Pre-Health & STEM Summer Opportunities

As a prehealth student, summers are a wonderful time to continue your explorations of the health professions and strengthen the overall portfolio you will present in the application process. Across the country, many institutions and organizations offer summer programs that incorporate clinical or research experiences, and many of these programs provide generous stipends to participants.

The following list (arranged alphabetically by state) will aid in your search for summer opportunities. Please scroll toward the bottom of this page to find summer programs for students who are specifically interested in pursuing careers in dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, podiatry, and veterinary medicine, as well as those who are considering applications to MD/PhD programs.

Many of these programs have application deadlines toward the end of the fall semester or beginning of the spring semester. While we continue to expand and add to our information about summer programs, our listings are not exhaustive. The information below serves as an excellent jumping off point for your search and can provide you with a better idea of which types of institutions typically have summer programs. You can then use this knowledge to identify opportunities in the area in which you intend to spend your summer break.

In addition to the opportunities listed below, the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions also has a list of Summer Opportunities for Pre-Health Students. There are also a number of summer enrichment programs for underrepresented minority students and students from disadvantaged backgrounds.


New York


Field Specific Summer Opportunities

In addition to the summer opportunities that allow participants to build excellent skills that are applicable to a broad range of health professions, the following programs are designed to help students explore specific fields of interest.


Veterinary Medicine