BobChats: Trivia Night

Join us for Trivia Night with our wonderful hosts Miriam Smith ’85, Mike Acton ’85, and their daughter, Grace Acton, Bates Class of 2024.

Our hosts, Mike and Miriam, were both DJs with WRBC during our time at Bates. Their daughter, Grace, is now actively involved with the station as well as being a member of the golf team, a Trashion Show designer, and former Jeopardy! competitor.

Be ready to answer trivia on the 1980s, music, and Bates then and now!

Download the Kahoot App

We’ll be using a combination of the Zoom platform and the Kahoot app to play a real-time scoring game. You’ll need both a computer for Zoom and a phone for the Kahoot app. Please download the free Kahoot app in advance of the game. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices.