College Key Newsletter — Fall 2018

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  1. President’s Report
  2. 2018 Executive Committee Goals
  3. College Key Dues
  4. 2017 College Key Finances at a Glance
  5. College Key Scholarships & Awards
  6. Digital Roundup
  7. Newest Alumni Nominations to The College Key
  8. Newest Key Members – Class of 2018
  9. Bobcat Warmth
  10. Distinguished Service Awards
  11. Executive Committee Officers

President’s Report

College Key President Jeff Sturgis '69

Our Annual Meeting was held in the Muskie Archives on Friday, June 8, 2018, at 5:00 PM. Within this newsletter you will find detailed reports on new student and alumni members, the treasurer’s report, the programs we supported, and the bestowal of the Distinguished Service Awards.

One of the most important actions taken was the approval of a revision to the Bylaws. You can find a copy of the revised Bylaws here. The Bylaws stipulate that the Executive Committee shall review and revise, as necessary, the Bylaws every three years. We took our task seriously and hope that the latest version is an improvement. We are always open to suggestions. Please reach out if you have an idea for consideration.

The highlight of the meeting was the bestowal of the Distinguished Service Award to husband and wife faculty Georgia Nigro and Robert Farnsworth. You will find the description of the presentation in Karen Finocchio Lubeck’s article in this newsletter. The Annual Meeting is always special for all of us on the Executive Committee as we get to meet, socialize with, and get feedback from the College Key members whom we serve. I cannot end this short summary without acknowledging the efforts of your Executive Committee. Karen Finocchio Lubeck ’92, Carol Spencer ’74, and Flora Chan ’11 have worked extremely hard to carry out their duties and to enhance the offerings of the College Key. We are amply supported by Meredith LaChapelle and Marianne Nolan Cowan ’92 from the college. Without the talents of these people, we would not be able to provide the services to our membership and to the college that we do. We also appreciate the support of you, our members, as we continue to find ways to give back to our alma mater and to support its students as we were supported in our undergraduate days.

My best from Maine,
Jeff Sturgis ’69, President

2018 Executive Committee Goals

The Executive Committee has adopted the following goals for its work during the 2018-2019 academic year:

  1. Review and revise, if necessary, the scholarships and awards given annually by the College Key.
  2. Continue to improve our social media presence.
  3. Increase dues submissions.
  4. Update and improve the website.

We welcome input from members as to how we can improve our organization and our service to the college. Please contact a member of the executive committee with your comments and ideas.

College Key Dues: Where do they go?

  • Distinguished Alumni in Residence: Your dues fund a distinguished alumnus or alumna on campus each year to meet with students and faculty and lecture about his or her work.
  • Internship Travel: Your dues provide thousands of dollars in funds for travel to internships and job shadows, ensuring students benefit from career exploration around the world.
  • Scholarship Funds: Targeted dues donations support the Mabel Eaton Scholarship and College Key Scholarship Funds.
  • Senior Class Gift Match: Your dues provide matching funds that are used as an incentive for seniors to donate to their Senior Class Gift.
  • Winter Coat Fund:  Your dues provide students in need with winter coats and cold weather gear they wouldn’t otherwise have.

We are proud to support students at Bates, but we can’t do it without you!
Please take a moment now to pay your 2019 dues online at College Key Dues. If you wish to mail a check, fill out this same form, print it, and mail with your check to:

Carol P. Spencer
The College Key
126 Brazos Drive
Cedar Creek, TX 78612

The Executive Committee thanks you for your continued support of the College Key.

2017 College Key Finances at a Glance

  • Membership is on a calendar fiscal year.
  • All state and federally required filings are up-to-date.
  • State of ME annual report and IRS 990-N were filed on time for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.
  • All financial information is in QuickBooks.
  • Total income in 2017 was $9,412.56. Although this was lower than past years, we were still able to make $15,000 in donations to various projects.
  • In an effort to be more sustainable, we have moved away from paper mailings. This change may have impacted our dues and donations last year, however we are ahead in 2018!
  • Dues and donations of over $14,000 have come in so far this year. THANK YOU!
  • As of September 30, 2018, the College Key “cash on hand” was $34,148.55.

Please pay your dues today so that we can continue to make a positive impact on the Bates College experience.

We are so grateful for your support, and we know the students that receive our support are exceptionally grateful.

