The 2021 Alumni Holiday Gift Guide

We are excited to introduce the Bates Alumni Holiday Gift Guide!

Peruse this gift guide featuring alumni-owned businesses, products, and services to find the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones.

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Argus Art Studio
Argus Art Studio

Watercolor artist

Katy VanNostrand ’05

LOCATION: Carbondale, CO | SHIPPING: Yes

Order Online | CONTACT:, (303) 960-6333

I am a self-taught watercolor artist inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Colorado and the Mountain West. I sell watercolor cards, prints, and originals online and in local shops.

Avi Farber Art and Design
Avi Farber Art and Design

Contemporary Ceramics and Photography

Avi Farber ’11


Order Online | CONTACT:, (505) 660-3602

I make contemporary functional ceramics with wild clays that bring the raw beauty of landscapes to your kitchen table

As a ceramic artist, designer, and photographer, I work across mediums to explore our relationships with the land, our changing climate, and alternative modes of production. I aim to make meaningful things that you will want to hold onto. Your favorite coffee mug or whiskey cup, or a landscape photo printed on metal for your wall.

Brandy Gibbs-Riley Design Studios

Retail/Textiles and Home Decor

Brandy Gibbs-Riley ’96


Order Online | CONTACT:, (781) 789-2638

Brandy Gibbs-Riley is a Boston-based artist and designer. Her collection of custom, made-to-order décor, accessories, and textiles is based on her original abstract paintings, mixed media collages, and geometric compositions. Her unique patterns are designed by hand then digitally adapted for print. Process-driven, she layers paint, ink, paper, and acetate to create the illusion of shallow depth, transparency, shadow, and light. Melding traditional fine art practices with experimental techniques, she creates unique and artful accessories for the home and person.

Brandy also strives to manufacture sustainably. Making items upon order is a low-waste process. Since every product is made for an individual customer, the studio does not mass produce, hold inventory or warehouse overstock. Fulfillment takes a bit longer than ordering from big online retailers or box stores, but good things take time! Quality is also extremely important to Brandy. For items that do not meet quality standards, they are recycled, repurposed, or donated to charity. To reduce the carbon footprint left by shipping, everything is manufactured as local to the Boston area as possible, including the United States and eastern Canada. Objects are shipped in a minimal amount of packaging and pillow covers are sold without inserts to reduce bulk. Larger items, such as framed art prints, are drop-shipped from the manufacturer to help minimize time spent in transit.

Draw Perlmutter

Art and Illustration

Drew Perlmutter ’18


Order Online | CONTACT:

I create hygge nature-inspired art to cultivate joy.

Ellie + Art
Ellie + Art


Elizabeth (Ellie) Kreischer ’03

LOCATION: Pittsfield, MA | SHIPPING: Yes

Order Online | CONTACT:, (413) 770-4889

In 2016, I traveled to Sweden to research the artist, Hilma af Klint. I wanted to know what inspired her to work abstractly and what inspires abstract women artists in Sweden today. From my research in Stockholm, I began to shift my own practice to focus entirely on meditation and working intuitively. During my visit, I connected with Hilma’s relative, Ulrika, and my research took an unexpected turn. Ulrika encouraged me to connect with their family medium. My conversations with the medium included instructions from Hilma about improving my practice and how to connect better to my inner voice. My experience and research have brought me new confidence and freedom that I have applied directly to my art-making.

Emily Buchanan
Emily Buchanan

Artist/Landscape on oil

Emily Buchanan ’89


Order Online | CONTACT:, (917) 225-5548

Buchanan did the painting for the official 2014 White House Holiday card, and Architectural Digest called it “exquisitely rendered.” Main Street magazine said that “she is one of those rare breed of artists who truly speak in a visual language taken directly from life.”

Jenny Bova Design
Jenny Bova Design

Artist & Designer

Jenny Ruma Bova ’91


Order Online | CONTACT:, (614) 430-9805

Jenny is an artist & surface pattern designer whose primary medium is watercolor. Her work has a hand-made touch and a sophisticated vibe. In addition to licensing her designs, Jenny has a small line of products online. An annual favorite is her Desk Calendar. Each month features a different design and fits neatly into a standard 5×7 frame.

Joanie Oates Art


Joanie Oates ’17


Order Online | CONTACT:, (704) 773-5391

I started Joanie Oates Art in 2020 to bring a little more light into the world and to chase my lifelong goal of being a professional artist. My mixed media, abstract paintings explore themes of nature, color relationships, and mood. I have an obsession with color, shape, and texture and that clearly shows in my work. I love that my art can bring others joy. My dreams are truly coming true with Joanie Oates Art.

