Practitioner-Taught Courses

Transferable skills • Fast-paced experiences • Tangible final products

Practitioner-Taught Courses offer opportunities for students to explore more practical and applied areas of study than are available within the core liberal arts curriculum. During Bates’ May Short Term, Practitioners-in-Residence teach applied knowledge and skills in their field of expertise. Students explore worlds of work, add to their practical skill set, and expand their professional network, contributing to their career exploration and preparation for future work.

Practitioner-Taught Courses will reconvene for Short Term 2022. Stay tuned for exciting course offerings in the Garnet Gateway!


I am so thankful I took this course this year, because the concepts and work we did in this class can be applied to all fields of study… as well as personal growth. Please offer this course again next year!!!”

~Leadership Development PTC student

+Past Practitioner-Taught Courses


The Business of The Arts, with professional dancer and performance artist consultant Sara Juli, owner of Surala Consulting

Spies, Secret Agents and the Presidency, with Elly Rostoum ’07, political scientist and former security adviser to the White House and Department of State

Advocating for The Environment (Advocating for Sustainability in Garnet Gateway)
EXDS s15O with Susan Inches, environmental consultant and activist, former deputy director, ME State Planning Office

Apprentice Learning: Building the Japanese Boat
EXDS s15T with boatbuilder, writer and researcher Douglas Brooks

Marketing with Higher Purpose for the Conscious Human, (aka Screw Your Brand!)
EXDS s15V with freelance business and marketing consultant Eugene Kim ’08


Practicum in Private Equity: Corporate Financial Decision Making, From IPOs to LBOs
EXDS s15O, Taught by John Chapman ’82, Partner, Arcade Partners, LLC

Practicum in Science Journalism and Outreach
EXDS s15Q, Taught by Laura Poppick ’10, free-lance science journalist

Practicum in Leadership Development
EXDS s15R, Taught by Alexander Martin ’08, NOLS senior faculty and author, professional explorer

Practicum in Filmmaking, The Creative Process (repeat from 2016)
EXDS s15L, Taught by Wiebke von Carolsfeld, film director, writer and editor

Practicum in Brand Culture Building (repeat from 2016)
EXDS s15K, Taught by Peter Bysshe ’93, Bysshetank


Digital Marketing, led by digital marketing consultant Ashley Hart ’91, Ashley Hart Marketing.

Startup Project Management Bootcamp, led by Serial Entrepreneur John Stadler.

Mediation & Restorative Justice, led by Elaine Bourne, JD, Barbara Blazej, M.Ed. P’06, and Margaret Micolichek

Healthcare Administration, led by Shannon Banks ’85, Principal, BanksBellwether Strategy & Organizational Development.

The Business of The Arts, led by Sara Juli, dancer and principal of Surala Consulting


Brand Culture Building, led by brand consultant Peter Bysshe ’93, Bysshetank, Hitchcock Partners and MyCounterpane

Consulting for Strategy Development, led by consultant Fisher Qua ’06, advising the Bates Residential Life team on a new peer health program. Using successful consulting techniques you can carry with you anywhere.

Filmmaking, The Creative Process, led by Wiebke von Carolsfeld, writer, director-editor of feature films, including The Saver (2016),  STAY (2013) and Marion Bridge (2002)

Journalism in an Age of Media Explosion, led by editor and writer Peter Moore ’78, most recently Editor of MensHealth Magazine, author of many articles and books, with guest speakers from every corner of the industry. See their news site Batezfeed!

Music Production, Recording, and Mixing, led by producer Jonathan Wyman ’97, This Sounds Good production company.


  • Practicum in Entrepreneurship, led by Darrell Williams ’86, founder and CEO of Eighteen Ventures and HealthTech Maine.
  • Practicum in Restorative Justice and Mediation, led by: Barbara Blazej P’96, M.Ed., and Margaret Micolichek, M.A, Restorative Practices Collaborative of Maine; and Elaine Bourne, J.D., Community Mediation Services Program of Volunteers of America, Northern New England.
  • Practicum in Music Production, Recording and Mixing, taught by Jonathan Wyman ’97, This Sounds Good production company.
  • Practicum in Urban Planning, led by Mike Lydon ’04, principal at The Street Plans Collaborative.
  • Practicum in Social Change Organizing and Advocacy, led by Craig Saddlemire ’05, Cooperative Organizer for the Raise Op Housing Cooperative and team taught by Sarah Standiford ’97 and Aditi Vaidya ’00.


  • Ben Schippers '04Digital Innovation, taught by Ben Schippers ’04 and Will Schenk, co-founders of Happy Fun Corp, featuring guest speakers, entrepreneurship talks and computer lab time
  • Graphic Design, taught by Brandy Gibbs-Riley ’96, principal and owner of Gibbs-Riley Design, featuring field trips to design firms and museums
  • Healthcare Administration, taught by Shannon Banks ’85, P’14, senior vice president at Martin’s Point Healthcare, featuring weekly job shadows
  • Social Change Organizing and Advocacy (see 2015 listing above)