The Bates Center for Purposeful Work offers several spotlights over the course of the academic year that focuses attention on alumni and organizations in specific industries. As student interests and industry opportunities change over time, the goal is to highlight different industries every year so that students get exposure to a wide range of sectors that they can explore in greater depth throughout their time at Bates.

Spotlights provide students with the chance to:

  • Gain industry knowledge from individuals with diverse experiences and perspectives, from recent graduates to seasoned professionals
  • Learn about specific organizations and potential internship/job opportunities
  • Develop a critical understanding of how to capitalize on the strengths of a Bates education to help them find their way to purposeful work

Each year, the team at Purposeful Work determines which industries to focus on based on trends in student interests, trends in industry opportunities, industries yet to be highlighted, and alumni engagement and support.

Some recent Spotlights include:

Careers in Higher Education in 2021/2022

featured alumni in admissions and financial aid, advancement, athletics, and student success. Alumni discussed their pathways from Bates to their various areas of higher education and shared how their Bates degrees prepared them for navigating through different institutions and roles. [Bates community members: Check out the recording HERE.]

Women in Entrepreneurship in 2021/2022

highlighted an impressive panel of Bates alumnae founders and innovators! Trustee Emma Sprague ’10, co-founder of Upswing Strategies, facilitated a conversation about women in entrepreneurship and innovation with the following Bates alumnae panelists: Jennifer Stevens Spatz ’88, Founder of Global Family Travels Mbali Ndlovu ’09, Founder of Lukafit Joselle Deocampo-Gautam ’00, Chief of Staff @ LinkedIn Talent Solutions (former New Product Innovation Portfolio Lead, previously Co-founder, Global FS Innovation Center @ PwC) Kristy Browder Edwards ’94, co-founder & chief product officer, Zen Data Privacy; and president and chief product officer for a stealth start-up! [Bates community members: Check out the recording HERE.]

Opportunities in Social Justice in 2021/2022

highlighted alumni with diverse backgrounds and experiences that fall under the umbrella of social justice. From economic justice to racial justice, from community work to policy work, alumni shared their unique pathways through the academy to domestic and global stages. [Bates community members: Check out the recording HERE.]

Opportunities in Journalism in 2020/2021

highlighted alumni with backgrounds and experiences in various areas of journalism. Alumni shared their pathways to their current roles at: the Miami Herald Media, the New York Times, and the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University.

Opportunities in Policy in 2020/2021

highlighted alumni engaged in policy research, communications, consulting, and strategy, with representation from: Brookings Institution, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), DCI Group, and Internet Association.

Opportunities in STEM + Business in 2020/2021

focused on alumni operating in roles and organizations at the intersection of STEM and business. From healthcare to pharmaceuticals, from marketing to operations, alumni shared their academic and professional pathways from Bates to: Boston Scientific, CVS, LevelEx, and Pfizer.

Opportunities in Environmental Careers in 2019/2020

exposed students to alumni with a broad range of experiences in environmental careers, including: climate impact research, corporate sustainability, environmental law, municipal planning, and urban planning. The program also included alumni at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Opportunities in Mental Health Careers in 2019/2020

invited students to connect with alumni and friends operating in the mental health space. Students had the opportunity to hear about the similarities and differences in the work being done by those with a PhD, a PsyD, an MD, a DNP, and a MA/MS in counseling.

Opportunities in Entrepreneurship in 2019/2020

provided students with the opportunity to hear Bates alumni discuss their experiences with entrepreneurship, ranging from building their own businesses, to supporting their communities, to innovating within large organizations. Led by Bates Trustee and longtime entrepreneur Chris Barbin ‘93, the program also served as a kick-off for Bobcat Ventures, Bates’s entrepreneurial program and pitch competition.

Opportunities in Consulting in 2019/2020

offered students the chance to hear from alumni engaged in different kinds of consulting work, with representation from: Analysis Group (AG), Artisan Healthcare Consulting, Beacon Group, Business Intelligence Advisors (BIA), and Ernst & Young (EY).