Purposeful Work Infusion

Through the Purposeful Work Infusion Project, faculty members explicitly connect course content to discussions of meaning, purpose, work and/or careers.

These courses help students draw connections between what they’re learning in class with career, purpose, and meaningful work. Purposeful Work Infusion courses are designed to explicitly address the question, “so how does this relate to the world beyond college?”

Over one quarter of the Bates faculty have infused courses with discussions, readings, reflective writing assignments, and guest speakers or other activities since the project began in 2014. Courses in every department across all disciplines have been a part of the project, reaching virtually all Bates students by the time they graduate. Most students take multiple Purposeful Work Infusion Courses.

Faculty: Click here for information about infusing your courses with Purposeful Work

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What do Purposeful Work Infusion courses include? Every Purposeful Work Infusion course includes three elements about the connection between course content and meaning, purpose, work and/or careers:  1) a class discussion that comprises at least one class session; 2) a reading assignment; and 3) a self-reflective writing assignment, which may be ungraded. Many Purposeful Work courses include guest speakers, such as alumni or other practitioners who work in a field related to course content, who receive honoraria through the Infusion project.

+Full List of Purposeful Work Infusion Courses

Winter 2019 Purposeful Work Infusion Courses:

Faculty First Name Last Name Class Course Name
Jonathan Cavallero RFSS 120 Introduction to Screen Studies
Raluca Cernahoschi GER 350 Margins and Migrations
Anita Charles EDUC 255 Adolescent Literacy
Rebecca Corrie AVCM 376C Siena: Art and Social Memory
Jane Costlow ENVR 319 Imagining Climate Change
Jane Costlow ENVR 450 Environmental Writing in the Public Sphere
Carol Dilley DANC 251 Dance Composition
Katie Dobkowski BIO 313 Marine Ecology
Katie Dobkowski BIGE 113 Marine Science
Tim Dugan THEA 370 Directing
Elizabeth Eames INDS 100 African Perspectives on Justice, Human Rights & Renewal
Francis Eanes ENVR 308 Urban and Regional Food Systems
Rebecca Fraser-Thill PSYC 240 Developmental Psychology
Rebecca Fraser-Thill PSYC 341 Advanced Topics in Developmental Psychology
Josh Goodman PSYC 342 Theories of Psychotherapy
Josh Goodman PSYC 235 Abnormal Psychology
Rebecca Herzig & Leslie Hill GSS 400D Global Feminisms
April Hill BIO 128 Out of the Sea
Beverly Johnson GEO 240 Environmental Geochemistry
Keiko Konoeda JPN 102 Beginning Japanese II
Keiko Konoeda JPN 302 Intermediate Japanese IV
Su Langdon GSPY 343 Women, Culture, and Health
Su Langdon PSYC 275 Psychology of Sport and Exercise
Lynne Lewis ECON 325 Prices, Property, and the Problem of the Commons
Andrew Mountcastle BIO 203 Bioinspiration and Biomemetics
Katy Ott MATH 355 Numerical Analysis
Bruno Salazar-Perea BIO 218 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Bronwyn Sale EDUC 343 Learning and Teaching: Theories and Practice
Bronwyn Sale & Anita Charles EDUC 448 Senior Seminar: Reflection and Engagement
Susan Stark GSPL 262 Philosophy and Feminism
Larissa Williams BIO 460 Junior Seminar

Fall 2018 Purposeful Work Infusion Courses:

Faculty First Name Last Name Dept Number Course name
Ali Akhtar CMS/RS 264 Islamic Civilzation
Henry Boateng MATH 106C & D Calculus II
Jonathan Cavallero RHET 240 Film Theory
Raluca Cernahoschi GER 201 Intermediate German Language and Culture I
Anita Charles EDUC 362 Basic Concepts in Special Education
Carol Dilley DANC 250 Early Modern Dance
Tim Dugan THEA 362 Advanced Acting
Elizabeth Eames ANTH 339 Production and Reproduction
Francis Eanes ENVR 417 Community Engaged Research
Carla Essenberg BIES 303 Restoration Ecology
Dyk Eusden GEO 107 Katahdin to Acadia
Rebecca Fraser-Thill PSYC 457D Empirical Thesis Seminar
Rebecca Fraser-Thill PSYC 340 Infancy
Meredith Greer BIO/MATH 255A Mathematical Models in Biology
April Hill BIO 128 Out of the Sea
Leslie Hill GSPT 254 Gender Matters: US Women and Politics
Leslie Hill PLTC 203 Colorblind or Racialized? Law and Policy in the Making of Race
Bev Johnson ESGE 226 Hydrogeology
Bev Johnson GEO 109 Global Change
Martin Kruse & Louise Brogan BIO 242 A & B Cellular and Molecular Biology
Su Langdon PSYC 101C Principles of Psychology
Su Langdon PSYC 303 Health Psychology
Lynne Lewis ECON 222 Environmental Economics
Ethan Miller FYS 470 Life Beyond Capitalism
Andrew Mountcastle BIO 126 Science Communication
Andrew Mountcastle BIO 311 Comparative Anatomy of the Chordates
Katy Ott MATH 106 A & B Calculus II
Melinda Plastas INDS 301Z Race and U.S. Women’s Movements
Mike Rocque SOC 395M Race, Crime and Punishment in America
Bronwyn Sale DNED 265 Teaching Through the Arts
Bronwyn Sale & Bill Wallace EDUC 231 A & B Perspectives on Education
Michael Sargent FYS 308 Searching for the Good Life
Laura Sewall FYS 492 Environmental Protection
Bill Wallace EDUC 235 Teaching in the Sciences

