The Bates Center for Purposeful Work offers several roadshows throughout the academic year during school breaks that provide opportunities for students to explore industries, organizations, and roles — and see purposeful work in action!

Roadshows provide students with the chance to:

  • Meet and network with Bates alumni, parents, and friends
  • Gain industry knowledge from individuals with diverse experiences and perspectives, from recent graduates to seasoned professionals
  • Learn about specific organizations and potential internship/job opportunities
  • Experience the day-to-day activities and challenges of industry professionals
  • Develop a critical understanding of how to capitalize on the strengths of a Bates education to help them find their way to purposeful work

Each year, the team at Purposeful Work determines which industries, organizations, alumni, and geographic locations to focus on based on a number of factors, including: trends in student interests, new opportunities and relationships, and, most importantly, alumni engagement and support.

Most roadshows generally involve an application process, where students are expected to articulate: their motivations for applying to the roadshow, what they hope to gain from the experience, and how the roadshow will contribute to their personal and professional exploration and goals.

All students in good standing are eligible to participate, though some roadshows may be targeted at particular class years. Financial assistance is available to cover travel and accommodations for those on financial aid as well as those with special circumstances.


Some recent Roadshows include: 

Finance Roadshow in 2021/2022

Hosted by alumnus Bradford Adams ‘92 of middle market investment banking firm TM Capital in Boston, the Finance Roadshow in 2021/2022 provided first-year and second-year students with a broad perspective on financial services and organizations. While many students hear about and latch onto “investment banking” automatically, the roadshow exposed students to private equity, venture capital, investment management, and economic consulting as other areas to explore within the world of finance. Additionally, the program highlighted differences in culture and opportunities within bulge bracket, middle market, and boutique investment banks. Students had the chance to: engage with younger and older alumni through case studies, panels, and presentations; get insight on how to maximize their Bates education, opportunities, and network; and discuss ways they could best prepare themselves for different kinds of finance roles.

Healthcare and Science Roadshow in 2021/2022

For pre-health and research students, the Healthcare and Science Roadshow in 2021/2022 provided students with access to alumni and recruiters at world-renowned health and research centers. Whether students were interested in clinical care, clinical research, or bench research, the roadshow highlighted opportunities to develop clinical and research skills through various roles at: the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer. Students had the chance to hear from alumni about their unique pathways from beyond Bates, their professional lives in healthcare and scientific research, and their next steps with regard to professional advancement and graduate school pursuits.

Technology Roadshow in 2020/2021

As student interest in technology continues to grow, the Technology Roadshow in 2020/2021 offered a distinct opportunity for students with varied backgrounds, skills, and experiences to explore the breadth of roles available within the technology sector. Alumni from a wide range of organizations — including Amazon, Curalate, Github, Google, Hubspot, Spotify, and TikTok, as well as the Democratic National Convention, LinkedIn, and Nike — shared their experiences in: product management, sales, account management, talent acquisition, operations, user experience, data science, machine learning, legal, and security. Students had the chance to engage with alumni on panels and in breakout sessions and workshops to discuss: career pathways, industry insights, recruitment and hiring, as well as the current status of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the technology industry.

Arts and Entertainment Roadshow in 2020/2021

Acknowledging the expansiveness of the arts and related career trajectories, the Arts and Entertainment Roadshow in 2020/2021 featured alumni and professionals sharing their career pathways in four broad categories: film, TV, and entertainment; performing arts; visual arts and design; and MFAs and other advanced degrees in the arts. Students had the opportunity to learn first-hand about: the role of connections and networks in navigating industry opportunities and professional advancement; the challenges and highlights of defining and setting one’s own unique artistic goals; and the role of persistence and resilience in artistic achievement. From filmmakers to dramaturgs, from actors to photographers, from designers to editors, the program offered a range of alumni perspectives on how an interest in the arts can manifest itself into purposeful work.

Politics, Policy, and Law Roadshow in 2019/2020

Led by Purposeful Work pre-law advisor Peter Osborne and Bates class president Ryan Lizanecz ‘20, the Politics, Policy, and Law Roadshow in 2019/2020 provided students with access to alumni operating across a broad spectrum of governmental and non-governmental organizations. Through alumni panels on careers in federal and local government, global government affairs, and think tank and policy organizations, the roadshow helped students explore the various ways in which they could channel their interests in public service. The program included opportunities to: meet with Rep. Jared Golden ’11 and Rep. Ben Cline ’94; connect with Legislative Aides working with Sen. Susan Collins, the U.S. Senate, and Rep. Jared Golden; tour U.S. Capitol Building; and meet with representatives from Georgetown Law School and McCourt School of Public Policy.

Arts and Nonprofits Roadshow in 2017/2018

As an increasing number of graduates choose to live and work in Maine, the Arts and Nonprofits Roadshow in 2017/2018 provided students with the chance to connect with alumni operating across various organizations in the art and nonprofit sectors within Portland. For students looking for unique ways to apply their creative skills and service-focused interests, the roadshow offered a diverse collection of connection points at: SPACE Gallery, Maine Association of Nonprofits, Maine People’s Alliance, Junior Achievement, Environmental Health Strategy Center, Maine Bicycle Coalition, and CIEE.

Marketing and Communications Roadshow in 2016/2017

Through the Marketing and Communications Roadshow in 2016/2017, students had the chance to explore the creative, technical, and business side of marketing and communications with alumni across a wide range of industries, organizations, and roles. Through a series of information sessions at GLG, Dow Jones, Fuse Machines, Google,, Conde Nast,, and Pinterest, students were able to explore the various ways in which they could apply diverse majors, skill sets, and personal and professional experiences to promote ideas, individuals, and products to target audiences.