Moments in Nature Photography
Moments in Nature Photography


Barbara Peskin ’86


Order Online | CONTACT:, (781) 259-0770

Nature photography is available as coasters, prints, cards, and calendars.

Nattyworks Art
Nattyworks Art

Original and handmade clothing, art, books, and accessories

Corey Harris ’91

LOCATION: Charlottesville, VA | SHIPPING: Yes

Order Online | CONTACT:, (540) 870-3618

We exist to pay homage to the music and lives of the greatest traditional bluesmen and women of the twentieth century. Our mission is to spread awareness about Black roots music.

Rock & Fern

Nature Inspired Photography & Pressed Flowers

Lindsay MacMillan ’01


Order Online | CONTACT:, (207) 890-5290

Nature is full of treasures. I am constantly in awe of all the minute and beautiful details. Rock & Fern grew from my desire to document and learn about the world around us. I offer prints, cards, stickers, and other items featuring my original photography. Each photograph is an attempt to see and learn about the local environment while highlighting some of the items that people might miss when they look at the larger picture. My hope is that my photos remind people to slow down and appreciate the beauty around us, no matter how small. In an effort to save what I have gathered, I also press flowers and create small and large pressed flower pieces so that the blooms can be enjoyed year-round. Custom wedding flower preservation is available.

Salt & Wool
Salt & Wool


Jorie Ohlson ’10


Order Online | CONTACT:, (603) 986-5812

Built on our belief in the talents and traditions of salt of the Earth Mainers, we have set out to make a quality knitted hat that supports our local economy while providing a functional and fashionable piece for folks near and far. A passion project between friends and family, we build each hat by hand using materials exclusively from Maine.

Our hats are made from an 80% Alpaca and 20% Coopworth wool blend born and raised in Aroostook County. The fiber is washed, spun, and finished by Aroostook Fiber Works in Ashland, ME. We source pelts from Greenville, ME and handcraft our pompoms from them. We recycle leather from Maine Leather Co. in Portland, ME to cut and brand our labels by hand.

Sasha Lennon Pottery
Sasha Lennon Pottery


Sasha Lennon ’16


Order Online | CONTACT:, (207) 776-8027

I am Sasha, the creator of Sasha Lennon Pottery. Each piece is handmade from start to finish by me: from clay on the wheel to firing in the kiln to every dot or line on the surface. As a result, each piece is one of a kind. Natural variations between pots is part of what makes them so fun to use. I hope you find as much joy in using my pottery as I do in making them!

Susannah Bothe Photography


Susannah Bothe ’97


Order Online | CONTACT:, (415) 948-4832

Susannah Bothe is a published portrait and lifestyle photographer based on the North Shore of Boston. Her signature style is dramatic light and emotive portraiture. She also dabbles in fine art photography, capturing landscapes and details.

The Amulet Fairy
The Amulet Fairy

Art and Retail

Samantha Frank ’13


Order Online | CONTACT:, (646) 549-5763

The Amulet Fairy is a wellness-lifestyle brand committed to educating both our local and global community about nature’s medicine; supporting balanced and holistic lifestyles beneficial to our planet. Services that we provide are wellness events and workshops and the sale of wellness products.

Ethnomedicine is at the basis of our company as we take into account the importance of understanding diverse cultural healthcare beliefs when treating individuals of different ethnic backgrounds. The Amulet Fairy self-care room is located in Brooklyn Commons and serves as a space for community and Black creators to display their art and products used for wellness and healing.

The key sectors that Amulet Fairy focuses on are personal care, beauty, workplace wellness, and preventative medicine. We provide a variety of candles, soaps, botanicals, herbs, and crystals; both restorative and decorative; combining Caribbean healing traditions passed down to me from my family in Carriacou, Grenada.

Toddy Pond Designs, LLC
Toddy Pond Designs, LLC

Abstract Art

Gretchen Warsen ’96


Order Online | CONTACT:, (978) 692-9831

My paintings focus on finding beauty and connection. I make large-scale abstract paintings that are a mix of gestural, hand-drawn lines, washes, and opaque and translucent color layers of water-based paint—acrylic, gouache, watercolor and ink on Yupo paper, canvas or wood panels.



