Employer Info Session Schedule

In order to provide opportunities for students to engage with recruiters and alumni, the Employer Engagement team at the Bates Center for Purposeful Work collaborates with employers on info sessions throughout the academic year.

These sessions give students the chance to get an insider look at organizations to better understand: what the organization does, what values guide the organization, what internship and full-time opportunities are available, and what the application process and timeline look like. When alumni are available, students have the chance to inquire about their pathways from Bates to their current roles in the organization.

Whenever possible, we encourage students to join employer info sessions live, so that they can actively engage with recruiters and alumni, and ask questions that pertain to their personal and professional needs and interests. Check Handshake Events regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities of interest.

To enhance our relationship and engagement with employers, we work closely with our employer engagement colleagues at Bowdoin and Colby, as well as across the NESCAC, to support joint recruitment activities and efforts by employers for the top liberal arts students in Maine and across New England.


MAY 2024
May 7 7PM: Accenture w/Bates alumni – internship opportunities in consulting

APRIL 2024
Apr 25 1PM: Department of Defense (NESCAC) – opportunities in national security
Apr 23 7PM: The Data School (NESCAC) – full-time opportunities in data visualization & analytics
Apr 17 8PM: Partners Group (BBC/CBB) – full-time opportunities in private equity for 2025
Apr 10 7:30PM: Real Estate Private Equity w/David Kurey ’15 @ Bates
Apr 10 4:30PM: City Year (NESCAC) – full-time opportunities in public service
Apr 10 12:30PM: Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (NESCAC) – volunteer opportunities
Apr 9 7PM: BCG – Boston Consulting Group (NESCAC) – opportunities in consulting
Apr 9 4PM: NIH – Internship & Post-Bac Opportunities w/Dr. Philip Adams @ Bates
Apr 8 7PM: Putnam Associates (LACN – Liberal Arts Career Network) – opportunities in consulting
Apr 8 12:15PM: Boston Medical Center (BBC/CBB) – full-time opportunities in research & clinical research
Apr 4 7:30PM: Chisholm, Chisholm & Kirkpatrick (BBC/CBB) – full-time opportunities in disability/veteran law
Apr 4 6PM: U.S. Department of Commerce – International Trade Administration (NESCAC) – volunteer opportunities
Apr 4 12:15PM: Indigo Arts Alliance (BBC/CBB) – internship opportunities in arts communications & programming
Apr 2 7PM: Virtual Panel on Social Services in Portland: Avesta, 75 State Street, Preble Street (BBC/CBB)
Apr 2 12PM: Unum + Life as an Actuary w/David Hardison ’13 @ Bates – actuarial opportunities
Apr 2 11AM: Penguin Random House – Tech Careers (NESCAC) – opportunities in publishing

MARCH 2024
Mar 26 2PM: FoodCorps (NESCAC) – full-time opportunities in public service
Mar 13 7PM: Virtual Panel with Bates Alumni & Parents in Education: Public, Charter & Private
Mar 13 12PM: MikeWorldWide (BBC/CBB) – opportunities in public relations (PR)
Mar 11 12PM: TM Capital w/Brad Adams ’92 @ Bates – internship opportunities in investment banking
Mar 7 7:15PM: Deloitte w/Abby Raved ’22 & Olivia Romeo ’12 – opportunities in consulting
Mar 7 12:15PM: Northeastern University – Graduate Programs (NESCAC) – Boston campus
Mar 6 7:30PM: Epic Systems (BBC/CBB) – full-time opportunities in healthcare technology
Mar 6 7PM: Penguin Random House (NESCAC) – opportunities in publishing
Mar 6 12PM: Roux Institute – Graduate Programs (BBC/CBB) – virtual office hours
Mar 5 7:30PM: ScribeAmerica (NESCAC) – full-time opportunities in healthcare
Mar 4 7:15PM: AmeriCorps (NESCAC) – postgraduate opportunities in public service
Mar 1 2PM: The Washington Center (NESCAC) – internship, fellowship & full-time opportunities

