Graduate/Professional School Events

Grad School 101

Are you considering graduate or professional school after Bates? Whether you’ve been pondering an advanced degree for a while or you’re just starting to explore your options, join the Purposeful Work staff as we help you consider whether graduate school is right for you.

Grad School 101 provides a broad overview of the grad school landscape — from exploring the types of degrees available to determining whether and when to apply. The workshop also addresses the logistics of the application process — from researching schools and programs to making your final decisions about where to go.

The goal of the Grad School 101 workshop is to provide you with:
1) strategies and recommendations for exploring grad school,
2) guidance and support for engaging with grad school representatives, and
3) basic information about grad school applications and admissions.

We hope to provide you with a sense of the breadth and depth of available options so than you can explore programs that will give *you* the greatest sense of purpose.

Mar 28 7:30PM: Grad School 101 – Virtual Presentation
Sep 20 8PM: Grad School 101 for All Students
Sep 20 7PM: Grad School 101 for BIPOC/First Generation Students