Alumni Professional Recognition Award

The Alumni Professional Recognition Award is given annually to an alum that has demonstrated outstanding professional success and achievement in any field or endeavor. This award is designed to recognize the exceptional career accomplishments that exemplify the ideals and spirit of Bates College.

+Robin Hodgskin ’76

Presented by Kevin Moore ’93, President of the Alumni Council, at the Alumni Awards Ceremony during Bates Reunion, Saturday, June 8, 2024.

Robin Hodgskin, Class of 1976, journeyed from a math degree at Bates to a senior vice president at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, a testament to her remarkable professional success. As a Family Wealth Director, she not only excels in the intricacies of financial services but also demonstrates a profound commitment to guiding ultra-high-net-worth families towards impactful philanthropy. Her accolades, including recognition on the Forbes list of “Top Women Wealth Advisors,” attest to her expertise and influence within the industry.

Beyond her stellar career, Robin’s dedication to uplifting and empowering communities embodies the ideals of Bates College. Her involvement in numerous organizations, from Safe Passage to the Maine Women’s Fund, reflects her deep-rooted commitment to social responsibility and philanthropy. Through mentoring, fundraising, and volunteering, Robin tirelessly advocates for women and children, epitomizing the spirit of volunteerism and social commitment championed by Bates.

In celebration of her exceptional professional achievements and unwavering dedication to community service, the Bates College Alumni Association is pleased to bestow Robin Hodgskin ‘76 with the Alumni Professional Recognition Award.

+David Wilcox ’74, P’03, P’09

Presented by Kevin Moore ’93, President of the Alumni Council, at the Alumni Awards Ceremony during Bates Reunion, Saturday, June 8, 2024.

Throughout his distinguished 45-year career in emergency medicine, David Wilcox, Class of 1974, has demonstrated unparalleled dedication and expertise. From his academic positions at esteemed institutions like Brown University Medical School and the University of Massachusetts Medical School to his leadership roles in various medical organizations, David has continually pushed the boundaries of healthcare excellence. His contributions as a medical consultant and his extensive involvement with organizations such as the American College of Emergency Physicians highlight his lasting impact on the field.

David’s commitment to patient-centered care and his dedication to teaching and mentoring embody the ideals of Bates College. His tireless efforts to advance emergency medicine and healthcare as a whole reflect the college’s ethos of service and community engagement. By prioritizing quality, compassionate healthcare and sharing his expertise with future generations of medical professionals, David exemplifies the spirit of innovation and service instilled by Bates.

In recognition of his exemplary career in emergency medicine and his unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare, the Bates College Alumni Association proudly presents David Wilcox ’74 with the Alumni Professional Recognition Award.

+Jeffrey Roy ’83 P’12

Presented by Kevin Moore ’93, President of the Alumni Council, at the Alumni Awards Ceremony during Bates Reunion 2023.

Jeffrey “Jeff” Roy, Class of 1983 and parent of the Class of 2012, has had tremendous success in two careers since graduating from Bates – as an attorney and as a public servant. 

Since 2013, Jeff has been part of a legislative team that has addressed the issues of education, economic development, the coronavirus pandemic, health care, substance use disorder, criminal justice, civil rights and social equity, gun safety, energy, and the environment. 

As part of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, his committee work has focused in a variety of areas, such as Health Care Financing, where he supported patient access to a wider array of medications; Higher Education, where he drafted and passed legislation relative to sexual violence on higher education campuses and legislation increasing transparency and financial reporting requirements for higher education institutions; and Telecommunications, Utilties, and Energy, where he championed alternative energy sources, such as offshore wind. 

For his exceptional career accomplishments and service, the Bates College Alumni Association is pleased to recognize Jeffrey Roy ‘83, P’12 with the Alumni Professional Recognition Award. 

+Aditi Vaidya ’00

Presented by Kevin Moore ’93, President of the Alumni Council, at the Alumni Awards Ceremony during Bates Reunion 2023.

Aditi Vaidya, Class of 2000 is a philanthropic leader with roots in social justice and community organizing. Her career exemplifies the Bates values of egalitarianism, social justice and freedom, and has focused on community power-building and philanthropic partnerships to transform systems and build equitable communities.

As President of the Mertz Gilmore Foundation, she works to support emerging community-driven initiatives, often responding to concerns before the wider field of philanthropy recognizes the urgency behind them. Earlier in her career, she held positions with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; East Bay Alliance for Sustainable Economy; Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice; the Center for Environmental Citizenship; and the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund.

For dedicating her career to work that prioritizes the needs of many, the Bates College Alumni Association is pleased to recognize Aditi Vaidya ’00 with the Alumni Professional Recognition Award.

+Natalie Adler ’92

Natalie Adler, you are a well-established health communications advisor who brings more than 25 years of experience in designing and executing campaigns that address the most pressing public health challenges.

Some of your proudest achievements include oversight of USAID and the Obama Administration’s Let Girls Learn campaign focused on ensuring girls around the globe have equal opportunities to receive an education; Power Africa, designed to ensure a sustainable power supply in Africa; and the Peace Corps’ national recruitment campaign, Do the Unexpected. Your classmate Marc Chaput, who nominated you for this distinction, described that your “purpose-driven ideals and professional focus certainly represent the values of Bates College.”

Currently working with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to address the dire blood and plasma shortages that have been exacerbated due to the pandemic, you continue to channel your strengths as a marketing and communications professional to serve the greater good. For this, we are honored to present you with the 2022 Alumni Professional Recognition Award.

+Lisa Marshall-Schwiebert ’86

Presented by Kevin Moore ’93, President of the Alumni Council, at the Alumni Awards Ceremony during Back to Bates: Alumni Big Game Saturday on October 15, 2022. 

As a professor of cell, developmental, and integrative biology, and senior associate dean for graduate and postdoctoral affairs at the University of Alabama Birmingham, Lisa Marshall-Schwiebert ’86 has been a model of excellence in research, teaching, and mentoring. Having received the 2020 Distinguished Service Award by the National Postdoctoral Association, her nominators note that she displays an unwavering commitment to mentorship, diversity, and inclusion, as well as curricular enhancements for post-doctoral fellows to open their eyes to different types of opportunities. Additionally, Lisa’s research has culminated in over 100 manuscripts, abstracts, reviews, and book chapters in the areas of asthma, cystic fibrosis, and immunology, spurring further research and collaboration from her peers. 

For her dedication and leadership within her field, the Bates College Alumni Association is pleased to extend the Alumni Professional Recognition Award to Lisa Marshall-Schwiebert ’86.