegie 225)

Please join us for a discussion on the use of Carnegie’s active learning classrooms. Faculty colleagues from across the disciplines will share their experiences and perspectives on teaching in these purpose built spaces.  One of the goals of the session is to try to gauge how making similar spaces more widely available on campus would encourage multiple or unpredictable uses that promote teaching and learning.

Viz Lab Open House
Tuesday, October 22: Noon – 1:00 (Coram Library)

To introduce you to our newest academic computing center and the staff who support it, ILS is hosting an Open House. We’ll demonstrate the room-scale tracking technology in the XR lab that allows users to move in virtual 3D space; staff and faculty will share some recent examples of the curricular uses of 3D printing and 3D modeling; and we’ll be on hand to consult should you have an interest in exploring virtual or augmented reality in your teaching.


Coram 102: XR Studio
Homelessness VR: Immersive virtual reality experience of homelessness from Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab

Nefertari VR: Interactive VR that allows you to immerse yourself in Nefertari’s tomb.

Chemistry 217: Organic Chemistry (Sam Krerowicz). VR reactions when sets of molecules are superimposed (created using Nanome VR software)

Coram 103 A & C: 3D Printing Studios
Biology-217: Anatomy and Physiology (Bruno Salazar-Perea). 3D printing of anatomically correct human body parts or organs

CMS-HI-101: Introduction to the Ancient World (Tom Sapsford). AR transliteration of
Greek script (Zappar AR software)

Coram Foyer
Bauhaus Chess Set. Part of Bauhaus @ Bates (Jakub Kazecki): Thursday and Friday, October 24-25.

Coram 109
Left Behind: A Virtual Reality Film by Wendy Calhoun. Part of Project Empathy,
a collection of virtual reality experiences that help us see the world through the eyes of
another (Oculis Go)

Structure 3D Scanner: captures 3D models of objects and people by simply walking around them using an iPad