Feb 29 7:15PM: Two Sigma Impact (BBC/CBB) – full-time opportunities in private equity
Feb 29 12:15PM: Dimension Renewable Energy (NESCAC) – full-time opportunities in solar energy
Feb 28 7PM: Marsh (NESCAC) – opportunities in risk management
Feb 27 12:15PM: Carney Sandoe (BBC/CBB) – full-time opportunities in teaching & education
Feb 26 7PM: Triumvirate Environmental (NESCAC) – full-time opportunities in business & environmental services
Feb 21 12PM: Maine Government (BBC/CBB) – internship opportunities across offices (rescheduled from Jan 31)
Feb 20 8PM: Roux Institute – Pre-Clinical Gap Year Program (BBC/CBB) – opportunities in healthcare
Feb 20 6PM: Bloomberg (NESCAC) – opportunities in financial products
Feb 14 6PM: Cooper & Cooper (NESCAC) – summer housing in New York City
Feb 13 6PM: Wayfair (NESCAC) – opportunities across departments/offices
Feb 13 9AM: AlphaSights (BBC/CBB) – opportunities in information services
Feb 12 7:30PM: Durham Charter School (BBC/CBB) – full-time opportunities in teaching
Feb 8 4:30PM: MBA + Stratus Admissions Counseling (BBC/CBB) – MBA admissions
Feb 7 12PM: EXPLO (NESCAC) – summer opportunities in education & teaching
Feb 6 4:30PM: VIA (BBC/CBB) – internship opportunities in advertising & marketing

Jan 31 12PM: Maine Government (BBC/CBB) – internship opportunities across offices (to be rescheduled)
Jan 29 7:30PM: Greater Portland Health (BBC/CBB) – full-time medical assistant opportunities
Jan 29 12PM: Innovate for Maine (BBC/CBB) – internship opportunities in entrepreneurship
Jan 18 7PM: Triumvirate Environmental w/Brian Machunski ’08 @ Bates – full-time opportunities in business & environmental services (rescheduled from October)
Jan 17 7:30PM: TD Cowen w/Mick Burden ’23 @ Bates – internship opportunities in investment banking targeted at sophomores for junior summer (summer 2025)

Dec 7 7PM: Deutsche Bank (BBC/CBB) – early discovery program for diversity recruitment
Dec 6 7PM: NorthBridge Partners (LACN – Liberal Arts Career Network) – internship & mentorship opportunities in real estate
Dec 6 12PM: L.L. Bean (BBC/CBB) – internship opportunities across departments
Dec 5 1-3PM: MEMIC (BBC/CBB) – internship opportunities in insurance
Dec 4 7PM: Unum (BBC/CBB) – internship & full-time opportunities (rescheduled from November)
Dec 1 12PM: Wharton MBA Deferred Enrollment Program (NESCAC) – grad school exploration

Nov 28 5:30PM: Report for America (NESCAC) – full-time opportunities
Nov 15 7:30PM: Shea & Company (NESCAC) – internship opportunities
Nov 14 1-3PM: MEMIC (BBC/CBB) – internship opportunities
Nov 11: CANCELLED – Roux Institute Open House in Portland (BBC/CBB) – grad school exploration (registrants will be contacted directly with relevant resources)
Nov 9 1:30PM-4:30PM: Carney Sandoe & Associates – on-campus interviews @ Bates
Nov 9 11AM: What Does It Mean to Work in a Think Tank? w/American Enterprise Institute (LACN – Liberal Arts Career Network) – educational session
Nov 8 7PM: American Conservation Experience (BBC/CBB) – internship & full-time opportunities
Nov 7 7PM-9PM: Outdoors Expo @ Bates – Apogee Adventures, Camp Chewonki, Camp Manito-wish, Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership, Hurricane Island Outward Bound School, Kieve Wavus Education, Overland Summers, Teens to Trails, Teton Science Schools, Wilderness Adventures – internship opportunities
Nov 2 5PM: Wharton MBA Deferred Enrollment Program (LACN – Liberal Arts Career Network) – grad school exploration (will be recorded given recent circumstances)
Nov 2 9AM-1PM: Peace Corps – in-person coffee chats @ Bates

