College Key Newsletter: Spring 2019


President’s Report

College Key President Jeff Sturgis '69

As my final Annual Meeting as your president approaches, I would like to highlight the progress we’ve made over the last few years and thank the Executive Committee for its hard work.

Thanks to the outstanding efforts of Treasurer Carol Spencer ’74, our fiscal house is in good order. We have stabilized our finances and updated our federal and state tax paperwork. A healthy balance has enabled us to slowly increase our contributions to the activities we have historically supported, but we can do more. As a 501(c)(3), the College Key asks members to contribute dues annually. Dues directly help support students at Bates. If every member pays dues, we could have a yearly income of approximately $62,000 (as opposed to the current $20,000). Imagine how much more we could do!

After the 2019 Annual Meeting, Karen Finocchio Lubeck ’92 will be the new president. During her term as Vice President, Karen has initiated and expanded  our presence on social media. We now have pages on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram. This has provided another avenue for communication and engages our young alumni members. It is our hope that this will tie us closer together as a group and enable us to better carry out our mission of service to the college.

Secretary Flora Rice-Chan ’11 is the newest and youngest member of the Executive Committee. She has jumped into her role with great enthusiasm. In addition to participating in our monthly calls and keeping meeting minutes, Flora is responsible for the committee on alumni membership. She is revising the process for nominations, making it easier for members to nominated and recruit worth alumni.

Meredith LaChapelle, our staff liaison from the Office of College Advancement, has provided our link to the college for the past two years. She facilitates our on-campus activities such as the Distinguished Alumni in Residence program, the Senior Induction Ceremony, and the Annual Meeting. She also coordinates our donations to programs that benefit students and the publication of our newsletters. With her help, we have been able to reestablish our twice-yearly newsletters and improve our communication with various college entities.

Finally, Marianne Cowan ’92 has been affiliated, in one capacity or another, with the College Key for most of her time at Bates. As an advisor, she contributes historical knowledge of the College Key and offers insight about the best ways to work with the college. Her devotion to the College Key has been exceptional and invaluable to the Executive Committee.

As I pass the baton to Karen in June, I am pleased with the progress we have made over the last few years. I am excited about the future under the Executive Committee and Karen’s leadership.

My best from Maine,
Jeff Sturgis ’69 P’93, President

Proposed Scholarship and Award Changes

During this academic year, the Executive Committee reviewed College Key-sponsored scholarships and awards. After some research and discussion, the committee is recommending the following changes:

Evelyn K. Dillon Award

Proposed Change: “Given by the members of the College Key to provide two annual awards, one to a woman in field hockey and one to a woman in basketball. to two women in any Bates varsity sport to recognize superior athleticism, leadership and dedication, and overall contributions to each respective sport, to be administered by the Athletics Department.”

Rationale: History indicates that this award was instituted when basketball and field hockey were the only two women’s varsity sports. This change opens eligibility to members of all the women’s varsity sports.

Creation of a new award to be called “The Robert W. Hatch Award”

“Given by members of the College Key to provide two annual awards to men in any Bates varsity sport to recognize superior athleticism, leadership and dedication, and overall contributions to each respective sport, to be administered by the Athletics Department.”

Rationale: This creates a companion to the Evelyn K. Dillon Award and honors Bob Hatch. Bob coached baseball, golf, and football at Bates College. He was the head football coach for twenty years and the athletic director for seventeen. As the Director of Athletics, he supervised the rapid growth of women’s varsity sports at Bates in the 70’s and 80’s.

Change the name of the “College Key Scholarship Fund” to the “Leigh P. Campbell ’64 Scholarship Fund.

Rationale: This names the fund for an alumnus and a College Key member who served  most of his career as the Director of Financial Aid for Bates.

These proposed changes will be up for discussion and a vote at the College Key Annual Meeting at Reunion on June 7. 