A novel

Christina Chiu ’91


Order anywhere books are sold | WEBSITE:


In the novel Beauty, protagonist Amy Wong is an up-and-coming designer in the New York fashion industry — she is young, beautiful, and has it all. But she finds herself at odds with rival designers in a world rife with chauvinism and prejudice. In her personal life, she struggles with marriage and motherhood, finding that her choices often fall short of her traditional family’s expectations. Derailed again and again, Amy must confront her own limitations to succeed as the designer and person she wants to be.

Fast–paced and sexy, the backdrop of Beauty offers a peek into a Project Runway-lifestyle as we follow Amy’s journey of defiance, ambition, and self-discovery.

First Course
First Course

A novel

Jenn Bouchard ’99


Order anywhere books are sold | WEBSITE:


My debut novel FIRST COURSE was published in 2021. It has won multiple awards and is set in coastal Maine.

Go by Boat

A memoir

Dr. Chuck Radis ’75

LOCATION: Peaks Island, ME | SHIPPING: Yes

Order anywhere books are sold | WEBSITE:


Doc Martin meets All Creatures Great and Small sets the tone for this uniquely American true tale about an island physician off the coast of Maine. Go by Boat is a respite from contemporary living, immersing the reader in the distinct cultures of four Maine Island communities, Peaks, Chebeague, Long, and Cliff Islands.

My Modena: A Year of Fear, Laughter, and Exhilaration in Italy


Andrea Gelfuso ’83


ORDER: Amazon or Barnes & Noble | CONTACT:

I spent a hilariously confusing year with my husband and kids in Italy, a country that institutionalized anarchy, in a city with so many churches it was like God’s attic, in an apartment that was like camping, with tile.

If you need a laugh, read “Fabio On the Balcony” about my heart-stoppingly gorgeous neighbor. Or “Rescue Me” about how we needed Italian firefighters in their bucket truck to get us back into our 7th-floor apartment.

Come with me to My Modena – I hope my stories make you laugh! My book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

The Brothers Grim: The Films of Ethan and Joel Coen
The Brothers Grim: The Films of Ethan and Joel Coen


Erica Rowell ’87


ORDER: Where books are sold | CONTACT:

“The Brothers Grim” examines the inner workings of the Coens’ body of work and exposes its roots and themes.

Proof or Consequences! A Humorous Look at Typos, Misspellings, Wrong Words, and Misplaced Punctuation


Susan Lovett ’81

LOCATION: Gloucester, MA | SHIPPING: Yes


I do proofreading/light copyediting of manuscripts, brochures, ads, whatever needs it. Over the years (about 40) I have accumulated LOTS of newspaper clippings with errors as described in the title above. While the clippings alone are really funny, I have also added witty comments and had many of them illustrated by a young art student. While this book may not convince you that YOU need a proofreader, it WILL make you laugh at the mistakes made by others.

What is Up in Space?
What is Up in Space?


David Bullock ’97

LOCATION: Bronx, New York | SHIPPING: Yes


Take an adventure above Earth and amongst the stars to find out some of the things that are up in space! A great book for reading alone, or even with a friend. Use this book as a reference to find more information about space after reading it.

Witches and Warlocks of Massachusetts


Peter Muise ’89

LOCATION: Brookline, MA | SHIPPING: Yes | WEBSITE: linktree/petermuise

ORDER: Where books are sold | CONTACT:

Witches and Warlocks of Massachusetts is a collection of legends and historical accounts about witches and warlocks from the Bay State. Organized by region, city, and town, the book’s dozens of stories include the earliest Puritan accounts of 17th-century witches, urban legends about desolate locations haunted by ghostly witch hunt victims, tales of Cape Cod sailors battling witches, and other stories of sinister (and sometimes sympathetic) spellcasters.

Massachusetts has a rich history of witchcraft that spans nearly four centuries. Most people are aware of the Salem witch trials but fewer know about the Dogtown witches, the Pepperell farmer who hired a hypnotist to save his bewitched daughter, or Half-Hanged Mary, the witch who died twice and inspired The Handmaid’s Tale. These stories are known locally in the towns where they occurred but have never been collected into one book before.

Food & Beverage

Ben and Pat's Sauce Co.
Ben and Pat’s Sauce Co.

