Medicare Part D – Notice of Creditable Coverage

As you may recall Medicare Part D prescription Drug Coverage became effective in 2006.

The first enrollment period for Medicare Part D began November 15, 2005 and ended May 15, 2006.  In subsequent years individuals can enroll in a Medicare prescription drug plan when they enroll first for Medicare and now beginning in 2011 from October 15th through December 7th.  You may have heard that if you do not sign up for Medicare Part D when you are first eligible that you would have to pay more for it in the future.  This is true with one exception as explained below.

If you are currently participating in the Bates College POS or HMO Medical Plan, the prescription drug coverage provided under the plans is at least as good as what is offered under Medicare Part D.  Medicare calls this “Creditable Coverage”.  As long as you are covered under a plan that has “Creditable Coverage” then you will not be penalized for enrolling at a later date as long as you enroll in Medicare Part D within 63 days of no longer having “Creditable Coverage”.

You will need to keep a copy of the Certificate of Creditable Coverage for each year you do not choose Medicare Part D after first becoming eligible for the plan.

Below you will find a notice to plan participants, quick facts about Medicare Part D, information on the Bates Medical Plan prescription Drug Coverage through our medical carrier and Notices of Creditable Coverage.

If you have questions please contact Ken Emerson at x8271.

Notice to participants