2019 Benefits and Annual Enrollment

The 2019 Annual Benefits Enrollment period to make new elections begins on Monday, November 5th and concludes at midnight on Tuesday, November 20th.

See the 2019 Benefits Guidebook for an overview of your 2019 benefit plan options.  A listing of meetings and resources is available for review to assist you in making your selections.  You may also check with your manager to see if they will be hosting an annual enrollment overview session at a departmental meeting.

If you cannot make one of the Annual Enrollment Meetings you may view a recording of a meeting here.

2019 Annual Benefits Enrollment Highlights:

Medical Plans
•PPO/ACO/HSA medical plans prescription drug coverage is changing

– Coverage for some drugs where there is a lower cost alternative will be discontinued. However, if your doctor shows there is  medical necessity for continuing on an excluded drug coverage may continue with an override
– Some drugs will switch from Tier 2 to Tier 3 coverage and vice versa
– Please look for information from Aetna if you are currently taking a drug that will be discontinued.  You can also the listing of covered and non-covered drugs

•PPO/ACO – The emergency room co-payment has increased from $100 to $125
•PPO/ACO – Teledoc visits will be paid at 100% (still maximum charge of $40 for the HSA plan)
•PPO/ACO – Payroll contributions will increase by 2.5%
•PPO – In-network deductible will increase from $1,000 individual/$2,000 family to $1,250 individual/$2,500 family.  Out-of-network deductibles will increase accordingly.  Total out-of-pocket limits are unchanged.
•HSA – No change in contributions.  Maximum Health Savings Account contributions increase to $3,500 individual/$7,000 dependent level coverage (includes Bates contributions)

Dental Plans
•No changes to plan designs
•Premiums increase by 6% for the Standard Plan
•You continue to pay the difference between the Standard and the Premium Plan

Vision Plan
•No change in plan design or payroll contributions

Hospital Indemnity Plan
•No change in plan design or contributions
•Automatically included at no additional cost for those enrolled in the HSA plan
•All other employees may purchase this benefit through payroll contributions

Life, AD&D and Disability 
•No change in plan design or contributions (unless you or your spouse/partner change age brackets for supplemental coverage
•If you wish to change coverage you must contact Human Resources

Electronic Document Submission
The following annual enrollment documents can be completed during the annual enrollment process and will be automatically submitted to Human Resources.  If applying for the Health Insurance Contribution Credit or a higher Dependent Care Subsidy you can also choose to attach your tax return through this secure docusign connection.
Health Insurance Contribution Credit Form
Dependent Care Subsidy Form
Enrollment/Coverage Change Form
Health Savings Account Payroll Deduction Election Form

 Health Advocate: The decision of whether the Aetna PPO Plan, Aetna Whole Health (ACO) Plan or the Aetna Consumer Choice (HSA) Plan is a better fit for you is an important one. We recognize that everyone has a different set of circumstances and we want to give you the resources you need to make an informed choice. A personal Health Advocate can help guide you through the 2019 plan options.

The Health Insurance Contribution Credit (HICC) is available for coverage under the PPO or the ACO in 2019. The HICC is not available if you choose the Aetna Consumer Choice (HSA) Plan.