Food/Spicy Banana Pepper Sauce

Ben Thayer ’09


Order Online | CONTACT:, (207) 939-6292

Our Banana Pepper Sauce (BPS) was created by two friends who ate ungodly amounts of banana pepper and bacon pizza (great combo BTW). One day our brains wondered, “Is there a banana pepper sauce to slather onto this pizza?” To our surprise, the answer was no. So, we decided to experiment and make a banana pepper sauce.

After many test batches, we decided it was time to give the world some banana pepper sauce with our Spicy Original Banana Pepper Sauce as our initial product.

Our mission is to create great-tasting banana pepper condiments using simple ingredients. We want to showcase the natural flavor of the pepper while making balanced products. We do our best to support American farmers and businesses, and we’re proud to source our peppers and manufacture our products in the United States. We support the Folds of Honor Foundation, which provides educational scholarships to the families of America’s fallen and disabled service members.



Alexander Krause ’91


Order Online | CONTACT:, (831) 425-4811

Alex Krause and John Locke founded Birichino in Santa Cruz in 2008. Drawing on a combined four decades making wine in California, France, Italy, and beyond, they are focused on attaining the perfect balance of perfume, poise, and puckishness. Sourcing from a number of carefully farmed, family-owned, own-rooted 19th and early 20th century vineyards (and a few from the late disco era) planted by and large in more moderate, marine-influenced climates, their preoccupation is to safeguard the quality and vibrance of their raw materials. Their preference is for minimal intervention, most often favoring native fermentations, employing stainless or neutral barrels, minimal racking and fining, and avoiding filtration altogether when possible. But most critically, their aim is to make delicious wines that give pleasure, revitalize, and revive.

Blue Ledge Farm

Food and Beverage/Dairy Product

Hannah Sessions ’99
Greg Bernhardt ’99


Order Online | CONTACT:, (802) 247-0095

Established in 2000, we are a first-generation, family-owned, and operated goat dairy and cheese-making operation. Our mission is to create a high-quality product built on the cornerstones of respect for consumers, land, and animals as well as our local community (all great values we learned at Bates!). With our dedicated team, we produce a full line of award-winning artisan goat and cow’s milk cheeses from our farm in Vermont.

Magnify Brewing Company
Magnify Brewing Company


Eric Ruta ’14


CONTACT:, (201) 962-5792

You can purchase our beer in Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and of course across NJ. You can also visit our brewery and taproom in Fairfield, NJ.

Sunora Bacanora
Sunora Bacanora


Dean Jacoby ’93

LOCATION: Dana Point, CA | SHIPPING: Limited

Order Online | CONTACT:, (949) 842-4145

Mexico has a holy trinity of distilled agave spirits. Tequila, Mezcal, and Bacanora. But no one has heard of the third member. Why not? Because it was outlawed for almost 100 years and Sunora Bacanora is the first brand to bring it back to America.

Distilled from Agave Pacifica grown in government demarcated areas of the state of Sonora (just south of Arizona), bacanora is smokier than tequila but smoother than mescal. If you don’t like straight agave spirits try our award-winning cream products, perfect as an eggnog or Bailey’s replacement for the holidays.

Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery
Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery

Estate Brewery

John Branding ’02


Order Online | CONTACT:, (540) 687-0035

Wheatland Spring is an estate brewery offering draft, cans, and bottles of beer made with ingredients we grow.

Family-owned and operated, we work our 30-acre farm to grow acres of grains, tend herb gardens, manage produce, capture native yeast, use our natural water, and host honey bee hives for the sole purpose of offering the highest quality beer we’re capable of making.

We’re “Farming for Fermentation” and it allows us to create beer unique to Wheatland Spring that reflects the agricultural character of our land.


Aperta Jewelry
Aperta Jewelry


Tossy Garrett ’01

LOCATION: Northfield, VT | SHIPPING: Yes

Order Online | CONTACT:, (802) 485-9399

Aperta Jewelry offers necklaces that help us focus on our goals and intentions. Each necklace is designed and hand-made in Vermont, supporting multiple local artisans and family-owned businesses. Made from recycled silver & gold and ethical gemstones, these necklaces are gifts that support the wearer and elevate the world!

Ariel Grace Design
Ariel Grace Design

Retail/Custom Made Canvas Rugs/Floorcloths

Gwenith Jones ’80


Order Online | CONTACT:, (503) 206-2631

Ariel Grace Design specializes in beautifully crafted, custom-designed canvas rugs. We employ the finest materials and time-tested construction methods to create heirloom-quality floorcloths. Our floorcloths marry craft, function, and beauty.

