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Purposeful Work

Purposeful Work isn’t a Kind of work.

It’s about helping students discover the joy and power that arise from aligning who they are with what they do. Purposeful Work helps students identify and cultivate their interests and strengths and provides opportunities for them to acquire the knowledge, experiences, and relationships necessary to pursue their aspirations with imagination and integrity.

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Purposeful Work By the Numbers

We take a data-driven approach to program design, management, and improvement. Iteration is a crucial part of the process.

90% of the class in 2018 have participated in Purposeful Work programming
94% of students would encourage their peers to take Purposeful Work infusion classes
97% of employers agreed that their Purposeful Work intern added value to their organization

Since the inception of the Purposeful Work initiative, Bates seniors’ confidence in their own career-related abilities has increased significantly in all measures surveyed.

Why It Matters

Watch Rebecca Fraser-Thill, Director of Faculty Engagement and Outreach and lecturer in Psychology, deliver an invitation to parents during Orientation.

Why It Matters Play

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