Orientation Schedule at a Glance

Please note, all new students will be arriving on Aug. 26, including fall athletes. All new students participate in AESOP trips, except for pre-season athletes at the discretion of their coaches.

Friday, August 23

International Student Move-In and Orientation

Monday, August 26

7am–5pm: Opening Day

  • 7am–noon: All New Students Check-In/Move-In/Resource Fair
  • 10am–2pm: Lunch available for new students and families
  • Noon–5pm: Optional Parent and Family Sessions and President’s Welcome
  • 5:30pm: Student Dinner with First-Year Centers; Families depart
Tuesday, August 27

8am–9pm: New Student Orientation

Wednesday, August 28

9:30am–4pm: New Student Orientation

Thursday, August 29

All New Students (Except Pre-Season Athletes): Depart for AESOP Trips

Friday, August 30

All New Students (Except Pre-Season Athletes): on AESOP Trips

Saturday, August 31

All New Students (Except Pre-Season Athletes): on AESOP Trips

Sunday, September 1

All New Students (Except Pre-Season Athletes): Return from AESOP Trips

Monday, September 2 – Labor Day

9am–9pm: New Student Orientation

Tuesday, September 3

9am–5pm: New Student Orientation

  • Registration System Opens (for changes to your fall course schedule)
  • Brunch with Common Read Discussion by First-Year Center with Faculty
  • Convocation
  • Campus Barbecue