2019 Distinguished Alumna in Residence: Katie Burke ‘03

As Bates celebrated Great Day to be a Bobcat, so too did the College Key. We welcomed to campus the 2019 Distinguished Alumna in Residence, Katie Burke ’03. During Katie’s presentation, Shattering Glass Ceilings: How Leaders Can Make Organizations More Diverse, Inclusive, and Successful, she shared how her personal experiences empowered her to become a corporate culture change agent. During her visit, Katie advised students to, “consider taking micro risks. Flex your confidence like a muscle on a regular basis. That can be as simple as practicing asking for a speaking opportunity, asking to network with someone that you might not otherwise, or asking what it might take to get a promotion or raise.” The presentation was live streamed on our Facebook page.  Read more about Katie’s visit in this Bates news article

Bates College Key Dues

Please note that the College Key is its own 501(c)(3), separate from Bates College and the Bates Fund. Dues allow the College Key to provide the following services and programs to Bates students:

  • Distinguished Alumni in Residence Program
  • Senior Gift Match
  • Purposeful Work & Internship Travel Fund
  • Winter Coat Fund
  • Mabel Eaton Scholarship
  • College Key Scholarship
  • Evelyn K. Dillon Award

We are grateful to those who pay their dues and to those who make additional annual contributions to the College Key. Dues amounts are:

  • $15 for the alumni classes of 2013–2018
  • $30 for alumni classes of 1969–2013
  • Optional for alumni classes 1968 and older
Pay College Key Dues Online

After you complete the initial online form, you’ll be taken to Paypal. If you prefer to pay dues by check, you can print the PDF, fill it out, and send to

Carol Spencer, Treasurer
The College Key
126 Brazos Drive
Cedar Creek, TX 78612

If you have any questions about dues or donations, please contact The College Key treasurer, Carol Prochazka Spencer.  

Thank you in advance for your support. Your contributions go to students who otherwise couldn’t afford these services. All of us have benefited from the Bates education. Let’s pay it forward and give Bates students the support they need to get the most out of their college experience. 

Your Dues at Work

In 2018, the Key donated a total of $17,500. In early 2019, the Executive Board approved another $3,500 in support of these programs in response to staff requests.

The need is great, and the College Key has responded. If you’ve fallen behind on your dues, no worries! Start up again in 2019. If you’re a consistent contributor—thank you! You might consider broadening your support. The students who benefit from your generous gifts are extremely grateful.

#ItsADigitalLife College Key edition

Thank you for helping to grow our digitally-connected community through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We want to grow these channels and need your help. Please share our pages with your Bates friends and encourage them to join the conversation. The more Key members, the merrier!

Survey: The College Key and You

The College Key Executive Committee is asking for your help. We ask you to complete this brief survey. We strive to connect and engage our global College Key community. This survey will allow us to understand your desires for communications, programming, and engagement opportunities.

Take the College Key Survey

Call for Nominations

We invite you to nominate outstanding alumni for membership. The College Key recognizes outstanding Bates alumni; encourages and recognizes student academic and extracurricular achievement; supports academics, student life, and campus improvement; provides student aid, including scholarships and other kinds of financial assistance; and contributes to the general welfare of the College.

The College Key selects new alumni members based on the following criteria: service to the College, leadership in the community, success in chosen field, and character.

Check out who’s already a member on the College Key website. If you wish to nominate a Bates alumnus/a, complete your nomination by May 1, 2019. 

Submit your Nomination

Officers’ Terms

The College Key is challenged to find volunteers willing to serve as officers. We believe this is due to the length of the officers’ terms as specified by the Bylaws. Currently, both the secretary and treasurer serve five-year terms. The president’s obligation is six years—three as vice president followed by three as president.

The Nominating Committee proposes that shorter terms may open the door for more members to serve as officers. The Executive Committee will discuss this issue and welcomes your feedback. Please contact us with your thoughts and suggestions. 

Executive Committee:

President, Jeff Sturgis ’69

Vice President, Karen Finocchio Lubeck ’92

Recording Secretary, Flora Chan ’11

Treasurer, Carol Prochazka Spencer ’74

Staff Liaison Support, Meredith LaChapelle, Assistant Director of Alumni and Family Engagement

Advisor, Marianne Nolan Cowan ’92, Associate Director, Bates Center for Purposeful Work