Class Officers

Class Officers are class leaders who cultivate alumni connections for Bates alumni and students, communicate class news to Bates for class notes, and serve as a lead volunteer for Reunion planning.

Class Officer elections may occur every five years, usually the year following Reunion. The current class leadership and the college will determine whether and when an election is necessary.

There are more than 200 dedicated Class Officers. To learn more about volunteering as a class officer, please contact:

R. Casey Andersen ’12 | 207-755-5976

+Class Notes

Bates College collaborates with class officers twice a year to collect news from alumni. Volunteers encourage classmates to share news items using this link. The news is then shared with the Bates Magazine for the class notes section, and it’s compiled into class newsletters. The newsletter can be emailed or postal mailed to classmates.

The two deadlines for class note submissions are August 1 and January 2.

Casey Andersen ‘12 in the Office of Alumni & Family Engagement can help you with this process.

Why is it important?

By sharing alumni news and updates, you help sustain Bates relationships and connections.
The aggregation of news allows alumni to know what their classmates are up to, to feel pride in our community’s accomplishments, and to connect with each other.

What do I write about?

Did you get a new pet? Get married? Welcome new life into your family? Move to a new city? Start a new job? Pick up a new hobby? Travel somewhere cool? Is life the same as usual and you like that? Feel free to write about what’s happening in your life.

How do I gather news items?

Bates will send an email to all alumni prior to the January 2 and August 1 deadlines.

In addition, Casey Andersen can work with you to initiate a “Call for News” to your classmates or give you other tools to contact classmates.

+2019-20 Class Officers


Harry Meadows, Co-President
Cara A. Starnbach, Co-President

Jacob A. Shapiro, Co-President
John R. Thayer, Co-President

Matthew D. Baker, Co-President
Jessica N. Garson, Co-President

Andre Brittis-Tannenbaum, Co-President
Sally B. Ryerson, Co-President

James C. Brissenden, Co-President
Benjamin D. Smiley, Co-President

Mildred O. Aroko, President
Hally A. Bert, President

Megan A. Murphy, Co-President
Ryan C. Sonberg, Co-President

Sangita Murali, Co-President
Michael H. Pasek, Co-President

Theodore K. Sutherland, Co-President
Patrick O. Williams Jr., Co-President

Brianna R. Bakow, Co-President
Vantiel Elizabeth Duncan, Co-President


Timothy S. Gay, President
Arsalan Suhail, President

Alison Schwartz Egelson, Co-President
Elizabeth J. Murphy, Co-President

Keith D. Kearney Jr., Co-President
Rakhshan Zahid, Co-President

Chelsea M. Cook, Co-President
Katharine M. Nolan, Co-President
John P. Ritzo, Esq., Co-President

Kathryn R. Duvall, Co-President
Melissa A. Geissler, Co-President

Eduardo Crespo, President
Tanya M. L. Schwartz, President

Kirstin C. Boehm, Co-President
Melissa Yanagi, Co-President

Jason M. Surdukowski, Co-President
Drew G. Weymouth, Co-President
Stephanie Eby, Secretary

Jodi Winterton Cobb CPNP, Co-President
Kate Hagstrom Lepore, Co-President
Noah Edward Petro, Secretary

Jennifer Glassman Jacobs, Co-President
Megan Hanson Shelley, Co-President
Cynthia Frieda Link, Secretary


Jamie L. Ascenzo Trickett, President
Jennifer Lemkin Bouchard, Secretary

Douglas R. Beers, Class Committee
Robert R. Curtis, Class Committee
Renee A. Leduc, Class Committee
Liam D. Leduc Clarke, Class Committee
Tyler W. Munoz, Class Committee

Stuart B. Abelson, President
Patrick L. Cosquer, Co-Secretary
Todd M. Zinn, Co-Secretary

Sarah Ayesha Farag, Co-President
James D. Lowe, Co-President

Deborah D. Verner, Co-President
Jason C. Verner, Co-President

Courtney Landau Fleisher, Co-President
Jonathan M. Lewis, Co-President

Michael F. Charland, Co-President
Jason R. Hanley, Co-President
Lisa A. Bousquet, Secretary

Leyla Morrissey Bader, Executive Committee
Ami L. Berger, Executive Committee
Kristen D. Bruno, Executive Committee
Roland S. Davis, Executive Committee
Peter J. Friedman, Executive Committee
Kristin E. Magendantz, Executive Committee
Jeffrey S. Mutterperl, Executive Committee

