Breastfeeding Friendly Campus

Bates College is pleased to be a breastfeeding friendly campus.  We provide clean, private lactation space for your convenience upon your return to work.  The following outlines your responsibilities in using the provided lactation rooms.

The successful operation of the lactation rooms depends on the voluntary efforts of the users. Each mother is responsible for cleaning her own supplies and for overall maintenance of the room. Please follow these steps to keep the room clean and to coordinate your access with room coordinator, Jess Smith, Human Resources (x8226).

  • Schedule an appointment with the room coordinator prior to your maternity leave.  We will discuss appropriate accommodation and answer any questions you may have about breastfeeding on campus.
  • Please visit the access control office to pick up your key to the lactation room upon your return to work.
  • Reserve your time on the schedule if necessary, observe the schedule as posted and keep your own schedule up-to-date.  You will receive a link to the scheduling calendar(s) via email.
  • When using the room, please indicate that the room is in use by using the white board on the external door.
  • Use a chemical sanitizer (provided) to disinfect the table and other used surfaces before and after pumping.
  • Speak to the room coordinator when supplies (trash bags, disinfectant wipes, tissues) are running low, and alert the coordinator to any concerns (cleaning or maintenance issues, or difficulty scheduling).
  • Access the lactation room only for the purposes of expressing breast milk (average time is 20-30 minutes).  Some employees are authorized access for the sole purpose of breast milk and supplies storage.
  • Keep your supplies in bag(s) and make sure they are labeled.  Please label any and all containers in the refrigerator as well.
  • Leave the room clean and ready for use by the next mother.
  • Be sure to leave the door locked and turn the lights off when you are done.

Reserving Space in a Lactation Room
Please be sure to be logged into your Bates email account prior to clicking on one of the links below to schedule your time(s) to use a lactation room.

Lane Hall, Room G001

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Jess Smith
Lactation Room Coordinator
Director of Environmental Health and Safety