Oct 30 8PM: CANCELLED – Unum (BBC/CBB) – internship & full-time opportunities (will be rescheduled)
Oct 30 7PM: Tuck Business Bridge Program (NESCAC) – professional development opportunity (will be recorded given recent circumstances)
Oct 30 7PM: Peace Corps (BBC/CBB) – full-time opportunities (will be recorded given recent circumstances)
Oct 26 7PM: CANCELLED – Triumvirate Environmental w/Brian Machunski ’08 @ Bates – full-time opportunities (will be rescheduled)
Oct 25 7:30PM: Barclays @ Bates – internship opportunities
Oct 25 2:30-6:30PM: Barclays – in-person coffee chats @ Bates
Oct 24 7PM: Diplomat in Residence – U.S. Department of State @ Bates – internship & full-time opportunities
Oct 24 7PM: Carney Sandoe & Associates (BBC/CBB) – full-time opportunities
Oct 24 6PM: Overland Summers (NESCAC) – internship opportunities
Oct 23 7PM: Bloomberg (BBC/CBB) – internship opportunities
Oct 23 7PM: AlphaSights (BBC/CBB) – internship & full-time opportunities
Oct 17 12:15PM: Quaker Voluntary Service (NESCAC) – full-time opportunities
Oct 16 7PM: FAST Enterprises (BBC/CBB) – internship & full-time opportunities
Oct 16 3PM-6PM: Veeva Systems – in-person coffee chats @ Bates
Oct 12 7:30PM: Emma Bowen Foundation (BBC/CBB) – diversity-focused opportunity
Oct 12 Midday: Alira Health – on-campus interviews @ Bates
Oct 11 7PM: Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme (BBC/CBB) – full-time opportunities
Oct 11 8PM: Vanguard (NESCAC) – internship & full-time opportunities
Oct 5 8PM: NMG Consulting (BBC/CBB) – full-time opportunities
Oct 5 7PM: Fidelity Emerging Leaders Program (NESCAC) – full-time opportunities
Oct 4 8PM: Kobre & Kim (NESCAC) – internship & full-time opportunities
Oct 4 7:15PM: Jefferies – Investment Banking (Bates) – internship opportunities
Oct 3 8PM: Mars & Co. (BBC/CBB) – full-time opportunities
Oct 3 7:30PM: Davis Polk (BBC/CBB) – full-time opportunities
Oct 3 Midday: Enrich Scholars – virtual coffee chats (Bates)
Oct 2 7PM: Teach for America (NESCAC) – full-time opportunities
Oct 2 12PM: Silicon Valley Bank (B&B) – full-time opportunities

Sep 28 7PM: Roux Institute (BBC/CBB) – grad school support
Sep 26 7:30PM: Management Leadership for Tomorrow (NESCAC) – diversity-focused opportunity
Sep 26 7PM: Veeva Systems (BBC/CBB) – full-time opportunities
Sep 26 4:30PM: Rocky Mountain Institute (BBC/CBB) – internship opportunities
Sep 25 7:30PM: Seurat Group (BBC/CBB) – internship & full-time opportunities
Sep 22 12PM: What is Environmental Consulting? (BBC/CBB) – educational session
Sep 21 7:30PM: Analysis Group (BBC/CBB) – internship & full-time opportunities
Sep 21 7:30PM: TJX (BBC/CBB) – internship & full-time opportunities
Sep 20 7PM: Project Destined (NESCAC) – diversity-focused opportunity
Sep 20 12PM: Wood Mackenzie (NESCAC) – full-time opportunities
Sep 19 7:30PM: Enrich Scholars (BBC/CBB) – diversity-focused opportunity
Sept 18 7PM: Verition (NESCAC) – internship opportunities
Sep 18 5PM: Diplomat in Residence – U.S. Department of State (NESCAC) – internship & full-time opportunities
Sep 14 7PM: Leadership Brainery (NESCAC) – diversity-focused opportunity
Sep 11 7PM: Alira Health (formerly Artisan Healthcare) (BBC/CBB) – internship & full-time opportunities