John A. Ducker, President
Kathryn Tibbetts Gates, Secretary

Joanne Elizabeth Walton, Secretary


Sally J. Ehrenfried, Steering Committee Primary Contact
Deborah S. Cote, Steering Committee
Sara Hagan Cummings, Secretary

Ruth G. Cameron, Executive Committee
Astrid D. Delfino-Bernard, Executive Committee
Mary Capaldi Gonzales, Executive Committee
Steven Michael Lewis, Executive Committee
Lisa Ann Romeo, Executive Committee
Julie L. Sutherland-Platt, Executive Committee

Erica D. Rowell, President
Val Kennedy, Secretary

Catherine Lathrop Strahan, Co-President
William J. Walsh Jr., Co-President
Erica Seifert Plunkett, Secretary

Lisa M. Virello, President
Elissa Allen Bass, Secretary

Linda S. Cohen, President
Heidi Beth Lovett, Secretary

Pamela J. Dearden, Co-President
William J. Zafirson, Co-President
Leigh A. Peltier, Secretary

Neil D. Jamieson Jr., President
Gerard P. Donahoe Jr., Secretary

Henry G. Howie, President
Kathleen Tucker Burke

Mary M. Martuscello, President
Christine Tegeler Beneman, Secretary


Patrick K. Murphy, President
Mary G. Raftery, Secretary

Dean M. Berman, President
George E. Beckwith, Secretary

Keith E. Taylor, President
Steven M. Hadge, Secretary

Bruce A. Campbell, President
W. Jeffrey Helm, Secretary

Susan Bourgault Akie, Co-President
Janet B. Haines, Co-President
Deborah Bednar Jasak, Co-Secretary
Faith E. Minard, Co-Secretary

Donald W. McDade, President
Katherine Psalidas Lamson, Secretary

Thomas P. Carey, President
Kaylee Masury, Secretary

Wayne V. Loosigian, President
Steven H. Mortimer, Secretary

Michael A. Wiers, Esq., President
Jan Face Glassman, Vice President
Suzanne W. Kelley, Secretary

Stephen J. Andrick, President/Treasurer
Barbara Phyllis Hampel, Vice President
Stephanie Leonard Bennett, Co-Secretary
Elizabeth E. Brown, Co-Secretary


George E. Peters Jr., President
Deborah A. Behler, Secretary

Richard J. Melpignano, Secretary

Keith C. Harvie, Co-President
Pamela Johnson Reynolds, Co-President
Alexandra Baker Lyman, Secretary

Alexander W. Wood Ph.D., President

Joyce E. Mantyla, President
Newton A. Clark Jr., Vice President
Peter J. Heyel, Vice President
Evelyn H. Horton, Secretary

Margaret S. Ziegler, President
Joan Spruill Andren, Vice President
Richard J. Andren, Vice President
John E. Meyn, Secretary/Treasurer
Rhoda M. Silverberg, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Dorothy March Harris, Historian
Elizabeth Joan McNab, Past President
Eleanor P. Schiavi, Past Vice-President

William S. Holt, M.D., President
Natalie Hosford, Secretary
Dorothy Selden Stone, Historian

Edmund J. Wilson, President
David O. Boone, Vice President
Carolyn Webber Nelson, Vice Secretary
Cynthia Kalber Nordstrom, Secretary
Janice C. Moreshead, Historian

Mary M. Cowan, Co-President
Richard S. Watkins USN (Ret.), Co-President
Gretchen Shorter Davis, Secretary

Dean S. Skelley, President
Louise Hjelm Davidson, Secretary


Anita Kastner Hotchkiss, Esq., President
Gerald M. Davis, Vice President
Jack DeGange, Secretary
Mary Ann Houston Hermance, Secretary

Peter B. Post, President
Marilyn Miller Gildea, Secretary

Judith Kent Patkin, Co-President
Richard H. Pierce, Co-President
Margaret L. Olney, Secretary
Douglas Alan Campbell, Email Coordinator

Gail Molander Goddard, Co-President
Alice B. Gollnick, Co-President
Frederic R. Huber, Secretary

Beverly Hayne Willsey, President
Merton E. Ricker, Vice President

Dwight W. Harvie, President
Jonas Klein, Secretary/Treasurer

Richard F. Coughlin, Co-President
Ginnie A. Toner, Co-President
Ronald Clayton, Secretary

