Make an Appointment

  • Purposeful Work professional staff are available for individual meetings via zoom, phone, and in-person.
  • To schedule an individual meeting, make an appointment via Handshake directly. You will find Appointments under the Career Center section of Handshake.
  • Start by selecting options for the appointment, such as:
    • Category (these are areas of interest, specific industries, or focus on exploration)
    • Type (Internship Search, Resume, Cover Letter, Job Search, Interview, etc.)
    • If you want to meet with a specific staff person, choose “I want to meet with…” and then find their name.
  • Select one of the following mediums:
    1. Zoom (we will send a link to your Bates email) 
    2. Phone (please provide a phone number in the Handshake notes or over the phone)
    3. In-Person (based on availability) – we will contact you to determine the best option
  • Once you’ve scheduled in Handshake:
    1. Check your email or Google Calendar for the meeting invitation detailing your counselor’s name, the location of your meeting, as well as applicable meeting links.