Our newly appointed auditor, Chris Burns ‘83, begins his role by completing a yearly audit of College Key financial records. This information will be presented to the Executive Committee prior to the Annual Meeting.

Carol A. Prochazka Spencer ‘74

College Key Scholarships and Awards

(balances as of 6/30/2017)

The College Key Scholarship Fund: $267,319.94 “…a student or students who demonstrate loyalty, campus leadership and potential for future service to Bates College, with a preference for a student member of the College Key or a child of a College Key member.”

The Mabel Eaton Bates Key Scholarship Fund: $117,757.81 “…an undergraduate student who works in the …Ladd Library.”

The College Key Music Award: $5,762.72 “…one or more annual music awards to the man or woman in the senior class whose services to musical organizations at the College has been the most Outstanding.”

Evelyn K. Dillon Award: $2,271.01“…two annual awards, one to a woman in field hockey and one to a woman in basketball. These awards recognize superior athleticism, leadership and dedication, and overall contributions to each respective sport, to be administered by the Athletics Department.”

Digital Roundup

The College Key is pleased to add more digital pathways to engage with members. Twitter and Instagram are our newest additions to our social media presence. Be sure to follow us @bates_key and Bates College Key. Facebook continues to have a steady social presence– click here to join our group. Our website is in the process of being updated. We will soon be able to share not only the College Key’s impact on campus, but also the pathways to connect with the College Key and fellow Key members. As we are currently in this process, we want to hear from you!

  •    Is there particular news that you would like to see?
  •    What information can we add that you would find helpful?
  •    What would you like to learn more about?

Shoot us a note via our NEW College Key specific email,, or via our Facebook Group.

Do you have friends who are also in the College Key, but not yet in our Facebook group? Reach out and have them join. We love hearing from you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Newest Alumni Nominations to The College Key

The Bates College Key welcomed 19 new alumni members on Friday, June 8, 2018 at the Annual Meeting. The alumni nomination committee is comprised of four Key members: Jerry Donahoe ’82, Gretchen Shorter Davis ’61, Teddy Rube ’16, and Flora Chan ’11. In our selection process, we based the nomination on four areas of assessment: service to the college, leadership in the community, success in chosen field, and character. We received nominations from alumni, staff, and faculty through our online nominations form.Reunion 2018

The alumni inductees for 2018 are:

Chris G. Barbin ’93 Gregory M. Guidotti ’92 Kevin R. Moore ’93
Jonathan J. Blanchard ’08 Mary Kathryn Hawkins, Esq. ’05 John P. Murchison III ’88
Katy L. Corrado ’07 Monica M. Hayden ’07 Julia R. Sleeper ’08
Christopher P. Donovan ’92 Nancy J. Hohmann ’68, P’97 Arsalan Suhail ’09
Michael A. Ferrari ’98 Steven M. Lewis ’88 Meredith G. Traquina ’13
Marjorie Finkelstein Goldberg ’53 Brian A. McGrory ’84 Victoria B. Wyeth ’01
Edward G. Meloni Jr. ’91

Newest Key Members – Class of 2018

Each spring, our Undergraduate Committee calls on our faculty and staff colleagues to nominate seniors and juniors for College Key membership. The Undergraduate Committee is comprised of Jeffrey Sturgis ’69, Marianne Nolan Cowan ’92, Molly Newton ’11, Pat Cosquer ’97, James Reese, and Carly Yeung. This year, we inducted 28 students into the Key, all from the Class of 2018. They contributed to Bates in countless ways, from athletics and volunteering in the community, to being leaders in student life on campus. Bates is lucky to have such talented, engaged students, and the College Key is even more fortunate to have them in our midst. Congratulations and welcome to all new members!

Alisa S. Amador ’18 Emily A. Halford ’18 Rakiya A. Mohamed ’18
Allison E. Berman ’18 Samra Husremovic ’18 Reed G. Mszar ’18
Adam P. Blau ’18 Ainsley M. Jamieson ’18 Keenan J. Shields ’18
Matthew S. Bodwell ’18 Pratap J. Khadka ’18 Lisa I. Slivken ’18
Sally Ceesay ’18 Gift P. Kiti ’18 Deepsing Syangtan ’18
Raegine A. Clouden Mallett ’18 Samuel D. Lagerstrom ’18 John R. Thayer ’18
John J. Dello Russo Jr. ’18 Bantu B. Mabaso ’18 Cameron A. Veidenheimer ’18
Adedire A. Fakorede ’18 Talia R. Martino ’18 Amelia R. Wilhelm ’18
Jacqueline F. Forney ’18 Thorn K. Merrill ’18 Brianna M. Wilson ’18
Isabella M. Miller ’18

Bobcat Warmth

The Lewiston-based Farmer’s Almanac predicts a cold start to November, but thanks to several generous College Key knitters, we’re equipped again this fall to donate some wonderful hand-knit hats and scarves to students from warm climates who don’t have winter outerwear. What a heart-warming way to let today’s students know how much alumni care!