Aug 23 7PM: AQR Capital Management w/Jeff Bolduc ’04 (NESCAC) – internship opportunities


MAY 2023
May 8: Accenture (with Bates alumni)

APRIL 2023
Apr 20: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (NESCAC)
Apr 10: Dimension Renewable Energy (NESCAC)
Apr 10: Greater Portland Health (BBC/CBB)
Apr 10: Landmark School (BBC/CBB)
Apr 6: Quaker Voluntary Service (NESCAC)
Apr 3: Industrial Economics (NESCAC)
Apr 1: Roux Institute Open House (Maine schools)

MARCH 2023
Mar 30: FoodCorps (NESCAC)
Mar 29: AmeriCorps VISTA (NESCAC)
Mar 29: KIPP MA (public)
Mar 28: Foundation Global Education (BBC/CBB)
Mar 27: BCG Case Workshop (public)
Mar 16: BCG (NESCAC)
Mar 1: Roux Institute (public)

Feb 28: City Year New Hampshire (BBC/CBB)
Feb 27: Apogee Adventures (public)
Feb 27: Success Academy Charter Schools (NESCAC)
Feb 21: Breakthrough Central Texas (BCC/CBB)
Feb 16: Canyonland Funds (BBC/CBB)
Feb 16: United States Department of Justice – Antitrust Division (NESCAC)
Feb 15: Indigo Arts Alliance (BBC/CBB)
Feb 15: ASAP.com (BBC/CBB)
Feb 13: Apogee Adventures (public)
Feb 13: Morningstar (BBC/CBB)
Feb 13: Growing to Give (recruiter chats – sign up in advance!)
Feb 13: BerryDunn (BBC/CBB)
Feb 9: Canaccord Genuity (BBC/CBB)
Feb 9: Roux Institute Summer Internships (BBC/CBB)
Feb 8: Innovate for Maine (BBC/CBB)
Feb 8: Elected Officials to Protect America (BBC/CBB)
Feb 8: ScribeAmerica (BBC/CBB)
Feb 7: Quaker Voluntary Service (public)
Feb 7: AlphaSights (NESCAC)
Feb 6: Maine International Trade Center (BBC/CBB)
Feb 2: Careers in Social Impact (public)
Feb 2: Project Horseshoe Farm (BBC/CBB)

Jan 31: Union Square Advisors (BBC/CBB)
Jan 31: Innovate for Maine (BBC/CBB)
Jan 30: Accenture Design Thinking Workshop (with Bates alumni)

Dec 6: L.L. Bean

Nov 14: Morningstar
Nov 8: Abernathy MacGregor
Nov 7: Apogee Adventures
Nov 5: Roux Institute: Portland Campus Visit
Nov 3: Andrew Jennings ’06 on Product Planning at Nissan
Nov 2: Barclays (in-person, Commons 201/200)
Nov 1: Overland Summers (in-person, Commons 225)
Nov 1: Carney, Sandoe & Associates (rescheduled)

Oct 31: Peace Corps
Oct 27: American Conservation Experience
Oct 26: Roux Institute
Oct 25: Barclays
Oct 25: Ocean Spray
Oct 18: Teach for America
Oct 17: Partnership for Public Service
Oct 17: What is Energy Consulting? with Wood Mackenzie
Oct 13: Tuck Business Bridge
Oct 12: Sunwest Bank (shared by Carson Lappetito ’08, President)
Oct 6: Overland Summers
Oct 6: Euclid Transactional

Sep 22: Enrich Scholars
Sep 22: Artisan Healthcare Consulting (in-person, Commons 201)
Sep 21: What is Executive Search? with Russell Reynolds
Sep 20: Cornerstone Research
Sep 19: ITR Economics
Sep 15: Margot Sakoian ’09 on Commercial Banking at JPMC
Sep 14: AQR Capital Management (with Jeff Bolduc ’04)
Sep 14: What is Healthcare Consulting? with Artisan Healthcare Consulting
Sep 13: Fidelity Consulting
Sep 12: Guidehouse
Sep 8: What are Consumer Packaged Goods? with Seurat Group
Sep 7: Analysis Group