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Summer Peterson

Graduation Year | 2018

Majors | Psychology & Japanese

“I have a deep love for Purposeful Work. We get to be so interactive with the community around us, and we learn practical application that’s actually relevant to our life after Bates. I think it’s really important.”

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My Journey

Take a scroll and learn about how I got to where I am today.

Current Status

Graduated in May

Fall 2014

“One analogy I use is of those retractable dog leashes where they can go 50 million feet in front of you, but then you can stop them and bring them back in. At Bates, it sort of feels like we’re on those leashes. We get to venture out, but we always have this connection back to school, back to our home base. If we need help or guidance, we can kind of pull on the leash and they’ll reel us back in.”

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Spring 2015 & Winter 2015

Purposeful Work Infusion Course: Health, Culture, Community with Professor Palin and Purposeful Work Infusion Course: Elementary Latin II with Professor Maurizio

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Summer 2016

Purposeful Work Internship at Harvard University, Research Assistant

“When I look back on my life I’ll probably think about that summer and say, “Whoa that was crazy and changed a lot of things for me” because it really helped me fall in love with research. I got to work on truly every aspect of the process, from the very beginning to the very end.”

Winter 2016

Purposeful Work Infusion Course: Health Psychology with Professor Langdon

“Whether it’s taking some solo time to work on my own music, rehearsing with my a cappella group or practicing with my band, all of my extra time is spent musically, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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2017-18 Academic Year

Internship: Bates Institutional Research, Analysis, & Planning

“We’re always giving our interns things that they don’t know how to do yet. We’re always challenging them to kind of increase their skills to the next level. Some of that is about their own development, and some of it is our own ambitions for the office and always pushing ourselves and trying to get further.” – Anne Marie, Director of Institutional Research, Analysis, & Planning, and Summer’s internship supervisor

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Winter 2017

“I have the utmost respect for East Coasters and the fact that you’ve had to deal with winter forever! In order to survive, I make sure that I surround myself with things I love, particularly my friends, good books, and movies. If I keep a positive attitude, then it goes smoothly. Winter is very beautiful too! It’s fun to appreciate (from inside).”


“I still intern with Bates Institutional Research, Analysis, & Planning. I’m also finishing my second thesis, titled: “Implicit Effects of Diminutive Gendered Language Usage.” This is my Psychology thesis – I completed my first thesis for Japanese (in Japanese) last semester. I’ve had amazing advisors throughout this process, so I’ve felt very prepared. I definitely feel like Bates does a great job of preparing students for things that are thrown their way.”

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