John F. Myers, President
Marilyn Coffin Brown, Secretary

Jean M. Dill, Co-President
William R. Dill, Ph.D., Co-President
Melissa E. Barbeau, Co-Vice President
Wilfred H. Barbeau, Co-Vice President
Dorothy W. Quimby, Secretary

Weston L. Bonney, President


Nelson Otis Horne, President
Beverly Young Howard, Vice President
Carol Jenkinson Johnson, Secretary

Vivienne Sikora Gilroy, President

Vesta E. Smith, President
Jean Labagh Kiskaddon, Secretary/Treasurer

Jane Parsons Norris, President/Treasurer
Helen Pratt Clarkson, Secretary

Carleton K. Finch, Secretary

Elizabeth P. Gardner, Co-President
Margaret H. Rand, Co-President
Dorothy D. Johnson, Treasurer

Leonard G. Clough, Secretary

+2018-19 Class Officers (Archive)

First Name Last Name Class Year Role
Leonard Clough 1940 Secretary
Elizabeth Gardner 1941 Co-President
Dorothy Johnson 1941 Treasurer
Margaret Rand 1941 President
Samuel Stoddard 1943 President
Carleton Finch 1945 Secretary
Helen Clarkson 1946 Secretary
Jane Norris 1946 President/Treasurer
Jean Kiskaddon 1947 Secretary/Treasurer
Vesta Smith 1947 President
Vivienne Gilroy 1948 President
Nelson Horne 1949 President
Beverly Howard 1949 Vice President
Carol Johnson 1949 Secretary
Weston Bonney 1950 President
Melissa Barbeau 1951 Vice President
Wilfred Barbeau 1951 Vice President
Jean Dill 1951 President
William Dill 1951 President
Dorothy Quimby 1951 Secretary
Marilyn Brown 1952 Secretary
John Myers 1952 President
Ronald Clayton 1953 Secretary
Richard Coughlin 1953 President
Virginia Toner 1953 President
Dwight Harvie 1954 President
Jonas Klein 1954 Secretary/Treasurer
Merton Ricker 1955 Vice President
Beverly Willsey 1955 President
Gail Goddard 1956 President
Alice Gollnick 1956 President
Frederic Huber 1956 Secretary
Douglas Campbell 1957 Email Coordinator
Wilma Clapham 1957 Secretary
Margaret Olney 1957 Secretary
Judith Patkin 1957 President
Richard Pierce 1957 President
Marilyn Gildea 1958 Secretary
Peter Post 1958 President
Jerry Davis 1959 Vice President
Jack DeGange 1959 Secretary
Mary Ann Hermance 1959 Secretary
Anita Hotchkiss 1959 President
Louise Davidson 1960 Secretary
Dean Skelley 1960 President
Mary Cowan 1961 President
Gretchen Davis 1961 Secretary
Richard Watkins 1961 President
David Boone 1962 Vice President
Janice Moreshead 1962 Historian
Carolyn Nelson 1962 Vice Secretary
Cynthia Nordstrom 1962 Secretary
Edmund Wilson 1962 President
William Holt 1963 President
Natalie Moir 1963 Secretary
Dorothy Stone 1963 Historian
Joan Andren 1964 Vice President
Richard Andren 1964 Vice President
Dorothy Harris 1964 Historian
Elizabeth McNab 1964 Past President
John Meyn 1964 Secretary/Treasurer
Eleanor Schiavi 1964 Past Vice-President
Rhoda Silverberg 1964 Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Margaret Ziegler 1964 President
Newton Clark 1965 Vice President
Peter Heyel 1965 Vice President
Evelyn Horton 1965 Secretary
Joyce Mantyla 1965 President
Alexander Wood 1966 President
Keith Harvie 1967 President
Alexandra Lyman 1967 Secretary
Pamela Reynolds 1967 President
Richard Gelles 1968 President
Richard Melpignano 1968 Secretary
Deborah Bliss Behler 1969 Secretary
George Peters 1969 President
Stephen Andrick 1970 President/Treasurer
Stephanie Bennett 1970 Secretary
Elizabeth Brown 1970 Secretary
Barbara Hampel 1970 Vice President
Jan Glassman 1971 Vice President
Suzanne Kelley 1971 Secretary
Michael Wiers 1971 President
Wayne Loosigian 1972 President
Steven Mortimer 1972 Secretary
Thomas Carey 1973 President