B Abell Comprehensive Services,
B Abell Comprehensive Services

Retail/Artisan Crafts

Tiarra Abell ’12

LOCATION: Louisville, KY | SHIPPING: Yes

Order Online | CONTACT:, (502) 208-6470

We are a Female, LGBTQ, Black-owned business based out of Louisville, Kentucky. We make and sell bath & body products (soap, lotion bars, bath bombs, bath fizz bags, lip balm, lip scrub, etc.) and candles & wax melts.

Our products are all natural, organic and made from raw ingredients by hand with love. We sell our products wholesale, by consignment, at various local events, and on our website. We also offer customized gift sets and packages for your special event. Contact us for more information.


Retail Shop

Maya MacLachlan ’98

LOCATION: Northampton, MA | SHIPPING: Yes

Order Online | CONTACT:, (413) 586-1119

Located in downtown Northampton, MA, beryl features a unique collection of jewelry, home goods, and gifts that are handmade by artists from across the US and beyond. The shop focuses primarily on handcrafted jewelry, but its offerings also include handblown glass, ceramics, wood, and fiber. It also offers services such as custom jewelry design, repairs, hand engraving, and stringing.


Retail Store

Linda Anastos Oakes ’67


CONTACT:, (860) 526-5134

An out-of-the-ordinary shop with something for everyone. We have wonderful cards, unique gifts, distinctive clothing, and accessories for women and children. We will be celebrating our 40th anniversary in September 2022.

Energy Iz Everything
Energy Iz Everything

Retail/Lifestyle Brand/Clothing

Chomba Kaluba ’11


Order Online | CONTACT:, (207) 232-7354

Energy Iz Everything is a positive lifestyle and mindset brand that inspires, nurtures, and celebrates the good energy in humanity and the world. The brand aims to bring out the best in people and in our communities. Energy Iz Everything also encourages people to live a passionate and active lifestyle, and inspire others to do the same. The brand motivates people to nurture balance, harmony, and peace in their lives by practicing love, gratitude, resilience, and compassion. Our t-shirts, branded with inspirational messages and values, allow you to live those values while inspiring the same in others.

Gray Heron
Gray Heron

Retail/Textiles (Organic Muslin Blankets)

Sarah (Goff) Wilson ’95


Order Online | CONTACT:, (617) 686-7158

About 6 summers ago I was up in the Lakes Region of Maine. It was one of those hot and humid nights and the air was stagnant. I couldn’t sleep under my duvet. Worried about my young children having a hard time sleeping, I checked in on them, yet they lay dreaming under their lightweight cotton muslin baby blankets. The next morning, after searching the web to find a larger version of these muslin blankets for adults, I noticed a gap in the marketplace. The cottonseed was planted. Around the same time, I read a book called Half the Sky which spoke to forced child labor and human trafficking. I knew that if I were going to found a textile business with manufacturing based overseas I needed a transparent supply chain, ensuring environmental and social welfare.

Inspired by my time on the Maine Coast and Lakes Region, Gray Heron cotton muslin blankets are year-round, breathable slices of heaven (in throw through king sizes). I have been selected by the Boston Globe to be part of their holiday gift guide this year, and the word is starting to spread about my blankets. It’s been just a wonderful journey thus far. Every day presents challenges, and I wake up looking forward to my work.

Green Meadows
Green Meadows


Rob Patton ’08


CONTACT:, (508) 909-5880

Green Meadows embodies a family legacy of supporting and serving others. Founded by descendants of General George S. Patton, Green Meadows carries deep traditions of organic farming, positive community engagement, and support of military veterans. Our products and customer service reflect this by always focusing on each visitor’s needs and wishes. We’re passionate about cannabis, yes. Ultimately, we’re passionate about you.

Hot Pink Frosting

Retail/Hand made bags, home decor, and accessories

Barbara Douglass ’84


Order Online | CONTACT:, (617) 470-4150

Thank you for checking out my shop. Every item is handmade by me. I have a background in interior design and have been sewing since I was very young. The two most important elements in my work are beautiful fabric combinations and meticulous craftsmanship.

JD Lettering Design
JD Lettering Design

Retail Store

Josephine Davis ’16


Order Online | CONTACT:, (781) 718-6999

JD Lettering design offers unique and personalized home decor, cards, and wedding and event signage. Each piece is carefully designed and hand-made. Like many other small businesses, JD Lettering Design started as a source of joy during 2020 and has continued to grow since then. We seek to create beautiful and high-quality pieces that will bring a little bit of joy to whoever receives them.

