Make an Appointment

  • Purposeful Work professional staff are available for individual meetings via zoom, phone, and in-person.
  • To schedule an individual meeting, make an appointment via Handshake directly. You will find Appointments under the Career Center section of Handshake.
  • Start by selecting options for the appointment, such as:
    • Category (these are areas of interest, specific industries, or focus on exploration)
    • Type (Internship Search, Resume, Cover Letter, Job Search, Interview, etc.)
    • If you want to meet with a specific staff person, choose “I want to meet with…” and then find their name.
  • Select one of the following mediums:
    1. Zoom (we will send a link to your Bates email) 
    2. Phone (please provide a phone number in the Handshake notes or over the phone)
    3. In-Person (based on availability) – we will contact you to determine the best option
  • Once you’ve scheduled in Handshake…
    1. Check your email or Google Calendar for the meeting invitation detailing your counselor’s name, the location of your meeting, as well as applicable meeting links.