Kaylee Masury 1973 Secretary
Katherine Lamson 1974 Secretary
Donald McDade 1974 President
Susan Akie 1975 President
Janet Haines 1975 President
Deborah Jasak 1975 Secretary
Faith Minard 1975 Secretary
Bruce Campbell 1976 President
W. Jeffrey Helm 1976 Secretary
Steven Hadge 1977 Secretary
Keith Taylor 1977 President
George Beckwith 1978 Secretary
Dean Berman 1978 President
Patrick Murphy 1979 President
Mary Raftery 1979 Secretary
Christine Beneman 1980 Secretary
Mary Martuscello 1980 President
Henry Howie 1981 President
Gerard Donahoe 1982 Secretary
Neil Jamieson 1982 President
Leigh Peltier 1983 Secretary
Pamela Dearden 1983 President
William Zafirson 1983 President
Linda Cohen 1984 President
Heidi Lovett 1984 Secretary
Elissa Bass 1985 Secretary
Lisa Virello 1985 President
Erica Plunkett 1986 President
Catherine Strahan 1986 President
William Walsh 1986 President
Anne Robertson 1986 President
Erica Rowell 1987 President
Val Kennedy 1987 Secretary
Ruth Cameron 1988 Executive Committee
Mary Carr 1988 Executive Committee
Astrid Delfino-Bernard 1988 Executive Committee
Steven Lewis 1988 Executive Committee
Lisa Romeo 1988 Executive Committee
Julie Sutherland-Platt 1988 Executive Committee
Deborah Cote 1989 Steering Committee
Sally Ehrenfried 1989 Steering Committee
Sara Hagan Cummings 1989 Secretary
Joanne Walton 1990 Secretary
John Ducker 1991 President
Kathryn Gates 1991 Secretary
Leyla Bader 1992 Executive Committee
Ami Berger 1992 Executive Committee
Kristen Bruno 1992 Executive Committee
Roland Davis 1992 Executive Committee
Peter Friedman 1992 Executive Committee
Kristin Magendantz 1992 Executive Committee
Jeffrey Mutterperl 1992 Executive Committee
Lisa Bousquet 1993 Secretary
Michael Charland 1993 President
Jason Hanley 1993 President
Courtney Fleisher 1994 President
Jonathan Lewis 1994 President
Deborah Verner 1995 President
Jason Verner 1995 President
Sarah Ayesha Farag-Davis 1996 President
James Lowe 1996 President
Stuart Abelson 1997 President
Pat Cosquer 1997 Secretary
Todd Zinn 1997 Secretary
Douglas Beers 1998 Class Committee
Robert Curtis 1998 Class Committee
Liam Leduc Clarke 1998 Class Committee
Renee Leduc Clarke 1998 Class Committee
Tyler Munoz 1998 Class Committee
Jamie Ascenzo Trickett 1999 President
Jennifer Bouchard 1999 Secretary
Jennifer Jacobs 2000 President
Cynthia Link 2000 Secretary
Megan Shelley 2000 President
Jodi Cobb 2001 President
Kate Lepore 2001 President
Noah Petro 2001 Secretary
Stephanie Eby 2002 Secretary
Jason Surdukowski 2002 President
Drew Weymouth 2002 President
Kirstin Boehm 2003 President
Melissa Yanagi 2003 President
Eduardo Crespo 2004 President
Tanya Schwartz 2004 President
Kathryn Duvall 2005 President
Melissa Geissler 2005 President
Chelsea Cook 2006 President
Katharine Nolan 2006 President
John Ritzo 2006 President
Keith Kearney 2007 President
Rakhshan Zahid 2007 President
Alison Egelson 2008 President
Elizabeth Murphy 2008 President
Timothy Gay 2009 President
Arsalan Suhail 2009 President
Brianna Bakow 2010 President
Vantiel Elizabeth Duncan 2010 President
Theodore Sutherland 2011 President
Patrick Williams 2011 President
Sangita Murali 2012 President
Michael Pasek 2012 President
Megan Murphy 2013 President
Ryan Sonberg 2013 President
Mildred Aroko 2014 President
Hally Bert 2014 President
James Brissenden 2015 President
Benjamin Smiley 2015 President
Andre Brittis-Tannenbaum 2016 President
Sally Ryerson 2016 President
Jessica Garson 2017 President
Matthew Baker 2017 President