Winter 2018 Purposeful Work Infusion Courses:

  • AAGS 201: Race, Ethnicity, and Feminist Thought, Leslie Hill
  • ASEC 242: Work and Workers in China, Maggie Maurer-Fazio
  • AVCM 265: Florence to Bruges, Becky Corrie
  • AVCM 376E: The Medieval Manuscript, Becky Corrie
  • BIO 321: Cellular Biochemistry, Martin Kruse
  • BIO 331: Molecular Biology, Larissa Williams
  • BIO 340: Introduction to Epidemiology, Karin Palin
  • CHEM 108A Sections A, B & C: Chemical Reactivity, Lynn Mandeltort/Geneva Laurita-Plankis/Cici Xu
  • DCS 202: The Nature of Data, Matt Jadud
  • ECON 325: Prices, Property, and the Problems of the Commons, Lynne Lewis
  • EDUC 231: Perspectives on Education, Mara Tieken
  • EDUC 235: Teaching in the Sciences, Bill Wallace
  • EDUC 245: Literacy in Preschool and Elementary Years, Anita Charles
  • EDUC 343: Learning and Teaching: Theories and Practice, Bronwyn Sale
  • EDUC 362: Basic Concepts in Special Education, Anita Charles
  • EDUC 448: Senior Seminar: Reflection and Engagement, Bronwyn Sale & Mara Tieken
  • ENG 121L: Modern Short Stories, Tiffany Salter
  • ENG 152: American Writers Since 1900, Tiffany Salter
  • ENG 214: Shakespeare, Jose Villagrana
  • ENVR 308: Urban and Regional Food Systems, Francis Eanes
  • ENVR 450: Environmental Writing in the Public Sphere, Misty Beck
  • EXDS 116: Bates Science Fellows, John Smedley
  • FRE 240F: Borders and Disorders, Alex Dauge-Roth
  • GSPT 282: Constitutional Law II, Steve Engel
  • GSPY 343: Women, Culture and Health, Su Langdon
  • GSS 335: Tobacco: Gender Matters, Melinda Plastas
  • GSS 400: Global Feminisms, Melinda Plastas
  • HIRE 320: Religion and Government in the Middle East, Ali Akhtar
  • INDS 100: African Perspectives on Justice, Human Rights and Renewal, Elizabeth Eames & Patrick Otim
  • INDS 221: Venice to Tokyo: Religion and Trade Along the Spice and Silk Routes, Ali Akhtar
  • MATH 302: Topics in Analysis, Katy Ott
  • NSPY 463: Capstone Seminar on Human Cognitive Neuroscience, Michelle Greene
  • PE: Advanced Indoor Soccer, Kelsy Ross
  • PHIL 258: Philosophy of Law, David Cummiskey
  • PLTC 290: Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa, Leslie Hill
  • PSYC 101A: Principles of Psychology, Rebecca Fraser-Thill
  • PSYC 235, sections A & B:  Abnormal Psychology, Kate White/Rebecca Fraser-Thill
  • PSYC 306: Positive Psychology, Helen Boucher
  • PSYC 378: Experiencing the Power of Picture Books, Krista Aronson
  • PSYC 381: The Self, Helen Boucher
  • REL 120: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism of the Middle East, Ali Akhtar
  • RHET 100: What is Rhetoric?, Stephanie Kelley-Romano
  • RHET 120: Introduction to Screen Studies, Jonathan Cavallero
  • SPAN 224: Protest and Justice, Stephanie Pridgeon
  • THEA 370: Directing, Timothy Dugan

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