Winter Break Housing

On Sunday, December 18th, 2016 at 5:00 pm, the majority of our campus residences will be closing for Winter Break.

If you fall into categories one or two and wish to remain on campus for all or part of Winter Break then you must complete the Google form the Office of Residence Life and Health Education sends out over the Bates Today. You must respond to the Google form with your current room assignment by December 9th.  Information about athletes approved to stay will be included in team rosters that we receive from Athletics.

If you do not fall into one of these three categories, you may not remain on campus during any part of Winter Break.

1.  Senior students completing year-long thesis (must be registered for both 457 in the fall and 458 in the winter)
2.  International students
3.  Winter athletes required to be on campus by their coaches (do not need to fill out a form)

Any student in categories 1 or 2 who does not fill out a Winter Break Google form by December 9th will not be allowed to stay.

In order to support campus-wide energy curtailment efforts, the Student Affairs office has continued to decrease the number of residences open for Winter Break.  We will make determinations on which buildings will remain open for break based on the forms we receive (and athletic rosters) and will try to accommodate requests. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work through the arrangements for the break and seek to close as many under-occupied buildings as possible.

Should your residence not be selected to remain open, we will email you as soon as possible. You will need to find a place to stay in an open building (friend’s room).  You will then need to fill out a winter housing room switch form and gather all of the required information.

There will be *no free meals* provided to students over break, except for athletes required to be here by their coaches.  If you plan to eat in Commons during break you will need to pay for each meal at the door. Please consult the Commons break schedule for hours of operation.

If you have questions regarding Winter Break housing, please email Housing at or call 786-6215.