Kullat Nunu


Lillian Christine ’15


CONTACT:, (207) 315-0991

Kullat Nunu is a crystal & mineral shop located in the heart of beautiful downtown Damariscotta, Maine at 202 Main St. Opening the doors of its first brick & mortar in September 2021, Kullat Nunu showcases a stunning array of high-quality crystals & minerals from around the world. Each unique piece is hand-selected by owner & sole proprietor Lillian. Born from a belief in the spiritual energies of crystals and an admiration for nature & geology, Kullat Nunu welcomes you in!  

Laughing Goat Fiber Farm
Laughing Goat Fiber Farm

Fiber Farm

Lisa Ferguson ’77


Order Online | CONTACT:, (607) 351-7361

Laughing Goat Fiber Farm raises Angora (Mohair) goats, Cashmere goats, and Alpaca for their highly desired natural fibers. We strive for energy and ecological sustainability and humane animal husbandry.

Our shop sells roving, yarn, and finished goods that are made by small US companies. Most items are machine knit but all use homegrown fiber. All the dyeing is done by Lisa from a palette of 75 colors.


Clothing/Organic textiles for baby + kids

Liz (Coulson) Libre ’02
Lizzy (Sall) Ott ’04


Order Online | CONTACT:, (610) 246-9596

Both of us founders went to Bates! And, we named our company after Lewiston! Lewis is a line of print-forward textiles for baby + kids. We make the things parents need in prints that also appeal to parents.

Lost & Found Mittens, LLC
Lost & Found Mittens, LLC

Retail and Social Mission-Oriented

Erin Shea ’17


Order Online | CONTACT:, (617) 922-9585

Our mission is to create one-of-a-kind mittens from repurposed materials. When people purchase a pair of Lost & Found Mittens, a second pair is given directly to someone in need in the greater Boston community. With a vision of social impact, we allow people to participate from the start of the process to the final product.

We are a Boston-based company, run by Boston-raised people. We love this city and the community that makes up Boston. We love donating pairs of mittens and volunteering at events around the city, such as Project Homeless Connect, The Boston Homeless Census Walk/Canvas, Heading Home Boston, and more. This city has given us so much, and we love having the opportunity to give back to those in need. Spreading kindness by spreading warmth is what we love to do.

Lost and Found Mittens is a family-run company. We are two sisters, who live together and share the same mission. We have invested our time and hearts into Lost & Found Mittens because we believe in the importance of social change.

Lost and Found Mittens believes that even the smallest act of kindness can make an impact and create a positive ripple effect. Giving back to the community that gives us so much every day, reminds us how much positivity there is in the world.



Mbali Ndlovu ’09


Order Online | CONTACT:

Lukafit is an empowering and body-positive activewear brand. Our mission is to make sure women of all shapes and sizes feel seen and celebrated along their health and wellness journeys. We design squat-proof leggings, shorts, sports bras, and tops that fit, flatter, and celebrate diverse bodies and beauty.


Spanish/English Card Games for Kids

Ryan Dean ’09

LOCATION: Providence, RI | SHIPPING: Yes

Order Online | CONTACT:, (401) 632-7407

LUMUKU offers Spanish + English card games that are fun, educational, and a breath of fresh air. We are all about helping people learn and grow through fun experiences. By promoting more fun face-to-face interactions centered around language exchange, we can make a brighter future!

Monelle Vermont

Retail/Lifestyle & Clothing Boutique

Elissa Kestner ’08


Order Online | CONTACT:, (802) 657-4074

Monelle Vermont is a lifestyle and clothing boutique with two locations in northern Vermont and a growing online presence! Our mission is to help women be the best versions of themselves, building quality capsule wardrobes and adding seasonal touches. We curate personal style, home edits, and gifts for each and every customer!



Rachel Harmeling Pascual ’08


Order Online | CONTACT:, (978) 987-0436

Our first product is a Morning to Night Tumbler Set for Mothers, including a 20oz Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler and 12 oz Wine Tumbler with sayings on them:
— Coffee Tumbler: “Mom Life Means No Days Off, You Got This”

— Wine Tumbler: “Mama Needs a Time Out”
It comes with 2 leak-proof
lids, 2 stainless steel straws, and a cleaning brush. Other products launching in 2022.