2018 Distinguished Service Awards 

The College Key presented the 2018 Distinguished Service award to professors Georgia Nigro and Robert Farnsworth for their tremendous impact on Bates students, faculty and community for over 25 years. Professor Georgia Nigro, a developmental psychologist by training, taught Community Based Research Methods course and Community-Based Research thesis seminar for years. Through those courses, she paired students with community partners to assist with data collection, program assessment, data analysis, etc. Her work inspires students to think about what they can bring to relationships with community partners. She holds students to a high standard and engages them at the highest intellectual level. Her developmental psychology course uses creative approaches for engaging students, from in-class debates to asking students to draft policy statements for agencies responsible for child welfare. She has served as the Psychology Department Chair and Interim Director of the Harward Center.

To say that Georgia is hard-working, energetic, and dedicated to Bates is an understatement. She has served in pivotal roles across campus, from a leader of one of the Institutional Planning sections to a liaison to the women’s soccer team. A 1992 alumna noted that, “the day that I saw Georgia walking across the quad with her children, I knew that I wanted to become a professor. And I did.”

Another alumna noted, “Favorite class of all time: Cultural Psychology with Georgia Nigro. She was an amazing teacher and role model…I remember borrowing her special “high tech” electronic mail system to write a professor at Emory!”

Robert Farnsworth, a senior lecturer in English, started his Bates career in 1991 after some time at that other NESCAC school up the road. Bates was privileged to have such an accomplished poet establish the creative writing concentration in English—now an essential part of the major—and create the reading series known today as “Language Arts Live.” In his more than twenty-five years at Bates, he has inspired and mentored generations of creative writers, some now well-published poets and novelists. Robert’s insight and generosity are the stuff of legend.

Robert’s strengths have supported his students who are unwaveringly proud in saying he is their favorite professor, a two-time Kroepsch Award winner for excellence in teaching. Students describe him as “a titan of the abstract and the concrete” and as a “wise sage.” “How stupid of me not to take more of his classes,” one alumnus exclaimed. They speak of his brilliance and humility – his “faith in poetry and people” – his generosity as a reader of their work. “Professor Farnsworth…opened a door of joyful sound and allowed us all to walk freely through it,” as one remembers it. Even at the distance of twenty or more years, they have vivid, thrilling memories of what it was like to study Frost or Keats with Professor Farnsworth.

Reunion 2018

Students remember Rob’s humor, his “wild enthusiasm” and his ethics (claiming him as their “role model”). Many talk about how he’s helped them find their voices. Robert’s teaching convinced some students to like poetry who thought they didn’t, convinced others to become English majors who thought they wouldn’t. And many lessons are life-long. “Rob held me accountable as a writer and a student,” a 1994 alumnus wrote, and “I am [now] a better educator and parent because of Rob.” That’s a big claim — but one often repeated by students.

Students remember Robert reading poems. “Probably my most nostalgic memory at Bates is sitting in a classroom in Pettigrew on a freezing February afternoon, snow falling outside, with Professor Farnsworth reading Robert Frost to us. I’ll honestly never forget that – no single memory makes me miss Bates more.”

Georgia and Rob, the College Key is honored to say fare-thee-well for your amazing contributions, both in their breadth and depth of your impact on us Batesies. Your impact both as educators and great people stretches globally and across many generations. While you may be leaving campus, you will forever be Batesies. Thank you for the incredible legacy that is so true to Bates’ core.

Executive Committee 2018-2019 Officers

President, Jeff Sturgis ’69
Vice President, Karen Finocchio Lubeck ’92
Secretary, Flora Chan ’11
Treasurer, Carol Prochazka Spencer ’74
Staff Liaison, Meredith LaChapelle, Assistant Director of Alumni and Family Engagement
Advisor, Marianne Nolan Cowan ’92, Associate Director, Bates Center for Purposeful Work