Opera House Video
Opera House Video

Retail/Video Rental Store

Denis Howard ’94


Order Online | CONTACT:, (207) 338-3405

Opera House Video rents television and movies on DVD (and VHS). We also sell previously viewed copies!

The Opalholic

Retail/opal jewelry

Bruce London ’68


Order Online | CONTACT:, (508) 432-0064

I’m an opalholic. I learned to do lapidary work in the 1970s, and I’ve been cutting and polishing opal – and only opal – ever since. Since no two stones are alike (they come in all colors and all combinations of colors and with multiple color patterns), each piece is a new experience. Rough opal pieces often come naturally encased in a matrix of dirt, clay, and sand. When you start to clean them, you never know exactly what you’re going to find. It’s addictive.

Phd Athletica™

Retail/luxury and eco-friendly athleisure wear

Sara Gusky ’07


Order Online | CONTACT:, (954) 829-7148

Phd Athletica™ articulates an out/fitlosophy for women who are seeking strength and wisdom in themselves. As a woman, I wanted to design a brand that encourages other women to get smart, get strong, and get sweaty without having to question the quality or ethics of the product that they’re wearing.

As an emerging luxury lifestyle brand, Phd Athletica™ brings the global and the local together, drawing inspiration from my own adventures around the world and Miami’s sprawling local garment industry. It is important to note that our local, women-led production process is an extremely valuable part of our story, our DNA, and our ethics in general. With fast fashion and sweatshops dominating the fashion industry, it is crucial to celebrate each and every product that is made in a safe and sweat-free environment. That being said, I would like to emphasize that all of our clothes are designed, cut, printed, and manufactured by women in Miami, under sweat-free conditions.

The Word Is Change - Bookstore
The Word Is Change: Books, Used + New


Alexander Dwinell ’93


Order Online | CONTACT:, (347) 441-0048

The Word Is Change is a neighborhood bookstore in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, selling used and new books, hosting readings and meetings, buying books for resale, and supporting visual artists. We are able to special order books, sell gift certificates, and arrange to have books shipped.

Two Minute Turtle Timer

Retail Products/Toothbrushing timer for kids

Virginia Berman ’87

LOCATION: Roslindale, MA | SHIPPING: Yes

Order Online | CONTACT:, (617) 390-4076

My partner invented and I designed the Two Minute Turtle Timer for toothbrushing, which I introduce to parents across the globe. It’s novel and an effective way to get kids to WANT to brush their teeth longer and in the right places! It brings a little joy to daily routines.

Swanky Shells
Swanky Shells

Retail/Handmade Home Decor

Cameron Griffin ’15


Order Online | CONTACT:, (203) 752-8449

Handmade decorated shells, ornaments, decor, prints, personalization, and more! I began decorating shells in preparation for my upcoming bridal shower. I wanted a fun & unique favor for my guests that could also serve as tablescape decor. I had so much fun doing it and realized there was a huge gap in the market when it came to prints and pricing. Decorating oysters & other shells has brought me so much joy and I can’t wait to create for you!

Tina Labadini Designs
Tina Labadini Designs


Beth Athanasoulas ’94


Order Online | CONTACT:, (617) 529-8636

TLD creates unique, memorable art, which is printed on over 20 different products, including flour sack towels, decorative pillows, children’s clothing, bags, and other items all of which make the perfect gift. Our team is based in Concord, Massachusetts, and our products can be purchased on our site and in boutiques across the country.

Vintage Stable Designs
Vintage Stable Designs

Retail/Handmade Home Decor

Amy Franks ’84

LOCATION: Pleasantville, NY | SHIPPING: Yes

Order Online | CONTACT:, (914) 769-7046

After many years spent decorating for the holidays both as a career and for my own enjoyment, I am now selling my work on Etsy. In my shop, Vintage Stable Designs, I sell beautiful one-of-a-kind seasonal wreaths and floral arrangements, all of which I create myself.

My designs are all inspired by nature, whether romantic, elegant, or fanciful in style. My goal is to make something beautiful that I can share with others. From my home to yours, made with love.


Connemara Bay Fishing Charters
Connemara Bay Fishing Charters

Service/Guided Fishing Trips

Kevin O’Maley ’83

LOCATION: Gloucester, MA | SHIPPING: Yes (Gift Certificates | WEBSITE:

CONTACT:, (978) 283-0197

Connemara Bay Fishing Charters offers custom, private fishing trips out of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Each trip is geared to meet the needs of the group with a maximum of six passengers per boat. We specialize in family trips, friends gatherings, corporate outings, and bachelor & bachelorette parties.

Our custom trips are for all skill levels — from first-timers to seasoned anglers. Target species include: tuna, haddock, striped bass, bluefish, and lobster. We offer early morning and mid-day trips as well as evening cruises. Our season runs from May 1 through mid-November. Call to book your private charter today.

Global Family Travels

Culturally immersive trips

Jennifer Spatz ’88


CONTACT:, (206) 890-3442

Give the Gift of Meaningful Travel to Help Tackle Global Issues.

Global Family Travels is offering fantastic deals to bucket-list family vacation destinations which create meaningful ways for you to learn about current global issues surrounding climate change, endangered wildlife, quality education, and gender equality. These Learn, Serve & Immerse trips take families to destinations that span the beautiful island of Bali, grasslands of Africa, biodiverse islands of the Galapagos, and glaciers of Iceland.

The Deal: Take $250 off per person when you book two or more people on the four mall group family trips being offered in 2022. That means a family of four can save $1,000 on a transformative trip of a lifetime!

Indian Springs Golf Course

Golf Course

Jen Huddleston ’91

LOCATION: Middlefield, CT | SHIPPING: Yes

Order Online | CONTACT:, (860) 349-8109

Indian Springs Golf Course is a scenic, 9-hole, par 36 public golf course in the heart of central Connecticut. It offers a cafe, bar, and patio, as well as a driving range, short-game practice area, and putting green. The greens are large and immaculate, and among the very best in Connecticut.

Indian Springs features a great variety of holes: hills, water, incredible views, and impeccable fairways. The golf course is operated with 100% renewable energy, and a focus on environmental sustainability. With a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, these nine holes of heaven will keep you coming back.

Lagemann College Consulting, LLC


Suzanne Lagemann ’95


Order Online | CONTACT:, (201) 956-1825

Full-service educational counseling and consulting LLC which assists high school and college-age students with a wide range of topics.

Lighthouse Career Coaching

Career and Life Coaching

Anne Shields ’80

LOCATION: Rochester, NY | Available Virtually

Order Online | CONTACT:, (585) 532-7868

Coaching is driven by your goals and your agenda. At times, career coaching overlaps with life coaching because career decisions are made within the context of our lives and identities as students and recent graduates, family members, parents, and caregivers. I’ll partner with you to support your exploration of what work may best “fit” who you are now and what matters most in your work; I’ll support you to set goals and design the strategies and checkpoints to reach them. You will recognize your whole self in the outcome. My practice specializes in coaching graduates from the liberal arts, of all ages and career stages.

Give the gift of career coaching to someone you love by purchasing a gift certificate for 1-1 coaching, a targeted service (Resume Refresh or Laser Coaching), or a tailored package (students, recent grads, pivoters, or near-retirees). 

Piano lessons with Karl
Piano lessons with Karl
Zoom & In-Person

Music Lessons

Karl Steudel ’87

LOCATION: Burbank, CA | Available Virtually or In-Person

Order Online | CONTACT:, (978) 386-5644

Piano lessons and Beyond. Many of my students are already working in the music industry and want to improve their understanding of Music Theory or technique at playing the piano. My clients range from beginners to working professionals who you may have already seen performing on late-night television or are behind the scenes producing some of your favorite music.

Resilience Health Solutions

Health Coaching

Charlotte Hoffmann ’04

LOCATION: Normal, IL | Available Virtually

Order Online | CONTACT:, (703) 989-4484

I help chaplains and pastors who are burned out by the pandemic to regain their energy so they can enjoy work and life again.

Mission: To empower spiritual leaders to operationalize self-care in their everyday lives through simple habits that stop the cycle of burnout and transform their energy into a renewable resource.


Boat Tour

David Liegeot ’83


Order Online | CONTACT:, (610) 430-6086

Tortuga is a 46′ sailing catamaran based in the USVI. The yacht is well-appointed and carries many “toys” from scuba equipment, 2 SUP’s and even a floating dock for relaxation in the warm Caribbean waters.

She is professionally crewed with a Captain (100 Ton Master and Dive Master) and Mate who love to bring their love for hosting, entertaining, and unique cuisine to guests looking to create lasting memories with family and friends. (NOTE: as the business owners we are not the crew) Tortuga has 3 guest suites entertaining up to 6 guests.

Contact us directly and identify as being part of the Bates College family for a special Bates discount.